Why Every Mom Needs KidBox

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Hey there mamas!

So as busy moms, finding time to shop and having the money to buy clothes for our kids can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s stressful, time-consuming and clothing is just so expensive these days! There has got to be a better way to keep our kids clothed and stylish.

Well, guess what? There is! Read all about it below in this guest post from the fabulous Janice Turner!

Why Every Mom Needs KidBox

Deciding which children’s subscription box is ideal for you is not an easy decision to make when it comes to choosing a box that delivers kids’ clothing. Especially if you have a kid that loves to whine a lot or one that wants to be fashionable from that early age.

KIDBOX is a kids’ subscription box that you will receive five times a year and contains six to eight clothing items so that your kid will have quality and comfortable clothes for all seasons. You can get the KIDBOX, no matter what age your kid is since it offers boxes for newborn babies to 14-year-old teens.

You and your kid also get to decide not only the size of the clothes but also the style preference for the clothes in the box, since when you first sign up, your kid will have to take a short quiz (3 minutes) which will then help the stylist to decide what to send to them.

Below we have listed some of the features of KIDBOX that make it the best children’s subscription box you could ever purchase.


  • You get a coupon when you first sign up


If you decide to get a KIDBOX for your kid, you will get an e $10 coupon when you first sign up for their newsletter, which you can use later when you start purchasing the box.  

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  • Your child gets to wear fashionable and quality clothes


Nowadays it is hard to find quality clothes that are both affordable and pretty. However, all the clothes in a KIDBOX are not only very qualitative and comfortable for your kid, but also very fashionable and affordable.

So if you have a kid that is into fashion from an early age, they will be super happy about it. Your child will look cool and pretty in every season of the year, and you will not have to worry about having to spend a huge amount of money on children’s clothes (which they will wear in short periods since they grow up so fast).


  • You donate without having to pay more


KIDBOX has a goal to accomplish, which is to help clothe a million less fortunate children, who are unable to afford quality clothes. For every box that you get, a child living in extreme poverty is clothed, which means you donate to these angels without the need to pay extra from your pocket.

KIDBOX works together with a non-profit organization called Delivering Good, together with which they have succeeded to clothe 25 thousand children per year so far.

KIDBOX | neveralonemom.com


  • You can send back stuff you don’t want to keep


If you do not like any of the clothes in the box after you receive them, or if they are not the right size for your kid, you can send them back without having to pay. The process is quick and simple. You will just have to go to the login section and click the “Review Box”. There you shall select the items you are returning.

Then, fold the items and pack them in a box. Do not forget to affix the pre-paid label in it. Drop the box at the nearest UPS office, and pay nothing since the service is free.

If there is an item that you like, but the size is not right, you can exchange it. You should just go here and click the “Review Box”. Then there select the items you wish to exchange. Pack the items in a box and affix the pre-paid label. Drop the box at the nearest UPS and wait to get the box with the same clothes of the right size within just a few days.

Remember that if you wish to send back or exchange some of the stuff, you have only seven days to do that before your payment is finalized.


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  • You don’t have to pay for shipping


When you purchase the box, you will only have to pay for the items in it and not for the shipping to your house. In case you wish to send back some of the clothes, or everything in the box, you will still not need to pay anything.


And if you are just exchanging one of the clothes, or all of them, you will get them back without having to pay the shipping once again. This makes it super easy for parents not to think twice if it is worth sending a cloth back or not because of the shipping costs.


  • Your child can play with the box later


The box in which the clothes are packed in is white with minimalist drawings. Your child can use it to color and play with it. It is big enough for your baby or toddler to sit inside of it and have a little fun after trying and enjoying their new pretty clothes.

KIDBOX sounds like the perfect option for us busy and broke single mamas! For more tips on how to be a cool mom on a budget, make sure to subscribe!

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