Things You Should Clean More Often

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Hey mamas,

Right now, everyone’s focused on cleaning pretty much everything. But there are places in our homes that we never think of cleaning, even though we and our kids touch them every day. These are just a few things you should clean more often that you may not have considered!

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Things You Should Clean More Often


Phones and iPads

Our phones travel with us just about everywhere, and everywhere it goes, it’s collecting bacteria. In fact, the average cell phone may have up to ten times more bacteria crawling on it than the average toilet seat—and then you put it on your face!

When you’re using disinfectant wipes on the counter, consider wiping your phone down, too.


Car Interior

For you and the kids, sometimes the car is more than just a vehicle. It’s a concert hall, a changing station, a dining room, and a bedroom. All that time we spend in our car adds up. Food gets stuck between the seats and can mold over.

Germs accumulate on steering wheels, door jambs, and in the air condition vents. All the accumulated dust can exacerbate allergies. For the sake of your concert hall/changing station/dining room/bedroom, you’ll want to pull out the vacuum and clean your car interior every once in a while.

I am really bad at making time to clean my car, I have a bazillion shopping bags strewn everywhere and probably enough crumbs to put together a full family meal. (My bad….) Can you relate?

These are the things you should be cleaning more often! |
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Hand Towels

We tell our kids to wash their hands after using the bathroom to avoid germs, and then we have them dry their hands on the same towel that everyone in the whole house has dried their hands on after using the bathroom. Or we wash our hands before cooking to keep germs out of the food, only to later dry the dishes with the same towel that we used on our hands. (Yuck!)

You get the picture. Not surprisingly, studies have shown that E. coli and coliform bacteria (bacteria that live in fecal matter, by the way) often show up in examinations of hand towels. When you go to throw a load of laundry in, consider tossing the hand towels in with them.


Pillows & Pillow Cases

You sleep on them every night, so you want them to stay clean, right? I’d hope so. Pillowcases are known to be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause acne and even breathing problems, and the pillows themselves? Eww, same.

So grab the pillows off your bed and give them and the cases a good tumble in the washing machine. You’ll thank me tonight when you lay down and smell the freshness of a good clean pillow!


Since most of us (and/or our kids) are probably spending more time on a computer these days, have you noticed how filthy the keyboard gets? I know I do! There is always dust, crumbs, and something…something sticky? All over the keyboard. So giving it a good wipe down every day or two would be a great idea!

It’s really hard to get in between the keys to get to the dust and gunk, so check out this awesome keyboard vacuum! 

I don’t mean to scare you with all of this—though I know the hand towels will probably keep me up at night. At the end of the day, all of this is about awareness. Noticing what you touch will help you realize what things you should clean more often to keep you and your family germ-free.

I’m sure there are a ton more things that need cleaning more often, but hey, that’s a list for another post! Be sure to share and subscribe before you go! Don’t miss out on future posts plus free motherhood quotes sent to your inbox for you to share!



Things that you need to clean more often! |
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