Different Types of Headaches (and What To Do About Them)

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Hey mamas,

Sometimes a headache may make you feel as though your whole brain is being used as a bass drum. Other times, it might feel like a porcupine has decided to get cuddly with just one side of your skull. Anyone who’s ever had a headache can tell you that every headache is a unique pain experience. Knowing the different types of headaches can give you a leg up on treating them.

Take it from me, the queen of the tension headache. It’s no fun to try and get through the day when your head is pounding and popping an Advil only helps so much. So here are some ways to help when you’re throbbing in pain, and also

Headaches, types and how to treat them |neveralonemom.com
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how to identify what type of headache you have!

Different Types Of Headaches, & What To Do About Them


People often compare tension headaches to wearing a too-tight hat. They cause a dull ache all around the head, from front to back and from scalp to neck. Tension headaches are caused by tension in the muscles, especially the neck, jaw, and shoulders. Caffeine, eye strain, fatigue, and even emotional stress can cause them, too. (This is me pretty regularly…)

Beyond over-the-counter medication, finding ways to reduce tension is often one of the best ways to get rid of a tension headache. Give your eyes a break from staring at that computer screen. Settle into a nice hot bath. Make an appointment at your local massage parlor, or consider investing in a massage chair, which offers a number of therapeutic features perfect for tension reduction. In other words, the best cure for a tension headache is to treat yourself.


Your sinuses are located in your face, behind your cheeks and forehead. If you find this part of your face feels painful and swollen, especially when you move too quickly, then you’ve probably got a sinus headache. If you’re not sure, see if you have other symptoms such as a runny nose, stuffed-up ears, and possibly a fever.

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A specific infection in the sinuses causes these headaches, so you’ll need a little more than a nice spa day to cure them. Start with more fluids, a humidifier, and some simple pain relievers. If your headache doesn’t go away, you may need to visit your doctor.


Migraines usually involve a pulsating, stabbing sensation on one side of the head and are often accompanied by nausea, seeing shapes called auras, and sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. People who get migraines often get them chronically, and no one is sure exactly what causes one person to get migraines but not another.

Even so, people who get migraines usually have specific triggers that they can avoid, such as not eating enough, dehydration, sleep deprivation, certain smells, or stress.

Take it from someone who gets migraines—they’re the worst. It’s like all the trauma of being sick without really being sick. After you’ve taken migraine and nausea medication, the best thing to do is draw the curtains and sleep it off if you can.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the possible different types of headaches. But knowing a little about the more common types helps you narrow down the possibilities—and helps you get back on your feet.

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Much Love, JessXO 

Types of headaches and how to treat them |neveralonemom.com
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