Limitless Learners Content For Kids! Encourage Your Kids Education!

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Hey mamas!

Our kid’s education is important, and it can be hard to motivate and encourage them to do well in school. So today I am bringing you something fun you and your kids can do to help! Keep reading to learn all about the Limitless Learners Contest! A fun content where you have the potential to win $1,000 for your local school or library! Learn more below!


Limitless Learners Contest For Kids!

Encouraging and supporting our kids is just one of the many parts of motherhood. Whether you homeschool like me or have your kiddos enrolled in a public school, their education is a big deal. Generally, most kids are not fans of learning their education basics. They hate going to school and whine and complain about homework time. Unless you have one of those rare kids who actually loves to learn and enjoys going to school and can be found at most times stuck in a book, in this case, I’m so jelly!

For any type of kid though, it’s important to find ways to make them excited about learning. Helping them discover a subject to be passionate about, a new activity to help them understand a subject, or whatever you can do to help your kid/s love to learn. The Limitless Learners Contest is all about getting kids excited to learn and excited for their futures. Not every family will be able to send their kids to college, and winning $500 specifically towards college tuition is just one of the awesome prizes!

Limitless learners contest for kids! |

About The Contest
Prize: Six (6) students will be selected to win the following:
  • $500 to contribute to future education expenses.
  • $1000 donation for their school or local library.
  • Premium lifetime membership to for their educator.
Who qualifies: Applicants for the Limitless Learners Contest must:
  • Be students in kindergarten to 5th grade as of the 2019–2020 school year.
  • Have the written consent of a parent or legal guardian (see form here).
  • Be legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.
How to apply: Students will need to do the following by October 31, 2019, to apply –
  • Obtain a completed consent form signed by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian.
  • Respond to the following prompt in the appropriate format (listed below): Describe a time when you were having so much fun, you didn’t realize you were learning something new!
    • Kindergarten students: Create a piece of art (e.g. draw or paint a picture) and write about what is happening, or ask an adult to write a sentence or two describing your picture.
    • 1st-grade students: Create a piece of art (e.g. draw or paint a picture) and write 1–3 sentences about it.
    • 2nd-grade students: Write a short story (5–8 sentences) and create at least one picture to illustrate it.


      • 3rd grade: Write a short story, journal entry, or comic strip.
      • 4th grade: Write a short story, journal entry, poem, or comic strip.
      • 5th grade: Write a personal narrative, short story, poem, or comic strip.
  • Submit the above to our judges:
    • Via email to
    • Via standard mail to:
      401 East Third Avenue
      San Mateo, CA 94401
      Attn: Limitless Learners

Grab the official contest application form here!

When you love learning, there’s no limit to what you can achieve! Apply to the Limitless Learners Contest to win money for college, plus a donation for your elementary school or local library.

Apply now!

Good luck and don’t forget to share the contest!

Learning contest for your kids education! |

I’ll catch you mamas in my next post, make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on upcoming content plus the freebies and exclusives you will receive as part of my tribe!

Love, Jess XO

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