Top 7+ Summer Essentials

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Hey friend,

Summer is here and I am so excited! Summer is my favorite season and even if you are more of a cold-weather gal, having the right essentials for summertime is a must. So today I am bringing you my top 7 (plus a few bonus items) summer essentials!

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Top 7+ Summer Essentials


The first thing that obviously should be on your summer essentials list is of curse, sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen. Most traditional sunscreens can actually cause more harm than good because of their long and toxic ingredient list.

Finding a non-toxic and clean sunscreen is not easy either, but I have done the work for you and have the perfect option! Both affordable and clean, ThinkSport is the best brand for protection against those harmful rays while also protecting yourself from harmful toxins found in most sunscreens. ThinkSport is available at most Targets as well as Amazon.

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Next on the list is something that I didn’t even know I needed but am so very glad to now have! A new beach/pool towel. I’m not talking just any towel, but a high quality towel that will make you never want to use any other towel again!

Tesalate is a fantastic company based in Australia that makes the most luxurious towels to dry you off and keep you cozy on any beach day! Their towels are sand-free, full-sized, ultra-absorbent and made with rapid dry technology! Plus they have amazing styles to choose from!

summer essentials Tesalate towel |

I am in love with my Tesalate towel and I know you will love it too! Easily fold-able to carry in it’s own compact bag, these towels won’t take up much room in your pool/beach bag but are big enough for two! Keep dry, warm, and free from sand in your cute new towel! Click here to shop!

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Next is something we girls (me especially) find very handy is the hot months when our skin can become oily and our lovely makeup that we spent so much time applying melts right off our faces! If you don’t have this problem I am super jelly!

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To combat this issue, the perfect thing to have on hand are oil blotting sheets! A quick and easy fix up for throughout the day when things are getting a little too shiny. Absorb oil without disturbing your look! Just throw them in your purse and you are good to go! I love these natural bamboo and charcoal ones from Amazon!  

Need other ways to stay together and cool? This nifty mister and fan is perfect for fighting off the heat when you’re enjoying the sun! A quick spritz of cold water and air from the fan is a perfect for that little refresh when you are just too hot! My son loves using ours when he’s playing outside in the heat.

Still feeling the heat? Have an ice-cold drink handy with an insulated tumbler cup! I love mine because it keeps my drink cold and it doesn’t spill if it gets knocked over. Plus look at how cute it is! A cup-like this is definitely a summer essential!

Insulated cup |

Check out these ones I found that are super cute! Click here.

Something else about the summer weather is how sticky and sweaty you get. I know I wash my hands and underarms several times a day which can get super annoying. Especially when you’re out and about. So what are we to do?

Keep a pack of body wipes around! Quickly cleanse and refresh with a swipe and no need for a sink! So if you or the kiddos or sticky and gross, these will become a true essential. Check these ones out, they are 3-in-1 natural wipes!

My last essential is something you may not have thought about. We protect our skin and our eyes from the sun, but what about our hair? The sun cam damage our hair the same way it can damage our skin and eyes, so we need to protect it!

Using a form of SPF on our hair should not be skipped. I use an SPF oil from Redken and I highly recommend it! Don’t forget to protect your hair the next time you’re getting some sun!

Redken Uv rescue |

Now for a few bonus item!

That’s the list! I hope you enjoyed this post and are well an your way to an amazing summer! Don’t forget to comment and share before you go and make sure you’re subscribed to my email list to snag yourself some free Instagram graphics! 

Much love, JessXO 

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