Back To School Tips For Moms!

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Hey mama friend,

So it’s about that time for most of us moms to start preparing our kids for back to school. Summer break is coming to an end and if you have kids that attend in-person school it can be a bit stressful, especially as a hardworking mom and it takes so much energy to get your kids ready to go back to early mornings and the weekly school routine. So here are tips to help you out!

A lot of you are probably still distance learning this year which throws a whole new wrench into the routine. As you may know, I’m homeschooling and have been since before it was cool, so I’m here if you need any tips on that front!

Back To School Tips For  Moms!

So if unlike me, you send your kids to a regular school then I’m sure you are feeling more than a little stressed out right now. Between having to change your schedule back from those relaxing summer break hours, coming up with the money for new clothes and school supplies, packing lunches, etc, it is a lot. So I am here to help you ease back into the school routine!

I am not at all jealous of what you “public school” moms have to deal with. I proudly homeschool my son so things are very different in our house. If you’d like me to do a post all about tips for homeschooling please let me know and I will gladly do one!

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If you are choosing to keep your kids home this year due to changes, then that’s great! So some of these tips may not relate to this year, but keep them in mind for future years or even if you will be leaving them instead of the other way around!

Back To School Season Is Here!

I like to think of back-to-school time as a fresh start. It can be fun to pick out new outfits, new backpacks, binders, pencils, etc. It can be exciting for the kids too! Starting a new grade or even starting a new school, what fun adventures await! Creating that mindset for you and for them is the perfect place to start. Even if last year was a bit of a challenge, this year is a fresh start!

A great tip is to find ways that will help you get the kids pumped for another year of school!  It doesn’t have to be a struggle to prepare yourself and your kids for another school year. An example could be, a countdown calendar (like an advent calendar for Christmas) and the kids can count down the days to the first day of school.

Create your own at home and use stickers, magnets, or even snacks to help countdown! Get the kids excited and looking forward to starting back to school. Even if they are less than thrilled about summer break ending, counting down can still be a daily activity.

Speaking of kids who are less than thrilled…if your child isn’t exactly happy about going back to school, a small tip might be to go over the new year’s curriculum with them beforehand (if accessible) and discuss all the new things they will be learning and how important these subjects are and privileged they are to be receiving such a well-rounded education.

Talking to them about the importance of school and why certain subjects are important may still not make them excited, but at least they might better understand why going to school is beneficial for them and their future.

My last little tip is to throw a last day of summer vacation party! Make the most of your family’s last day of “freedom” with a fun shindig! Grill up some burgers and hotdogs, play funky music, slather on the SPF and gather around with a few friends and family members, and have some fun!

Make a few more memories to end the summer with and enjoy seeing your little ones giggle before they begin another year of the dreaded school year. Back to school time doesn’t have to be stressful, make it exciting and positive!

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Much love and good luck!

Jess XO

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