The Best Dating Sites For Single Moms

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Hey sexy mama!

So let’s chat about dating for a sec, ok? Single moms get shamed, criticized, or even stereotyped as always being after a new “baby daddy.” People tend to think that we are unhappy being alone and are desperate to find a man to help us take care of our kids. But this is just a myth, and far from the truth. In fact, most of us are quite content living the single life and are not desperate for some guy to come along.

That being said, there are those among us that would like to find the right kind of man, or at least date just for fun.  So if you are one of those, who find yourself lonely, and hoping for a new relationship, or a fun night out, then keep reading for a list of the best dating sites for gals like you!

The Best Dating Sites For Single Moms

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered. Whether you are wanting to pay for something that feels more serious and real, or you just want something free, easy, and fun, it’s all listed here. Let’s get started with the first option, shall we?

Paid Sites.

This site is a higher quality site with a paid option that may be worth it if you are serious about finding a man that you know is already cool with dating a single mom and is likely a single dad himself.  This site is easy to use and is a great choice if you want to get started with online dating.


Similar to the site mentioned above, single parent love, is a great site created specifically for single parents so you are likely to find a single dad looking for a hot mama just like you! If you are open to dating a guy with kids, then this is a fantastic option. Check it out!


I’m sure you have heard of this classic dating site. It is one of the top dating sites in the world. It is a bit on the pricier side, but if you are very serious about finding a partner and not wanting to play around with all the less serious dating sites out here and mess with the riff-raff, then I recommend going with a site like this.  You will probably have better success finding the man of your dreams on a site like eHarmony.

True Pheromones


Now, this site is a sleek and fun approach to higher-quality dating sites.  Weed through the low-life dudes just wanting to get laid or that are not looking for a serious relationship. Elite Singles is a pretty cool site that gives you some good options for what you are looking for. I recommend it if you are bored by other sites!


Now this one may be a bit shocking, but hey, we do have needs! So for you foxy mamas who crave something a little more…right now? Then you can search for the right partner for that special night when the kids are at grandma’s and mama needs some attention.  Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, it’s not wrong to admit that you need some lovein’. Sign up for a free account here. Messaging does cost money I believe. 😉

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Free Sites.

This site is free, so if you’re not in a position to pay for a dating site, then this is the perfect option.  Much like the other single parent-specific sites, it caters to single parents looking for other single parents, or even just people who don’t mind kids. So this is perfect for us single mamas who dread the whole “I have kids” part of the getting to know you conversation.


This site is quite popular with younger folks, aka millennials.  But older peeps use it some too. It’s not exactly known for its “high quality” members, but I’ve heard of a few success stories that make it worth it to create a profile and just see what happens.  Being that it’s free and a popular site, you never know!

3. Hinge (App)

Hinge is a great app that really has seemed to master both worlds. It has a serious dating vibe but still contains all the fun and ease of more of a hook-up app. I personally used Hinge for quite a while in my single days and I actually really loved it! It’s in my opinion the best free dating app in the game.


Last but not least, I am throwing Tinder into the mix. For those of you looking for fun, or more low-key and less serious dates, Tinder is great. There’s no real commitment, and it doesn’t take much time or much thought. Simply swiping through pictures of guys, and hitting “like” on the ones that pique your interest.

If they like you back, then you can start up a conversation! So if commitment or marriage isn’t exactly on your mind right now, then there’s no harm in putting yourself out there on Tinder. It’s fun,  free, and has both an app and a web version at your convenience. Doesn’t get better than that!

If you are unsure about dating as a single mom, or just not sure how you would even balance it, then don’t worry. I’ve got you covered on all those topics! I’ve got your back girl, so if you’re thinking about getting back out there, go for it! Or, if you are happy being single and not interested in dating, then more power to you mama!

Wherever you are, I am here to offer you tips, advice, and support. Share this post and feel free to leave me a comment! Subscribe for more single mom content, plus so much more and to receive some freebies! 

Much Love, JessXO

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