My Amazon Favorites That Will Be Your Favorites Too!

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Hey mamas,

So we all love Amazon right? I mean, who doesn’t? Everything from fashion, beauty, random household items and even underwear can be found on this amazing site. But what have been some of my favorite items to show up on my doorstep? Let me show you my Amazon favorites!

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My Favorite Amazon Finds That Will Be Your Favorites Too!

Shopping on Amazon is just so darn convenient, it’s no wonder it’s taking over as everyone’s favorite way to shop for just about everything. I have to admit, it is really fun to shop the wonders of Amazon, you never know what treasures you will find!

So without further ado, let’s jump in! I am excited to share my Amazon favorites with you! I think they are all sure to become your new favorite finds too!

Silver Triangle Long Chain Drop Dangle Earrings

These awesome triangle earrings were such an exciting find! They give me all the rockstar vibes and I totally love them! Made from good quality silver these earrings will step up any outfit and make you feel like sticking your tongue out and holding up the “rock on” sign. Or make them more classy. However you want to rock these earrings, go for it!

They are one of my most favorite pairs of earrings and it’s so cool that I snagged them on Amazon. Oh and guess what? They are only $6.88!!! Yep, that’s right!

Amazon fashion triangle earrings |



Elastic Finger Holder for Smartphones

This elastic phone holder was exactly what I was looking for when I got my new phone. I am not really into the look of pop sockets and other similar types of phone holders. I love phone loopys, but being able to afford one? Not so much. So I was thrilled to find this!

With the leather elastic, it is a chic, and very cute, not to mention affordable touch your phone needs! It comes in 6 colors including rose gold which is what I have! I really love it and highly recommend it if you’re looking for something like this!

Amazon find - leather elastic phone holder |



Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
Amazon find I love! |
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These glasses are a girl boss must have! I have another pair of blue light blocking glasses, also from Amazon, but these are my favorite! Could it be because they come in pink? Probably. If you spend a lot of time on your phone or computer, then these glasses will save your eyes!

If you wear this every day as I do, you should notice a decrease in eye strain and headaches. These may not be the sturdiest pair of glasses, they are only $10.99, but they do the job and come recommended by me! They come in 5 colors and look so cute on any face! Protect your eyes from damaging blue light and try them out today!

Blue light blocking glasses from Amazon |

Vegan Collagen

Now, this stuff is a dream come true! Being in my 30’s now, I need all the help I can get! Collagen is a great way to help with aging, with your skin, yes, but your joints as well! I have bad knees and taking this daily helps with that along with making my nails stronger and even my skin to glow more!

Most collagen you find is made from animals, which is not the way to go. I have been looking for vegan collagen for a long time and was excited to find this stuff! All plant-based, no animal bi-products, Non-GMO, and all those good things! Yay for healthier (and younger?) bodies!

Vegan collagen from Amazon |


Silicone Dish Sponge 

I have been trying to make my home as healthy and natural as possible, and that goes for when doing household chores too. If you are not aware, traditional dish sponges contain toxic materials and plastics that are not safe. So, instead, I use sponges made from safe silicone!

Made from food-grade silicone, these sponges won’t slip from your grip when you are scrubbing your dishes, won’t ever have any odor or harbor nasty bacteria. These are really the best things to use! No toxins so smell, no need to constantly replace, just dry and reuse! You’re welcome! 😉

Silicone dish sponges from Amazon |


Everyone Soap for Every Kid

This is something for the kids! If you’re a mom, then this is the soap you need in your life! All in one soap for kids that is all-natural, no chemicals, comes in a 32 oz pump and is the perfect soap for every kid! Use for shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath!

No need to have different products cluttering up your shower/tub, no need to have different soaps and shampoos for each kid. This is the only stuff you need! I love the Everyone brand, and trust it to use for my son. It comes in 3 all-natural scents and simplifies bath time!  Add it to your cart!

Kids soap from Amazon |

Triple Zip Pocket Large Crossbody Bag

This crossbody purse is my favorite purse, EVER! It’s a perfect size, has 3 big pockets, and feels soft and looks so stylish! I am kind of obsessed with it and definitely thinking about ordering it in a few more colors!

So if you need a new crossbody bag, this is the one! It comes in lots of colors and 2 different patterns as well! Oh, and it has an amazing price for a bag like this! Girl, it’s time to treat yo’ self and this is the bag for that! For sure one of my all-time Amazon favorites!

Crossbody bag from Amazon|


InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer 

This all-natural vitamin C moisturizer is one of the best I have ever come across! I have to admit, I am a bit of a beauty junkie, and I’ve tried a lot, I mean a lot of moisturizers and this one beats most of them. With all-natural and non-toxic ingredients, this stuff is so good for the skin!

It helps to brighten and even out your skin tone, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your moisturized all day! With hyaluronic acid and organic jojoba oil, the InstaNatural moisturizer will have you looking Insta ready! I love this stuff!

Vitamin C moisturizer from Amazon |


Bamboo Travel Cup

Last but not least on my favorites list is this bamboo coffee/tea travel cup! I was gifted one of these for my birthday and am so in love with it! I have a few currently hanging out in my wish list! Made from organic bamboo and silicone, this light, durable and dishwasher safe to-go cup is not only cute but environmentally friendly!

My travel cup from Amazon and I |neveralonemom.comBamboo travel cup from Amazon|

I really love my cup and use it all the time! I can’t wait to have a whole collection of these bamboo cups! You should totally check them out, they come in such cute designs!

 And that’s the list! What was your favorite among my Amazon favorites?

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Love your girl, JessXO 

My favorite Amazon find! |

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