How to Clean a Couch Perfectly Every Time

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Is there anything better than being a couch potato? Some days, sitting on the couch and vegging out for hours is almost heaven. However, couching out all the time has its drawbacks—namely, the couch filling up with crumbs from delicious snacks and stains from even tastier beverages.

Sitting on a dirty, stained sofa isn’t so amazing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big sectional sofa, love seat, or standard couch—no one wants to sit in filth. Learn how to clean a couch so that your next day of bingeing will be free of debris. Cleaning can be a bit of a chore, but these tips should help!

How To Clean The Couch Perfectly Every Time 

Vacuum the Couch First

First things first—you have to get rid of the crumbs. Let the vacuum cleaner do this bit for you so that you don’t have to touch anything gross. Pull the cushions off, get the hose attachment out, and hit the seams and corners.

Crumbs will find the lowest point they can; they work down from the surface so that you can’t see them, but they’re there. Pick up any loose that might clog the vacuum—that’s your reward for doing such a thankless job. Put the cushions back on, and hit them next. Give everything a good once-over.

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Clean the Hardware
How to deep clean your couch! |
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Most couches don’t have much in the way of hard parts, but they exist. If your couch has any wood or metal parts on it, clean those next.

Get out the wood or metal polish, and shine them up. Even if the only wooden or metal part are the feet, clean them. It shouldn’t take too long.

Remove any Stains

Now, it’s down to the stubborn stains that make your couch look old and beat-up. Old stains that have had a chance to set in and get comfortable are going to be tough to get rid of. Grab your upholstery cleaner of choice and follow its recommended instructions.

There are thousands of different kinds of cleaners, from an industrial kind to eco-friendly. Get a brush with semi-soft bristles, and start scrubbing.

If the name-brand cleaners aren’t working, you can try some home remedies. Mix ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup warm water, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the affected area and scrub with a damp dishcloth, then dry it. When all else fails, call in the big dogs—the professionals. Professional steam cleaners can get rid of almost anything, so if you really hate the stain, go for broke.

Hope this helps you have a spotless couch! Now, back to Netflix! 😉

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How to clean your couch perfectly. |
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