3 Creative Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

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Hey mamas,

This year is crazier than anyone could’ve imagined. Millions of kids are stuck at home since schools are e-learning for the time being. It’s been a rough time and parents have been forced to think of ways to keep their kids busy. Here are three creative ways to keep kids entertained at home for those who need a little “me time.”

Creative Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Home

Start With Their Room

One way parents can get their youngsters out of their hair is by taking their child’s room to the next level. Like adults, kids need a place they can go to unwind and vent some steam. So, why not add a few amazing features that’ll make it more enticing for them to spend time in there?

Creative ways to keep the kids entertained at home |neveralonemom.com
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Parents might consider using chalkboard paint on the walls so their kids can color without getting in trouble. Another idea is to hang a hammock so they’ll have a fun, cozy spot to read.

Craft With Them

Another way to keep kids entertained at home is by crafting with them. Parents may never get this time with their kids again, so they should ensure they’re making the most of it. Crafting is one activity that families can do together while developing their fine motor skills.

Plus, families will have a blast seeing who makes the best craft at the end of the day. The person who makes the worst craft could get stuck doing everyone else’s chores.


Many kiddos aren’t getting as much physical activity as usual since schools have closed their doors. As a result, parents must ensure that their children are breaking a sweat from home. Adults should consider using their work breaks to try out a fitness routine with their kids.

Perhaps everyone can do jumping jacks or watch a family-friendly YouTube video to burn some calories. Everyone will feel better once their heart rate increases.

Everyone’s struggling more than they thought they would this year. However, moms mustn’t forget they aren’t on this journey alone. Adults struggling to find ways to keep their children busy should check out social media pages for inspiration.

Other parents may have more advice so that everyone’s happy at home. Whatever you come up with, have fun with it! This is such a precious time with your kids and we should not be wasting it.

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