DIY Natural Home Scents For The Holidays

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Hey friend,

So with Christmas just around the corner, it is that time of year when everything is cozy, warm, lit up, and smelling amazing. I love having my house smell like Christmas, it just adds to the atmosphere of your home! These DIY scents for the Holidays are the perfect way to add a touch of your favorite Christmas smells to the air!

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DIY Natural Home Scents For The Holidays!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use things in my home that contain synthetic fragrances. I am not ok with toxins being put into the air we breathe, so I always opt for a more natural and non-toxic option to make my house smell good!

I have rounded up the best ways to DIY those classic Christmas and Holiday scents to add a slight touch of freshness to any room! These 5 different ideas are easy and only involve a few household items and some essential oils! Let’s get started.

Pinecone Diffuser

I think this one is my personal favorite, so we are starting with it! Simply grab a few pinecones from your yard or a craft store ( if you don’t have pinecones laying around in your area) arrange them in a basket, and drench them (ok maybe not drench…) drop some essential oils over the pinecones (until you can smell it) I recommend tea tree, sweet orange, and or this amazingly perfect Christmas Tree Oil!

DIY pinecone essential oil diffuser. |

Christmas In A Pot

This one is sort of like the perfect hack when you want your house to smell like you are cooking/baking something delicious but are actually just sitting on your couch binging Hallmark Christmas movies.

Bring a small pot of water on your stove to boil, add in a few orange slices (or any other fruit you love the smell of or have on hand) cinnamon sticks (regular cinnamon powder works too, but sticks are better) add a dash of vanilla extract, or get fancy with vanilla beans! Then reduce to a slow simmer and allow your pot of goodness to fill your house with the scents of holiday baking!

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DIY Gel Freshener 

Now, this is a fun and easy project that could also make a perfect gift! Make your own gel air freshener to add to any room in your house or decorate with ribbons and give to someone as a beautiful homemade gift. Here is what you need.

Mason jars

DIY home scents for Christmas! |
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2 packets of unflavored powder gelatin

Essential oils of your choice

1 tbsp salt.

Now, in a small saucepan, add the salt to 3/4 cup of water and stir until the salt has completely dissolved. Then add the gelatin and stir until it dissolves. Remove pan from heat and add in about half a cup or so of water, then pour into your mason jars.

Add your essential oils, probably about 20 drops depending on how strong you want the scent. Eucalyptus, sweet orange, or peppermint would be lovely choices! Then allow to cool and for the gel to firm. Then you can decorate your jars! You can even add food coloring! You can leave the lid off of your jars, or put holes in them to let the scent out!

DIY Gel Air Fresheners for Christmas! |
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Baking Soda Air Freshener

This is one I do all the time! Having a stuffy home with a messy little boy living in it calls for this! Just grab a mason jar, fill it with baking soda and add essential oils. Just like the last one, you can leave the lid off or punch holes in the lid and display it in any part of the house!

Add a ribbon or even stick in some cinnamon sticks or vanilla, and there you have it! A super-easy way to freshen up your house! Every few weeks you will have to add in new drops of essential oils to keep it smelling fresh!

DIY home scents with baking soda! |

DIY Oil Warmer

Last but not least, you can always just make your own oil warmer. They can get a bit pricey when buying one, so making your own is a more affordable option. I found a really cute ceramic candle holder/oil warmer at my local Dollar Tree, added an unscented tea light candle, (also from Dollar Tree) put a few drops of my favorite essential oils on the top, and bam!

Using an LED tea light candle is an even better option if you want to avoid the chemicals in the wax of a real candle. This set here is really great! 

Though, not totally DIY, it is a great option! If you are unable to find a cheap one like this, I have just found a fairly affordable and gorgeous nonelectric oil warmers on Amazon! They would be perfect to have out at Christmas, check it out!

I love fun household DIYS I am always looking for simple ones I can do by myself! If you make any of these scents for your home, please take a picture and tag me on Insta @jessejaneblogs. Thank you for staying until the end, and please do give this post a share! Don’t forget to subscribe before you go so you never miss out on new posts and to snag yourself some freebies! 

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! Love, JessXO

DIY Natural home scents perfect for the Holidays! |
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