The Best Sustainable Gifts For Women

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Hey mama,

So with the Holidays quickly approaching, the season of gift-giving is upon us! Using more sustainable products is more than just a fad or trend, it’s better for not only the earth but businesses as well! So here are the best sustainable gifts for women (and yourself!)

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The Best Sustainable Gifts For Women (And Yourself!)

When considering gifts for your friends and family, it’s too easy to go for the trendiest, cheapest, or even more convenient items that you find. But this habit is not always the best practice. There are so many ways to shop more sustainably these days, even for Christmas!

With lots of options for reusable products and things made from recycled materials, shopping sustainably is easier than ever. So here are my best options for brands and products to shop when doing Christmas gifts more “green” is your goal.

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More For You

The first product is something more for yourself as it’s rather well, personal. Gift yourself a healthier period with soft reusable pads! I know what you’re thinking….ewww. Yeah, I thought that too. But I tried them out and actually, they’re not bad!

If you have a heavy monthly flow, I wouldn’t recommend reusable pads. But for you ladies blessed with streams rather than raging waterfalls, these would be great! Or just for the lighter days in your cycle, which is when I use them.

From the brand HighOh, these very soft and comfortable pads have snaps on the back to easily fit into your underwear, are machine washable, and actually absorb more than you’d think! Have a look at them right here!

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More For Her (Or You 😉 )

Activewear is having a moment right now. Ok…more than a moment, more like it’s a whole lifestyle. Everyone loves a good pair of leggings and what better way to enjoy and or gift this trend than by buying from a sustainable brand?

Girlfriend Collective is an amazing brand of activewear made from sustainable and recycled materials. They are also very size-inclusive and of course, have some really cute sets! It may be slightly more on the spendy side, but you’re paying for quality and supporting a company that isn’t just fast fashion.

Go have a look at Girlfriend Collective and gift a lucky lady in your life with her new favorite leggings!

Do you have a girlfriend that loves makeup? Maybe a sister that practically collects lipsticks? Why not turn them on to clean, eco-friendly makeup? A lot of clean beauty brands also use more sustainable packaging for their products and have better overall practices and methods.

A great place to shop for cleaner and greener beauty products is The Detox Market. They have a wonderful selection of skincare and makeup that is non-toxic and better for our bodies, and the earth. Credo Beauty is another fantastic place to shop for organic and clean beauty! They are currently offering Black Friday & Christmas deals! Go get your beauty shopping on!

Choose your own free gift with purchases of $125+  Got a candle lover in the family? Instead of gifting them with a highly toxic candle, buy them one made with natural ingredients, real wax, and no plastics! This juniper, spruce, and basil-scented candle would be perfect for Christmas! (there are other scents too!)

Or, if you want to gift something a little fancier…this candle from Clean Space is made sustainably and has a very minimalistic and sleek design. Perfect for your friend’s modern home! Although I must note that it is made with soy wax which is not preferred, but it’s still a cleaner candle option.

  Got a coffee lover in the house? A stainless steel tumbler is a perfect gift for just about anyone, but especially your favorite coffee-loving bestie or relative. These Civago 20oz tumblers come in the most amazing colors and prints, will for sure keep your drink hot, and are only $12-$13!

My favorite is of course the leopard print! Buy one, or a few, and gift all the ladies in your life a cute new cup they are sure to love and help them ditch the paper cups!

If you normally gift pajamas on Christmas, then check out this adorable plaid set made from eco-flannel! Made from bamboo and organic cotton. This material keeps you cozy and cool at night with moisture-wicking technology and comes in 2 colors! A perfect gift!

 Any of these gift ideas can work for not only your fave auntie but yourself too! Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself a little and do a bit of shopping for yourself! I hope you enjoyed this post and found something perfect for someone special (Or just you!)

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Happy Holiday Season! Much Love, JessXO


Sustainable gifts for women! |
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