Choosing Rugs For A Cozy & Stylish Home In Winter

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Hey mamas,

As the winter arrives, or even if spring is just around the corner, you start preparing your home for chilling nights and colder days. For this, you take several steps and among these, covering the floor with rugs seems to be the most effective way of warming up the room. 

So with this in mind, and if it is chilly in your house and your floor is bare, a cozy and stylish rug is just the thing! Let’s go over the best options for rugs!

Choosing Rugs For A Cozy & Stylish Home In Winter (or anytime!) 


In winter, deep pile rugs work the best. Not just, they make your interior cozy and warm but they also add a touch of style. Let us see, how you can choose the best rugs for your entire home and make it look stylish effortlessly. 

Choose A Color Rich Rug 
How to use rugs for a super cozy and stylish home! |
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Cold weather causes a feeling of lethargy. Choosing rich colors for home interior creates an energetic ambiance. It is, therefore advised to avoid white base rugs that create an austere feeling. Rather go for rich colored deep pile rugs that generate a sense of warmth. Go for single and bold colors to keep the look refined. 

Create A Carpet Effect

There can be nothing better than a fully covered floor in winter. Use large-sized rugs to cover the entire floor, especially in bedrooms where you need warmth the most. Deep pile rugs will give super-soft walking experience, plus it adds a textured impression to the floor.

Use Rugs in Kids’ Room

Kids mostly love to spend their time playing on the floor. It is extremely satisfying for them to stick to the ground. So, they play, lie down, roll, eat and what not on the floor. 

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Covering their playing area with deep pile rugs will give them comfort and protect them from cold. Rugs for kids are available in different themes, styles, colors, and fabrics, appropriate to brighten up a kid’s room. Choose bold colors and preferably in large designs or patterns as it is appealing to kid’s eyes.

Multiple Designs in A Single Room

Using variant design rugs in the living room can be a unique way of styling your interior while covering the chilling floor. As per experts at, different designs in different colors work wonders to beautify an interior. It looks more beautiful, especially if the floor and walls are in a pale color. Note down the colors of furniture and decorative items in the room and choose the rugs to complement them. 

Go for Different Shapes

A big room with a neutral scheme may not go well with bold color rugs. In that scenario, choose pale color rugs in different shapes. For example, mix up shapes like rectangle, oval and diamond to give a versatile look to the interior. Lay them at a distance where you want floor coverage.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional style rugs have their charm and ability to add sophistication to any interior while preventing the penetration of cold through it. If you look for its variety, you will find them in many styles, such as Oriental, Persian, and Moroccan. They are also available in various weaves. Hand-Knotted Wool, Kilims and Woven Wilton are to name a few. 

No matter what design or weave you choose, they are sure to add glamour and elegance to your interior as a centerpiece or hall runner.

With all the above references, you now know that there are a lot of varieties in rugs to suit your home interior. Whether the interior is in contemporary style or traditional, these rugs are just perfect accessory to lift the look of your home.

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