The Best Mother’s Day Gifts On Amazon

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Hey mamas!

So it’s almost Mother’s Day, and I know it can be a slow day for us, single moms. With no husbands to treat us to breakfast in bed or fresh roses, Mother’s Day usually just means dry pasta crafts and snotty nosed kisses from our kids. So here are some Mother’s day gifts you can treat yourself with (or buy for your own mother, or sister, or BFF, whomever) and turn the day into a much better one!

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts On Amazon 

We all know that Amazon is like the greatest online shop ever, and most of us moms can’t live without it. If you are unaware, then what rock have you been hiding under??? Anyway, so with Amazon being so awesome and filled with so many practical and special items you didn’t even know you needed in your life, let’s dive into some of these super duper awesome gifts!

  • Customizable Wine Glass: Love wine? Why not treat yourself (or your wino mom friend) to a fun stemless wine glass you can customize with your own text to say anything you want! Get to customizing your glass right now by going here!


  • Personalized Canvas Photo Print: Hang a special memory on your wall with a gorgeous canvas print! Have a favorite picture of your kiddos or a special moment? Have it put on canvas so you can always have it on display in your home! The best part is it’s under $20 for a smaller print with free shipping for Prime members! Order your canvas print today!


  • Silicone Scrubbing Gloves: Yes, silicone hand gloves to clean with….I know what you’re thinking. For Mother’s Day? Yes! Here’s why. These pink scrubby gloves will become your new best friends. Perfect for cleaning just about everything, dishes, your countertops, your bathtub, even for removing pet hair! So yeah, these awesome multi-purpose gloves are a game changer! I should know because I just bought myself a pair and I am obsessed! Grab your gloves right now by going right here!

Silicone cleaning gloves - Mother's Day Gifts |

  • Korean Sheet Face Masks Subscription Box: That’s right! Amazon does subscription boxes! If you are at all like me and absolutely love sheet face masks then this is the perfect self-care gift to yourself! Each month you will receive a box full of luxurious Korean sheet masks to help you achieve that glowing skin you’ve always wanted! Sign up now to save 40% on your first box!


  • Wonder Woman Apron: All single moms are superheroes, so why not show that fact off with looking like Wonder Woman! Feel super powered as you cook dinner or bake cookies with your kids in this fun and super affordable gift! Get your Wonder Woman vibes on by grabbing this apron now!


  • Game Of Thrones Inspired Mug: Are you as obsessed with GOT as me? If so then this mug will definitely speak to you! It says “I know where my dragons are, but where is my coffee?” Give this fantastic mug to any mother of dragons in your life! Check it out here!

Mother's day gifts for single moms! |

  • More Fun Quirky Mom Gifts!: If you love graphic tees, mugs, pencils, wall plaques or anything and everything pretty, make sure you check out this page on Amazon now to find the absolute perfect gift for any mama in your life or for yourself!


  •  Devotional For Single Moms: For all the Jesus loving single mamas, here is something to really help you get through each and every difficult day. ‘All Things Beautiful’ is a wonderful book with 31 devotions written by Christan artist Nikki Leonti Edgar. Fill your spirit with messages of hope and faith with this amazing devotional.


  • Stunning “Mother” Necklace:  A beautiful necklace for a beautiful woman? Yes! This stunning “mother” message pave disk necklace comes in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Rose Gold Vermeil and you can also choose the special message that comes with it! With lots of choices to choose from, this necklace is a wonderful gift for any mama! Take a look at this beautiful necklace here.


  • Flowers, Chocolate, & More: Last on this list is, of course, the basic flowers and chocolate, which honestly isn’t a bad gift at all! I would personally love to receive flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day, even if I have to get them for myself! Check out all the beautiful flower arrangements and chocolate options Amazon has to offer by going here!

The best Mother's Day gifts for single moms! |

I hope you have found the perfect options for Mother’s Day gifts and I hope you have the perfect Mother’s Day! Please be sure to give this post a like, comment and share! And if you’re a single mom boss then why not join the tribe? Subscribe to my blog and email list to stay up to date!

Love, JessXO

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  1. Brie

    May 5, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    I’ll have to admit I’m such a sucker for the dry noodle crafts and the things kids make! I just love them! Thanks for the interesting list of gift ideas, it’ll come in handy when buying for all the Mama’s I’ll have to give gifts to! 🙂

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