Family Quarantine Activities

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Hey mamas,

I hope you’re managing to survive this quarantine season (it sure feels like an extra 5th season, right?) Anyway, since we are all staying home right now and times are a bit challenging, we may find ourselves getting creative, and searching for activities for our kiddos, I thought I’d try to help!

I have listed a few of the best family quarantine activities I have come across or done with my son recently and I hope you enjoy them and that they put the spark back into your creativity and let’s be honest, sanity. So without further ado, let’s check out these fun family activities!

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Family Quarantine Activities

 So first on the list is probably an obvious activity but it’s a classic favorite. Enjoy a good old fashioned game night! Get out those dusty board games, clear the dining room table, or even the living room floor, challenge your kiddos, and get your game on!

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A great and perhaps more entertaining version of game night is to play a DVD game such as Disney Scene It or I Spy Treasure Hunt. If you really want to have fun and get creative, let your kids help you to make up your own game!

Next up is something my son and I did this week that we really enjoyed. We spent some time outside on the patio in the lovely spring weather and made a chalk mosaic! It was super easy and even though it didn’t turn out perfect (we had trouble keeping our lines straight…) it was a lot of fun!

All you need is good quality sidewalk chalk, masking tape, and a cemented area. Start by sweeping off the cement to clear it of any debris and then mark off a square or rectangle shape with your masking tape. Then create shapes within your rectangle making sure each shape connects to two other parts of your mosaic.

Chalk mosaic step 1 |

Then start coloring! Fill in all of your shapes with different colors to create your beautiful mosaic!  You can make it as big or small as you want, and create your shapes any way you want as well, we just went for a basic and easy creation.

Chalk mosaic step 2 |

Then finally, when all your shapes are colored, gently remove all of the masking tape to reveal your final work of art! Viola! I hope to see lots of chalk mosaics over on Instagram! If you and your kids do this, please tag me so I can see! @jessejaneblogs.

Chalk mosaic finished |
Our finished mosaic!


More For The Kiddos

These next 2 activities are more for the kids but you will enjoy them too! Potential for a few moments of peace and quiet? Yes, please! The first is a snack project the kids can do at the kitchen table with little supervision (unless they are very messy…) if your kids are obsessed with snacks, then this will probably be a nice way to feed them and entertain them at the same time!

Get some waffle cones, turn them upside down on a plate (pointy tip up) and let them decorate them with yummy snacks! Start by spreading a good layer of peanut butter (or any type of butter or Nutella) all over the cone.

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Then start sticking on some yummy decorative goodies! Nuts, cheerios, raisins, M&M’s, sunflower seeds, puff cereal, whatever you have that will stick! Let them enjoy their delicious and artistic creations and have special snack time!

Another artsy project the littles can do mostly on their own is give life to squiggle monsters! What are squiggle monsters you ask? They are cute little creatures brought to life by your kiddos squiggle drawing!

Have your kid/s draw a round squiggle in the middle of a piece of paper. Then add arms, legs, and use googly eyes to complete your little guy! Feel free to be extra and add feathers, ribbons, or anything else you wish to create hair or accessories! Let them have fun with it and give their random squiggles personality!

Kids art project |

Other Activities For The Whole Family

Continuing with more family-focused activities now! A fantastic way to spend time with your own little monsters while also teaching them is to start some seeds or a small garden! Grab all the supplies you will need (soil/seed starter, planters, seeds, etc) pick a window sill or a spot outside and plant some seeds and watch them grow!

Right now my son and I are waiting anxiously to see if our carrot seeds will grow! I ordered a carrot seed pop from Target and we planted it on Easter. I have never heard of a seed pop before but it’s a super cute idea! It looks like a lollipop but the outside is made from biodegradable plant nutrition with the seeds on the inside. Over time the outside dissolves and helps the seeds grow!

Carrots seed pop - family activities |
My son pulled out the stick…because, of course, he did.

Or if you are impatient, more like me…then you can order some baby flowers, veggies, or plants and build your own mini garden and get your kids outside and growing green things! This is a nice way to incorporate education, teach them about photosynthesis, and much more! This is my inner homeschool mom coming out, haha!

Another awesome hands-on activity to enjoy with the kids is cooking! Like probably everyone right now, my son and I have been cooking and baking up a storm! But the best way to really get the most out of it, as well as learn all the basics and more is through Raddish Kids!

Raddish Kids is a monthly educational cooking subscription for kids. It is a hands-on and a super fun way to get kids learning all the cooking basics, about different foods, and all sorts of neat things! If you love the way this sounds, right now you can get $20 off a full 12-month subscription with the code: ‘chef20’ and also enjoy free shipping!

The last activity is a good one! If you are up for a true challenge, then this might just be a great idea for your family! Why not find something of interest that is new? Find a skill to learn, or even try learning a new language!

Find online music classes, learn to sew, use Rosetta Stone, and learn French, Spanish, or even American Sign language with your kids! Take a dance class online together, learn calligraphy, or start a scrapbook! The possibilities are endless! If you are bored and need things to keep you and the little ones busy, engaged, and learning, discover a new hobby, skill, or activity that will do just that! Get creative!

And that’s the list! I hope you have been sparked with ideas and I hope to hear your ideas and feedback as well! Don’t forget to share and subscribe to my email list before you go! I know you won’t want to miss out on new posts, offers, and freebies! 

Stay safe and God bless!

Love, JessXO 

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