The One Book Every Single Mom Should Read

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Hey mamas!

So I was kindly sent a book recently and asked to share it with you. I was super excited to read it as it’s a book filled with stories and poems from single moms.  My review and thoughts on the book are below, and I definitely think this post and book, are must-reads! Let’s chat about it…

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The One Book Every Single Mom Should Read

As single mothers, we face a lot of tough times. Despair, loneliness, exhaustion, doubt, the list goes on. These things we feel are only natural for such strong women in our positions. Overcoming the trials of being a single parent can be overwhelming and isolating. That’s exactly where this book comes in!

A book for single moms - we got this |

‘We Got This’ is an amazing book designed to bring hope, humor, relatability, and the realization that you are in fact, not alone in your struggles. Filled with heartfelt stories about divorce, postpartum depression, struggle, fear, hope, and just general single mom adventures. Featuring stories and poems that any single mother will undoubtedly relate to, “We Got This” is the book every single mom needs on her bookshelf or bedside table.

Thoughts About The Book & About The Author


‘We Got This’ marks a social movement with stories from single mothers representing a diverse range of experiences

Filled with essays, poems, and inspirational quotes, We Got This features moms connected by a conscious coalition despite age, race, culture, sexual orientation, economic circumstances, and route to single motherhood. We Got This reminds solo moms that they are powerful and important ― and that there’s a whole community of women out there who understand what they are going through.


MARIKA LINDHOLM - We Got This Author |neveralonemom.comMARIKA LINDHOLM founded to ignite a social movement of solo moms. A trained sociologist, Lindholm taught courses on inequality, diversity, and gender at Northwestern University for over a decade. After a divorce left her parenting two children on her own, she realized solo moms lacked much-needed resources, support, and connection. She built her social platform, Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, out of this combination of academic and personal experience. In addition to publishing numerous scholarly articles, Lindholm has been a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Working Mother, Mind Body Green, and Talk Space. She has published essays and fiction in the Daily News, Elephant Journal, The Hill, Ms., Silent Voices, and the Southern Indiana Review. Keep up with her at

Reading this book, you will find inspirational, and motivational stories along with funny and page-turning stories.  Some of these writers’ names will sound familiar, like Amy Poehler, Anne Lamott, and Elizabeth Alexander, while others are about to become unforgettable. 

Bound together by their strength, pride, and most of all, their dedication to their children, they broadcast a universal and empowering message: You are not alone, solo moms—and your tenacity, courage, and fierce love are worthy of celebration.

We Got This - book for single moms |

My Personal Thoughts

I found this book to be full of all the heart you search for in something like this. I laughed, nearly cried, and raised my hands several times in “amen!” to my fellow solo mom sisters. Creatively written by crazy talented women, uniquely designed in format, and all-around a stunning read. I give it two thumbs up! 😀

My favorite story from the book was This Is Your Life by Fern Capella. It was the most relatable story for me personally and it hit me with all the feels. Having a baby and being single at 21 and living with your parents was my exact story too. I also really loved The Story For Now by Janlori Goldman. A heart-tugging story about the stages of explaining to your child why they don’t have a father. This one got me pretty hard in the relatable feels too!

Overall, this book is a fantastic and diverse grouping of women from all around the globe sharing their hearts with us fellow solo mamas. I highly recommend that every single mom read this and support the amazing women behind this work of art.

A book for single moms |

You can pick up a copy right now on Amazon or from Indiebound!

Let me know if you’ll be ordering a copy! Please share to spread the word about this amazing book and make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on content for single moms and much more!

Love from your girl, Jess XO


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  1. Brie

    September 7, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    This is a great book review. Sounds like an fun and inspiring read! I’ll definitely be putting it on my reading list! Thanks girl!

    1. Jess10

      September 7, 2019 at 5:32 pm

      Absolutely! So glad you are putting it on your list! I hope you love it! 🙂

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