The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist for Single Mothers

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Hey mamas,

Newborns are the cutest. Mamas around the world could spend hours just staring at their little ones while they sleep. However, as adorable as they are, infants are also a lot of work. Thus, moms-to-be should try their hardest to prepare before a new addition arrives. This is the ultimate newborn baby checklist for single mothers who need help getting things in order before their bundle of joy arrives.

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The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist

The ultimate newborn checklist! |
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On the blog, I have already covered ways to save money and prep for baby, so this checklist is a perfect partner to those posts. Even if you are lacking in funds, it’s definitely possible to get everything you need for your little bundle of joy! Now, let’s get into the list!

Transportation Is Key

Sadly, life doesn’t stop when a woman has a baby. There are still places to go and people to see—all while social distancing, of course. However, traveling with an infant is quite different than traveling solo. Look into buying a top-grade car seat so that your little one can follow wherever you go.

Follow all safety and age guidelines while shopping to ensure you get the right equipment. Another travel accessory that every parent is thankful for is a stroller. Strollers are perfect for mamas who want to squash their cabin fever and catch some rays with their infant.


Baby clothes are precious. It’s so much fun picking out tiny dresses or miniature suits for a baby. However, fashion isn’t the only factor to keep in mind while you’re shopping for outfits. For starters, be on the lookout for organic clothing.

Some cotton farmers use harmful pesticides in the creation of their products that are harmful to babies’ skin. Thus, organic clothing is the better choice because it’s chemical-free and keeps infants safe. Plus, there are many stylish options out there. (same goes for diapers and mattresses!) Organic and natural is always best!

Diaper & Bathing Supplies

Every mama needs endless diapers at their disposal. After all, babies are notorious for pooping. Luckily, there are tons of different diapers out there for mothers to try. There are commercial diapers that are extremely absorbent and cloth diapers that are good for the environment. Along with diapers, you’ll need a large diaper bag that can hold various items.


Finally, you’ll want bathing supplies to keep your little one safe while they’re getting clean. Mini-tubs that go inside your regular tub are incredibly handy until your infant can take an actual bath.

This is the ultimate newborn baby checklist for single mothers. Expecting a baby is scary. However, remember that you aren’t on this journey alone. There are countless helpful avenues out there for moms looking for advice and support during this time.

Keep in mind that these are just the basics! There are plenty of other items you may need, but as a struggling single mama, I know how difficult it is to ensure a fully stocked nursery. But you got this! As long as you have the most important items, you’ll be just fine without all the fancy extras!

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XO – Jess 

Ultimate newborn checklist |

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