Importance Of Fitness In The Life Of A Single Mom

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Hey mamas,

So I want to chat about fitness today. As well as the importance of being comfortable and motivated to exercise. I know, it’s one of the things most of us hate, but we all know how good it is for us to exercise and practice self care. Especially for us single mamas who need to feel our best. So, let’s get into some tips and ideas!

Importance Of Fitness In The Life Of A Single Mom

I probably don’t need to tell you that getting up and getting at least 30 minutes of some type of exercise a day is super important. It keeps us healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally as well! Who doesn’t need all those things? Am I right!? I know for most, especially us single moms, the lack of time, energy and finances can make incorporating fitness into our lives almost impossible.  But with these tips, it will help to make it possible!


Time & Energy 

So when it comes to finding the time and energy to work out, look no further than YouTube and clean eating! It’s proven that eating your daily amount of fruits, veggies, and greens helps boost energy, as well as tons of other health benefits. Especially if you eat or drink some healthy goodness right before you exercise. Avoid all the energy drinks, sugar, and empty calories. Your body doesn’t need them.  Instead, whip up a green smoothie, or eat a protein bar that also contains real food nutrition.  This natural boost of clean food energy will help you start moving!

If time is your biggest struggle, then do what is most convenient and what will fit in best with your already busy lifestyle.  No gym memberships, no expensive programs to join, no need to run out and buy equipment, just open up YouTube if you have an extra few minutes to yourself or early in the morning before the kids get up. Whenever you have a few minutes, just find an easy, fun workout video and boom!  I highly recommend Tone It Up. They have awesome workout videos for all levels of fitness and the time you have to spend!

Clothing & Comfort

Another tip that I really love is to motivate yourself to exercise by purchasing and wearing workout wear and athleisure wear. The idea is if you have something cute to wear, it will help motivate you. We are girls after all! One of my favorite brands, Adidas has some of the best athleisure wear and comfy clothes that are perfect for your workout, or to wear out and about! You can always count on brands like Adidas to have the comfiest active wear! When I was growing up, most of my clothes wear hand-me-downs from my sports-obsessed cousin. She was always in athletic clothes and when she gave me an old pair of Adidas pants I was SO excited! It was the first item of clothing I ever had that was from a real brand! I felt so cool!Adidas pants |

 Adidas pants |


I still feel that way when I wear their clothes or anything from brands that I love. Since I can’t buy higher end brand clothes for myself I feel proud to still own those pants! The crazy thing is, many years and a kid later, they still fit and feel as comfy as ever! They have always been a favorite of mine and I would live in them if I could!  Invest in yourself and find new items of clothing that will make you feel as cool as I felt when I got those pants when I was 14! So check out the great activewear line over at Adidas and motivate yourself with something new!

Adidas active wear |


Accountability is a word people don’t like much. But it’s important. Without it, we tend to slack off, give up, and just quit. So if you want to get started on a new fitness journey, or simply help keep yourself on track with what you’re already doing, then find someone to keep you accountable. Whether it be asking a girlfriend to be your workout buddy, using an app that keeps you motivated and tracks your progress, or even just asking someone to text you or set a reminder on your phone about your workout or exercise for the day. This way you won’t find it so easy to let it slide and not move around a little every day.  You gotta keep going mama!

Get Up & Dance

If you’re not really into fitness or doing regular workouts is too much for you, the best things to do to get in a little exercise,reduce stress, and get your blood and endorphins flowing is to just get up and dance! If you’re alone, turn up your favorite tunes and dance the way you used to as a kid, sing into your hairbrush and bust out those cheesy dance moves! Forget your age, no one is watching! Just have fun and enjoy a solo dance party in your living room! Or, you could get the kiddos involved and dance together! How fun would that be!? When you are stressed, anxious, upset, or having a bad day, turn on some music and move your body. Shake it off and party like it’s 1999.

Importance of fitness for single moms |

Whatever your goals, fitness level or time, you can find a way to bring fitness into your life. Even if it’s only doing squats while you’re cooking dinner or dancing while you vacuum.

Mrs. Doubtfire |

Being active is important, it keeps you going, and the stronger you are, the better you can handle whatever this crazy single mama life throws at you.  So get up, move, dance, play, live.

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Much love, JessXO

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