Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Spend More Time Outside

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Hey mamas,

There are so many factors that are conspiring to keep our kids inside on computers these days. Classes are online, and video games are getting so advanced that it’s hard for kids to pull themselves away (my son!) —and moms are in danger, too!

Even safety concerns might be preventing you from opening the door and saying, “Go play.” But you can make your backyard the place to be with these ways to encourage your kids to spend more time outside.

To clarify: Do not interpret any of this as a secret message to lock your kids outside when you need alone time. We truly do want our kids to want to be outside in the best, old-fashioned spirit. Our goal is to call them inside for dinner, only to hear, “Aw, already?” Here are some ideas for keeping an eye on the kids with just enough distance to keep you sane.

How to get your kids to play outside! |neveralonemom.com
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Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Spend More Time Outside

Set up an Obstacle Course

Backyard playtime, or sophisticated fitness regimen? Your kids don’t know the difference. If you’ve already got a play fort, you have step one complete for this irresistible activity. You can bring chairs and props outside to create hurdles and targets or use natural elements that will add to the appeal of your backyard.

Kids can leap over smooth boulders or tree stumps, balance on vintage railroad ties, and use a painted ladder on the ground instead of a tire course. It’s the activity that can keep giving, especially if you increase the difficulty or challenge the kids to increase their times, run through it backward, and help each other over the tough parts. If anyone seems skeptical, make it cooler by calling it “parkour.”

Kitchen Table STEAM

Pimp Your Backyard

Your kids will start to blur the indoors with the outdoors if you add a kitchen to the backyard, and you can add value to your property at the same time. If you have the budget, you can design an elaborate second kitchen outside, which you can also use to entertain your grown-up friends at night.

You could simply add an island kitchen to your yard under an awning with a refrigerator and a sink—or you can just hand the kids some old pots and pans and a bucket of water and tell them to create a “mud kitchen.”

Glamp on the Lawn

Playhouses are always a classic draw, but setting up a tent in the backyard for “glamorous camping” is next-level awesome. There’s no need to sleep out there overnight; let the kids use it as a makeshift clubhouse and customize it their own way.

They can add a pillow chaise for quiet reading breaks, bring in some crafts and board games, and use flashlights for fun lighting, even if it’s not necessary. After all, kids like a little privacy, too. To close out the day, it’s nice to use a fire pit to roast s’ mores, but if you don’t want to add fire to the mix, no kid is going to turn down uncooked chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

The benefits of fresh air, sunlight, and room to exercise are too important to ignore, so if you’re out of ideas, you could even ask your kids for ways to encourage them to spend more time outside.

Let’s get these restless kiddos outside! Winter is coming! How very House Stark! 😛

For more ideas and activities for the little ones, you can head over to this post here for more!

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Ways to get your kids outside! |neveralonemom.com
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