Celebrity Single Moms Who Are Killing It

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Hey sexy mamas!

Do you ever look at the life of Celebs and wonder “how do they do it?” Of course, you do, who doesn’t!? Well, their lives are not as perfect as they seem on the outside to us.  They all have struggles and areas of their lives, no matter how glamorous that us regular folk can relate to. Some of these fabulous celebs are single moms, just like you and me.  Let’s take a look at how some of these mamas are currently slaying life.


Celebrity Single Moms Who Are Killing It


1. Angelina Jolie   
Angelina Jolie | neveralonemom.com
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Of course she’s the first on this list, right? No surprise there.  After her split from Brad Pitt, she has been focusing on her children and doing a pretty bangin’ job at it! This mama is fierce, she’s independent and strong.  She’s doing pretty well with taking the time needed to be there for her kids and navigate her new life as a single mom. All the best Angie!


2. Halle Berry 

Now, this is one hot mama! Doing her best to stay relevant in Hollywood while raising two kiddos, Halle Berry is crushing it at the “hot mom” game! Her days as “Storm” may be over. But her adventures as a single mom are only just beginning!

Storm - X-Men | neveralonemom.com

3. Connie Britton

The former “Nashville” star has been busy raising her son all on her own for many years now. And I think she’s done a pretty amazing job! Deciding to adopt and raise a child without a husband is a huge decision, and she made that decision seem easy when she adopted Eyob from Ethiopia in 2011.  Way to go mama!

Connie Britton | neveralonemom.com


5 Celebrity single moms who are killing it | neveralonemom.com

4. Denise Richards

After her divorce from Charlie Sheen in 2006, Denise Richards has been raising their two daughters while continuing to juggle a career. Then in 2011, she adopted a baby girl to complete her little all female family. Currently ready for her “comeback” she is set to star in season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Fantastic job so far!

Denise Richards | neveralonemom.com

5. Kate Gosselin  

Kate Gosselin | neveralonemom.com

Now Kate has got to be my personal favorite celeb mom. I have been following her and her family since day one.  I relate to her on so many levels, she reminds me a lot of myself and I just love continuing to watch her handle her 8 children all on her own on her TLC show Kate + 8.  No idea how she handles all the stress,  but she’s got what it takes to be a kick-a$$ single mama, no baby daddy needed! She’s doing a wonderful job raising all those kids on her own and she deserves way more credit than she receives in the media.  Much love to you girl!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel a little bit more proud to be a single mom! Share this post if you’d be so kind, and don’t forget to subscribe for more posts on single motherhood and to get some freebies! 

Love, JessXO


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