Tips for Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

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Makeup can be a difficult concept to get just right. With so many different steps to follow and products to use, it can be an overwhelming process. If you want to find the right steps for you, follow these tips for perfecting your makeup routine.

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Tips For Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Tips for a perfect makeup routine! |
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Take Care of That Skin

Clean, exfoliate and moisturize—these are all key steps to keeping your skin healthy and clean. Washing your face is a must before and after using makeup. It will ensure you have a clean canvas before starting your makeup and before you put your head down on your pillow.

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal!

Looking to hide your blemishes? Conceal the bags under your eyes and any other areas of your face that where marks or acne may show through. The right concealer will not only hide your blemish, but it will also prevent it from getting any worse.

A great concealer tip to remember is when using concealer under your eyes, use a shade that is about 1 shade lighter than your skin tone. When covering blemishes or redness use a shader that perfectly matches your skin and foundation shade. Blending with the tip of your finger is the best method, instead of using a brush or sponge.

Also, you can use a color corrector beneath your concealer to maximize coverage of any redness or yellowish undertones. Just make sure it is blended completely and doesn’t get too caked on, so use it sparingly, and once again, use your (clean) finger to blend.

Don’t Forget the Base

To get that flawless face that you are looking for, this step is crucial. Foundation sets a solid base for the whole look. If you don’t complete this step or use the right foundation, you can forget the flawless look you were going for. But before you apply that foundation, however, don’t forget to use a primer!

Choose a primer that works best for your skin type, such as a mattifying primer if your skin is more oily, or a radiance and glow-boosting one if you’re after that dewy look. Then when it’s time for foundation, get the most natural-looking finish use a makeup sponge (aka beauty blender) to get that flawless look! Get it damp and lightly pat your foundation on and don’t forget to blend into your neck!

Shape Those Brows

Make sure to use those tweezers to shape or maintain your eyebrows in between waxing appointments. You can even fill them in with an eyebrow gel for an all-in-one product to fill, shape, and set!

This one from NYX is my personal fave! It does the job super well, and it’s vegan and only $10! A win all around!

It’s All About the Eyes

Whether you choose to shimmer or go matte, pick a color that makes your eyes pop! Adding the right eyeshadow takes the look to another level. Who doesn’t love that moment in your makeup routine where you add the eyeshadow and finally see the look starting to come together?

Don’t forget to layer your colors. Start with a light shade for the top of your lid going up to the brow bone, then go for a darker shade to blend in your crease and even out into the corner. Then lastly add a pop of bright color or sparkle to the rest of your lid!

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Can’t Forget the Mascara

Your makeup just won’t look complete without mascara. The brand and type of mascara you choose will depend on how you like your eyelashes to look, but once you have the product that will help you achieve the look you want, blink away!

Remember to curl your lashes first, and let each coat of mascara set and dry before applying more. No one wants clumpy or spidery lashes!

Make Those Lips Look Lucious

Not only should you pick out the perfect color, but before you apply your lipstick, be sure to exfoliate your lips with one of your homemade flavored lip scrubs. Once your lips are soft and ready to go, add that perfect color to tie all your steps together wonderfully.

Makeup is a complex and multifaceted topic that many people don’t know how to go about properly. These tips for perfecting your makeup routine allow you to gain a baseline understanding that will help you get that flawless face you have been trying to achieve.

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Tips for a perfect makeup routine! |
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