Why I Started A Blog.

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Hey mamas!

So, it’s a new year, well at the time of creating this post it is. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, reevaluating, and just overall thinking about my little “career”.  I have made some decisions that I want to share with you my much-appreciated audience, as well as why I started this blog in the first place.  So if you’d like to follow along, let’s get into it.

Why I Started A Blog.

First, if you don’t know me, or my history then you may want to back up a bit and read a few random things about me. Now, moving along….I have always been a writer. I have been writing song lyrics since the age of 13 and creating short stories in my head and on paper since I was at least 5. I even wrote a play when I was 14. So it’s no surprise that blogging is what I’m doing with my life. It took me a long time to find it though. I went through years of random business ideas and other unsuccessful home business ventures.

I kept seeing all these pins on Pinterest about mommy bloggers. At first, I  thought it was just a fun hobby type thing, not something that could be a real career. But after more evidence that it could be, it suddenly dawned on me… “I can do this!” I was unemployed and had nothing at the time.  No clue whatsoever what I was going to do. So the idea struck me at the right time.  I started creating this blog and I instantly knew exactly what I wanted it to be.

My “why”

I wanted to create something for fellow single moms that also work from home or that want to work from home just like me. I remember how lost I was and how alone I felt and I want and still want to bring the right kind of support, tips, advice, fun, and more for all you fabulous mamas.  Bringing you all insights, and support is my number one goal. Finding a way to earn an income from home is goal number two. Of all the businesses I started in the past, marketing and transcription jobs I had, none of them provided a real income, so starting this blog was a big deal.

The potential within it was so exciting, thinking that I would be earning an income for the first time in my adult life, and from doing something I love! It has very slowly, over the last few years begun to happen, but nowhere near what is needed to be a proper functioning adult or family. So, with that being said….something needs to change.

 The goals going forward

So with those goals and my original “why” still intact, I have made some decisions about how I want to go forward with this blog.  I will be slowing down a bit with my post schedule. Trying to keep up with at least one post a week has honestly been exhausting. Being a busy single homeschooling mom, takes a lot out of me in general, so making the time to find and create content on a weekly schedule for not only this blog, blogs I contribute on,  and also my social media platforms has me pulling my hair out.

Betty Boop - Stressed | neveralonemom.com

Since none of it provides enough financially to be worth all the stress, I will be slowing down to focus more on homeschooling my son, being a mom and taking care of my mental health.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m pulling a disappearing act. I just won’t be publishing blog posts every week. I am going to shoot for 1 or 2 posts a month. I will still be posting daily on my Instagram which is a full-time job in itself haha…so I would love to connect with you there and continue building our boss mom to boss mom relationship. You can find all of my social media links to the right ->

Other goals for 2019 and onward

Other goals that I will be embarking on this year include something new for the blog for all of you! I will soon be adding an affiliate and resources shop right here on the blog to help you mamas navigate all the products I have mentioned in past blog posts as well as ones I will be sharing about in the future. All of the affiliate links that I genuinely love to share will also be there for you to browse all the latest sales, deals, and new things that I know you will love too!

With some of the spare time, I will hopefully have I plan on finally finishing my book! As a true writer at heart one of my dreams is to write a book, and if you don’t already know I have been working on a semi-autobiographical semi-fictional novel for the last 5 years. I am ready to hunker down and finally finish it. I’m tired of random pages of it just sitting in a file on my computer just waiting to be completed and properly assembled. So, pretty soon you may be seeing my name on a book in a local book store near you!

In closing 

Why does that remind me of a pastor nearing the end of a lengthy sermon? Anyway….to wrap things up mamas, I just wanted to let you in on what’s up. I want you to know that I am still here and am not abandoning you, I just need to spend less time on things that are not getting me anywhere in life.  I am still dedicated to bringing you fabulous content to help you with this difficult single mom life journey. So please, stick with me, open my emails, follow me on Insta, and send love to your girl.

Why having a blog is great, and why I started blogging. | neveralonemom.com

I am looking forward to new adventures, and hopefully good things for this year. I wish the same for all of you and can’t wait to connect with you further and share some life moments with you! I appreciate every one of you for following along with me so far, thank you so much for any support you have shown!

If you are not following me, then what are you doing with your life!? JK. Go smash that subscription box, hit it up with your info and join the squad!  – Wow…that was a lot of millennial speech in one sentence….

Please do share, comment, and subscribe! Thank you for making it through this post, and catch ya’ll next time!

Much love, Jess XO



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