How To Stay Calm During A Stressful Day Of Single Mom Life + Giveaway

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Hey mamas,

Staying calm when all we want to do is scream at our children is a hard thing to accomplish.  These kids are driving us nuts, we have places to go, chores to be done, bills, piling high and when was the last time we washed our hair? So I have put together a few tips for keeping our cool when we are faced with those not so fun moments.

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How To Stay Calm During A Stressful Day Of Single Mom Life 

Got a kid screeching in your ear like a hangry velociraptor? Is the washing machine beeping at you with a constant reminder that you need to finish your laundry? Did you lose your phone or forget to actually turn the burner on while making dinner?  This is the hectic crazy and super stressful single mom life I’m talking about. These are the days when ways to stay calm and not explode like the volcano from your son’s third-grade science project.  So here are some ways to try and remain calm, cool, and at least somewhat collected.

  • Drink Tea

This may seem pretty basic, but sipping on a cup of hot tea and taking a moment to unwind can make a huge difference. Plus the health benefits of tea are always a nice bonus! Tea contains antioxidants which help protect your body from damage, so sip on some white, black, or green tea for maximum health benefits!

Tea also has caffeine, but less than coffee, so if you’re needing an afternoon boost, try some green tea! Some teas do not contain caffeine and are great for relaxing at bedtime or once the little rascals are in bed.  Try some lavender or chamomile tea to reduce stress and feel more at ease.

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Even just holding a hot cup of sweet-smelling tea will instantly reduce your stress.  Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or before bed, tea can help relax your body from all the chaos. It’s a healthy way to calm your heart rate, reduce the risk of heart attack, anxiety, and digestive issues caused by stress.  Who knew tea was so awesome? Well, now you do!

  • Sound Machine

Yes, you read that correctly. Sound machines are not just for babies! They are great for soothing your irritable newborn to sleep but also perfect for soothing yourself! If you are having trouble getting to sleep after a busy and hectic day, or if you can’t seem to concentrate at work with all the noise, try a sound machine! The comforting noises and rhythm of sounds will help you enter into a calmer state, making it easier to sleep, concentrate or simply relax!

I have the perfect opportunity for you to win a sound machine for yourself! I will be giving away a brand new AuCuTee White Noise Sound Machine! All the details for the giveaway will be at the end of the post!

White noise sound machine |

This amazing white noise sound machine is exactly what you need to calm your mind and drift into a peaceful night’s sleep, or drown out the racket from your noisy kids in the other room! This machine features classic white noise sounds, automatic shut-off timer, and a dual built-in USB charging ports for phones/tablets and other devices. 

I am excited to be gifting one of these fantastic machines to one of you mamas! I have enjoyed using mine to help me concentrate while I’m working in my home office, all the noise from my son, the tv, and all the chaos makes it hard for me to get things accomplished. Having my white noise sound machine on my desk is so helpful when I need to relax and concentrate! I know you will love yours too! 

  • Essential Oils

I’m sure you’ve heard thousands of moms preach the good word about essential oils. They are not wrong! Essential oils are one of the most powerful and natural ways to homeopathy in your life. From skincare to combating a cold, essential oils are amazing! Improve your immune system, increase clarity, concentration, relieve headaches, and so much the with the natural healing power of essential oils!

essential oils |

Lavender essential oil is best for feeling stressed or restless.  It eases tension, stress, improves quality of sleep and also will ease your headache! Sooth away your stress with the calming scent of pure lavender! Diffuse it during the day, put a few drops into a bath, or diluted right into your skin! Natural is always best, no matter what you need!

  • Escapism 

One of my personal favorite ways to unwind is to enjoy some simple escapism. It may not actually solve any of my problems, make my stress go away, or make my son stop yelling, but it keeps me from losing my mind. It helps me to temporarily let go of what’s eating at me, block out the rambunctious noise, and just relax.

Even my therapist agrees that using escapism is a great way to de-stress and give your mind something else to focus on. Studies show that people who use any form of escapism have much lower blood pressure, more cognitive ability, are more creative, and have healthier hearts than those who don’t!

The best ways to enjoy some nice escapism is watching a movie, reading a book, or daydreaming. Yes, daydreaming! It’s not just for little kids or love-struck teens. It’s healthy for your brain and your emotions! Letting your mind wander into a little made up scenario when you just want to “get away” is actually very normal and healthy.

Want to pretend you’re having dinner across from Leo Dicaprio? Or that you’ve just won a million dollars? Imaging your dream hunk riding up to you on a white house on the beach at sunset? Or even that your house is clean, your kids are well behaved and you look like a celebrity mom instead of a mombie? (aka mom zombie) Whatever your fantasy, go ahead and let it bring you a smile and a few moments of sheer bliss! You’ll feel better, I promise!

Now about the giveaway! 

To enter the giveaway to win the AucuTee White Noise Sound Machine, just follow these steps!

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One lucky mama will win and will be contacted by me via Instagram! The deadline to enter is March 15th, 2020.

Good luck!

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Love, JessXO



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  1. Lisa Babs

    February 2, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    I’m now subscribed and following on instagram (@okwhaeva).

    I’ve recently have started using essential oils but I have never tried a white sound machine before. Seems magical.

    1. Jess10

      February 7, 2019 at 6:52 pm

      Awesome! I think you will enjoy using one! Thank you! 🙂

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