The Busy & Broke Single Mom’s Makeup Routine

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Hey mamas!

So I love makeup, like really love it. I have always been a huge makeup lover. Since my mid-teens I have had a full face of makeup on every time I leave the house and would never ever be caught dead without it. So if you’re a makeup lover like me then here is my full everyday makeup routine that takes only a few minutes and the affordable products I use!

The Busy & Broke Single Mom’s Makeup Routine 

I am always hunting for the best makeup, and most of what I use is natural and non-toxic which can hike up the price. But I have found great products for prices that I like and since I have been doing daily makeup for so long I have mastered my routine.  So here is my start to finish makeup routine along with what products I use to get the job done!

Now going in the order of how I “put on my face” let’s get started!


I start with a primer (after regular moisturizer of course) lately I’ve been using one sent to me by Lancome, it’s the Prep & Prime Matte Primer. It works great for my super oily skin. I usually use a primer by either Physicians Formula or Tarte. Then I go in with my foundation, right now I am using the Healthy Foundation by Physicians Formula, but since the weather will be turning warm soon I will switch to the mattifying foundation by Pacifica. Both are affordable, lightweight, medium coverage, and give a beautiful finish to the skin! I use a drugstore beauty blender or a foundation brush and it doesn’t take long, not even five minutes.

Then for concealer, I use the Transcendent Correcting Concealing by Pacifica. I absolutely love Pacifica products, it can be a tad more on the spendy side since it’s a natural brand, but if you buy one product at a time it’s much easier to fit into your budget, and this concealer is creamy, high coverage and perfect for covering up any blemishes and dark circles. Next, I always dust or bake my face with a setting powder because my skin is very oily and I will look like a grease face about an hour after I apply my makeup. I use one by Tarte, but it’s the smaller travel size version that comes in their sampler kit, which makes it much more affordable and even though the container is small, it lasts me several months.

Makeup routine for single moms |


Now for eyes, which is my favorite part, I curl my lashes (multiple times because my lashes are stick straight) then I apply a few coats of mascara, I use the Falsies mascara by Physicians Formula Organic Wear. My favorite mascara ever!!! Then I go in with my darkest color of eyeshadow first, I dab a flat eyeshadow brush into the shadow and apply some at the end of my eyelids and then into the crease, then blend. Want to know some beauty hacks? Click here!

Then I go in with a lighter color and dab it on with my finger into the center and then the rest of my eyelid. Then lastly I sweep a tiny bit of white, silver, or pale pink shadow just under my eyebrow and in the inner corners to brighten things up then grab a small fluffy brush and blend it all out. My favorite shadows are by ColourPop! They are super affordable, only $5! I have gotten it down to a few quick minutes, I have everything right in front of me and I just grab and go, boom, boom, done.

Now it’s time for a little bit of liner, and depending on the look I’m going for I always do my liner differently. But for most normal days all I do is add a tiny bit of the silver liner by NYX in the waterline and move on to my brows. Sometimes I will put some black cream liner on my top lids and add a tiny flick at the ends, but that requires extra time, so I save that for when I have the time or if I’m going out.

For brows I use the Brow Last gel by Physicians Formula, it’s a bit thick so be careful! I like just using a pencil instead but it’s harder for me to find the right shade in a pencil and the gel has a closer shade match for me. I fill in my brows with the gel, then comb it through with the included spooley. Done.

Eye makeup |

Back To Face

Now I go back to my face. Starting with bronzer/contour. Again depending on how much time I have and where I am going, I will either use a bigger brush and just blend some powder bronzer around the edges of my face and my contour areas ( lower cheek, and nose) but if I have more time I will use a darker cream contour from Shea Moisture and apply it with a flat plastic stick (included) then blend with either a fluffy brush or beauty blender to create the perfect face shaping contour.

Then I take a small blush brush and sweep a small amount of either powder blush onto my cheeks or I or will use my fingers to apply a pop of pink to my cheekbones with a cream blush from PUR Cosmetics. Then I will quickly throw on some highlight above my cheekbones, down my nose, and on my chest. My favorite highlight right now is the Butter Highlight from Physicians Formula. Then I do a quick spritz of setting spray!

Face makeup |

Then I will curl my lashes one more time and do another quick sweep of mascara to hold the curl. Then it’s on to lips!


Lastly, I do my lips. I put on some lip balm from EOS, then if it’s just an average day I will glide on some liquid lip color by using the Healthy Lip Color from Physicians Formula and if it’s a fancier occasion I will do a bolder lipstick and add a touch of shimmer and shine by using the Chromatic lip gloss by NYX.

Lip gloss |

And there you have it! A full face of makeup done in about 15 minutes! Every mama should give herself that time to put herself together and look gorgeous before stepping out of the door. Don’t let being busy and broke stop you from putting the best version of you out there. Self-care is important mama! Are you ready to master my makeup routine? Now pout those beautiful lips and go rock your look!

Kiss - lipstick |

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Single mom's makeup routine |


Much love, Jess XO

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