Maestro, Please: Why Your Child Should Learn Violin

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Hey mama,

Since a lot of us are supervising our kids’ entire education now, let’s talk electives. It’s always good to have a little creativity in your day, and it’s exciting when kids show an interest in broadening their horizons by taking up an art. But if you’ve ever been to an elementary orchestra concert, you may have your reservations when your kid proudly declares their intention to take up the violin.

But even though the violin is one of the trickier instruments to learn, there is a lot the fiddle can offer your kid. This is why your child should learn violin (in spite of all the shrieking renditions of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”).

Why your child should take up the violin! |
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This Is Why Your Child Should Learn The Violin

Enhances Self-Discipline

The violin isn’t like the piano. With a piano, you push the keys and a lovely sound comes out. It takes concentrated effort to even hold a violin bow, let alone make a decent sound (which you know for a fact if you have ever attended an elementary orchestra concert.)

Now, this challenging nature can have two effects on your child. The first is that they get frustrated, break their bow over their knee, and swear off music forever.

The second is that your child learns the value of hard work and discipline in order to achieve their goals. If you want the latter response, make sure you don’t pressure your child. Wait to start violin lessons until they’re ready.

Teaches Kids It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and you are guaranteed to make a lot of mistakes when learning the violin. And that’s amazing! Because the art of making mistakes is something that we all need to learn eventually. With a good teacher, your child will learn how to fail without beating themselves up and how to accept correction with grace.

Crosses Genres

People often don’t appreciate just how versatile a violin is. A violin can go from playing a classical lullaby to a country hoedown, to an Irish reel, to a forlorn folk song. You may even hear a fiddle playing bluegrass or jazz.

For a child whose music taste will inevitably change a few dozen times before they reach maturity, it’s good to have an instrument that will adjust according to the genre of the day.

Boosts Grades

Learning music helps improve grades across the board. On a more general level, playing the violin helps improve memory and concentration, which helps kids study any subject. Addressing more specific subjects, counting rhythms, and keeping track of time signatures has been known to help with math skills.

And any music lesson inevitably brings up discussions of history as you discuss famous composers and musicians! More learning? I say yes!


But the reason your child should play the violin isn’t about what grades they’ll get out of it. They should play because it makes them happy, and music has helped humans express themselves almost as long as there have been humans. How’s that for an education?

So are your ears ready for this new part of mom life? Well, even if they aren’t, your heart will surely be happy about the positives this lovely instrument will bring into your child’s life.

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Much Love, JessXO 

Why your child should play the violin! |
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