5 Online Magazines With (Free) Quality Content

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Hey mamas!

Are you a lover of magazines? Me too! I love having a stack of them on my desk and now that the world is more online than ever before, finding ones to read online is awesome too! So in this post, I am going to be sharing the 5 best online magazines that you need to check out!

Let’s get to it!


5 Online Magazines with (Free) Quality Content

The Internet has incredible resources to offer, making it easy to read and learn just about anything at the tip of your fingers. Among the vast sea of magazines out there, here are 5 that are interesting and also free- great for reading good content at zero cost.

Pick number one!


Health is an American magazine that focuses on women’s health topics, delivered all in jargon-free language. Experts and real people contribute to the content creation you get here, and you can learn anything from at-home workouts, how to reduce stress, food recipes, fashion, beauty tips, and more.

Keeping up with the latest health trends is one thing, but to be able to read curated content and find inspiration while reading Health magazine makes it well worth a read. Sounds like something we all need in our lives, right? On to pick number two!


Free online magazines with great content! |neveralonemom.com
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We Build Value, a digital magazine published by Salini Impregilo is the spot to go to for learning about major infrastructure projects around the world. It won the 2019 Digital Impact Award in the category of “Best Use of Digital” in the engineering and manufacturing sector and continues to add to its collection of over 1,000 articles.

To keep up with development projects around the world is absolutely worth spending time on, as you see the priorities and possibilities of projects worldwide. This magazine makes it easy to stay up to date on this by referring to one resource. 



Discover Magazine is an American science magazine intended for the general public. It covers science, technology, medicine, and more with incredible photography as well as engaging stories.  While many science articles are full of jargon and not written for the general public, Discover Magazine strips it back and shares these incredible topics in ways that are easy to digest.

Discover magazine |neveralonemom.com

It is a spot to go to in order to better educate yourself on topics such as happenings of Planet Earth, the environment, the sciences, and the Mind. You can read here the NIH Director’s statement on Human Gene Editing and more. 



SELF is focused on women’s workouts, health advice, beauty, and style. It is a magazine that covers just about it at all, from topics including fitness, food, health, love, beauty, and culture. This is a great magazine to read to get some inspiration for self-care and to learn from experts and hear from peers who on have similar experiences.

Recent articles include: “9 Small Morning Habits That Will Make Your Whole Day So Much Better” and “8 Midwives and Doulas Explain Their Roles in Ending Black Maternal Mortality.”  You gotta check it out! 



Nylon is a lifestyle magazine focused on pop culture and fashion. It includes articles on fashion, beauty, entertainment and life with subjections ranging from fashion week, wellness, film, to astrology. Keeping up with Nylon is both an entertaining way to stay up to date with notable pop culture events and connect with your peers as well as inspiring for one to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. 

I love all of these magazines and they are also available in regular paper versions which you can subscribe to if reading online isn’t your thing. They would be perfect for the coffee table! Most should also be available to check out via your local library!

Do you have any favorite online magazines to recommend? Also, make sure to share and subscribe before you go! Never miss a thang and new subscribers get 3 FREE quote graphics too! 

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Much love, JessXO 

Best online magazines with great content. |neveralonemom.com

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