The 3 Major Causes Of Hearing Problems In Kids

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Hey there mamas,

So as moms we have a lot to worry about with our kids, and worrying about them developing hearing problems is one of those things. But how do kids develop hearing problems? Let’s go over the 3 major causes.


The 3 Major Causes Of Hearing Problems In Kids

Hearing loss is a health problem that we usually associate with older people but anybody is at risk. Obviously, when you get older, you’re at a higher risk of your hearing degenerating over time but that’s only one way that you can lose your hearing. There are all sorts of health problems in children that parents are concerned about but they often forget about hearing problems.

If they start to develop symptoms and you don’t do anything about it, they could end up with long-term damage that will seriously affect them for the rest of their lives. The good news is, most of the hearing problems in children are temporary and can be reversed with fairly simple treatments. That said, you still need to know how to recognize the symptoms and how to prevent some of the common causes. These are the major reasons for hearing loss in children and what you can do about them.


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Loud Noises

It should come as no surprise that loud noises can damage your hearing if you’re exposed to them too often. In day to day life, children aren’t going to be exposed to noises loud enough to damage their hearing but there are some cases when they will be. When they’re using headphones, always make sure that you’re checking how loud they have the volume turned up.

If they’re listening to music full blast over a long period, they may end up with long-term damage. Things like concerts are always a danger as well. It’s great to take your kids out to see concerts but if you are going to, you need to provide some kind of ear protection for them. Their ears are more vulnerable while they’re young and if you don’t take steps to protect them from loud noises, they can easily develop hearing problems.



A big build up of wax that causes problems with hearing is a fairly common problem amongst children. The good news is if you take them to the doctor they can sort it fairly easily. They’ll usually syringe the ears out and clear that blockage.

Make sure that you go to the doctor if they start having trouble with their ears, don’t try to sort it yourself because you don’t know what the problem is. People often try to clear the blockage themselves with cotton wool buds but that’s the worst thing to do. They don’t clear the wax, they actually push it further down and make the problem worse.

Causes of hearing damage in kids and how to prevent against it |


Children are prone to all sorts of infections and viruses that cause so many different health problems. Otitis media is a common ear infection that occurs when the tubes in the ear aren’t fully formed and fluid builds up easily.

That build-up of fluid can quickly turn to infection. You’ll know if your child has an ear infection because they’ll experience severe pain as well as trouble hearing properly. Get them down to the doctor and they give you some antibiotics and ear drops to help clear it up.


Watch out for these signs of hearing problems and get them sorted right away before they cause any long-term damage.  We gotta keep our kids healthy as best we can, so remember these and be sure to share this post!

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