The 6 Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Own

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Hey mamas!

I’ve done a few underwear related posts on the blog and I am happy to be coming at ya with another post all about bras from the lovely Alex Green on the 6 types every woman must own.  Ready for the list? Let’s go!

6 Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Have In Her Collection

A woman’s wardrobe is not complete without quality lingerie because these are the pieces that make all the difference to your looks and confidence. You cannot bring the best out of any outfit unless you wear the right innerwear underneath. While choosing the right shape, size, and fit matters, you also need to know the right type of innerwear that you must wear under different outfits. Also, having the right ones stocked in your collection is important because you should not be in doubt no matter what you plan to wear. Here are some bra types that every woman must absolutely own.

A T-Shirt Bra

To start with, a basic t-shirt or minimizer bra is something that you cannot do without. This type offers all the comfort along with the assurance that you can carry it under any piece of clothing without the seams and pleats showing up. You must stock up on basics like black, white and nude colors because these are ideal for everyday wear. 

A basic bralette

And how can you forget your basic bralette which is probably your bestie any day? These are seamless, unpadded pieces that offer ultimate comfort whether you are out for work or while traveling. Ideally, these are made in materials such as cotton or spandex. Do have a few in your wardrobe because these are great for daily wear.  

A strapless or convertible bra

Another must-have in your intimate drawer is a strapless or convertible bra. Considering that off-shoulder and halter outfits are in vogue, you will definitely need a strapless piece to wear under them. A convertible one is even better because it can double up for normal wear as well. Prioritize ones that have good fits with smoothing cups and the under-bust band for extra support. 

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A comfort bra

Although this is not exactly a quintessential style, these bras are the ones that every woman would want to wear any day at any time. Essentially, these are the ones crafted in stretch fabric and offer completely hassle-free wear, without hooks and wires. A perfect fit and size make your comfort bra suitable for wearing to work, party and casual outings.

A sports bra

If you are into active sports or love sweating out in the gym, a sports bra is essential for your collection. Support is the most important factor that these pieces should have because you need it the most during vigorous exercise. Though this type is not glamorous, yet the comfort factor makes it a great choice as active wear.

A wow-factor bra

A wow-factor piece is all about elevating your confidence, something that becomes essential for power dressing. Fashionistas often define a black lacy bra as their wow-factor lingerie because it makes them feel good about themselves. You can even pick an animal print or a polka dot piece in a crazy color to add some element to your collection. 

So these are the bra types that make a complete collection for any woman. When you do buy them, make sure that you pay attention to quality, comfort, and durability. Don’t cringe on the budget because your innerwear deserves to be the best if you want to look amazing every day.

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And that’s the list! Do you have all 6 of these bras in your underwear drawer? I hope you enjoyed this post! Give it a share if you did and make sure to subscribe for more fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood related posts just for rockstar mamas like you!

This article has been contributed by Alex Green. She worked in marketing before she found joy in writing. She was a senior journalist who has contributed to content for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. 

Love, JessXO

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