The Best Quotes About Single Motherhood

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Hey hey mamas!

So this post is all about the best quotes that us single moms will love. All the motivating, relatable, true, and even hard to admit quotes about all the ups and downs of what is single motherhood. Continue on to read these fantastic quotes!

The Best Quotes About Single Motherhood

This first quote is one that I have always found super hard-hitting. It’s close to home and I have shared it many times on many platforms. It’s beautiful,  and shows the strength we must possess to do this thing called single parenting.

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This one is more on the simpler side, but it makes me smile and fills me with pride. I hope it makes you proud to be a single mama too!

” I didn’t set out to be a single mom, I set out to be the best mom I can be, and that hasn’t changed.” – Unknown


This quote is one you pull out when you’re in a defensive mood. When all those single mom shammers or clueless family members try to make you feel weak, incapable or pity you. I have also used this quote quite often, because honestly, as a single mom I feel like I am constantly on the defense! What about you?

” Don’t pity me because I’m a single mom. Respect me for having the courage to do it alone, the strength to never give up and the love to always put my child’s needs above my own.” – 

Never let anyone put you down or make you feel less of a woman for being a single mom. There is too much stigma and too many stereotypes. Unfortunately, our way of living and raising children is still frowned upon by many, even in this day and age. But hold your head high, and don’t worry. You are doing the best you can and remember, being a single mom is never wrong.

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This next quote is one that I really like. Sometimes, we may struggle to make it all work, keep our sanity, make ends meet, and navigate how to raise children without a father, but let’s not have that be what defines us. We are stronger than we seem and much more than just full-time moms without much else in our lives. We are fierce, beautiful, independent, smart, and stronger than most. We got this.

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Lastly, when someone asks, respond with “I’m a single mom, what’s your superpower?”  (it doesn’t matter what you are asked, that’s the correct way to respond! 😉 )

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Much Love, JessXO

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