New Website Must Haves

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Hey mamas,

I bring to you another guest post from Search and More and this one is on a new website must-haves! So if you are looking to start up a new website for a new business or side hustle you are launching, this post might come in handy! Enjoy the post!

New Website Must-Haves

There are many reasons why people suddenly feel the urge to build a new or renovate an existing website. It could be because of changes in company policy or products, or simply because it’s just that time to make a change.

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There are a variety of changes that can be implemented within this process to ensure that the most effective launch of a new or old website will be met with the highest standard of success, whether you are building on a free online platform or having one built from scratch by Stockport website design company.

No doubt you have already used Google to identify a bunch of domain providers for hosting your website all claiming to be the best, however, you will not know until you have experienced them personally. Remember, trusted reviews are bought and paid for, so going with your instincts serves you better in the long run.

Top Tips

Cheapest bargains are always going to lead to larger expenses. If you have the money to spend then spend it wisely on a reputable service that will get it right from the get-go. A website is not something that can be underestimated, so its running and appearance should reflect your business 100%. Key things such as speed, functionality, capacity, ease, and security are not areas that can be trusted with the cheapest bidder.

You are going to be judged by your online presence no matter how great your company is in its industry. Although your site may be packed with useful information, if it looks text-heavy and resembles a Teletext page, you won’t retain anyone who came to visit.


With the advancement of responsive web design, websites have become more eye-catching and viewer-friendly for those who like to surf the internet on the go through mobile devices. By incorporating images, animations, and graphics you are able to give anyone browsing your site an enjoyable and interactive experience that retains their interest.


Patience may be a virtue but that doesn’t mean people are going to wait for your website to load if it takes longer than it should. Also in that same arena, people tend to leave a website that asks for too much information to be inputted during any transactions.

This will lose you business right when they have already decided they want yours. Is there anything more depressing than that realization? 

The bells and whistles of a website may be great, but only utilize what you have a clear need for. There is no sense in paying for an option that you will not get a return on investment from, so it makes sense to get that later if you need to at all. Think of your website from a client/visitor perspective. What would you want from visiting your site?


There are many options open to delivering on the right kind of website for your business, and this is merely food for thought. However, whilst many internet searches may provide a bite you need to be satisfied with the full meal.

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Much love, JessXO 

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