How To Create The Perfect Summer Outdoor Space

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Hey there mamas!

Summertime is upon us!

So since we are spending more time outdoors this time of year, having the perfect outdoor space is a must-have. Whether you have a big yard, no yard, a patio, front deck, whatever you have, making the outdoor space you have beautiful, cozy, and comfy is important.  Follow these tips to make it perfect!

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How To Create The Perfect Summer Outdoor Space 


Tip #1: Seating

Having the right type of outdoor seating is your first step to creating the perfect space. If you don’t already have an outdoor patio set with a table and chairs, consider investing in one if you have a big enough space for it. You could also buy or DIY an outdoor bench for seating. Even cute, comfy lawn chairs would work!

Just make sure it is comfortable to sit in and won’t make you long to go back inside to lounge on the couch! Also making sure it will go with the other decor and accessories in your outdoor space too! Create your “vibe!”

Patio seating |

 Patio seating |

This is our little patio set up at the moment, this glider is at least 40 years old and has been outside for the same amount of time. It was pretty worn, so we cleaned it, repainted it, and added some cushions and pillows! We made it like new and now we sit in it all the time!

Tip #2: Lighting

Some people may say, “light outside? Why would you need light outside??” Well, we know the answer to that, don’t we? Having mood lighting for evening and nighttime outdoor events can make or break your time spent outside.  Even if all you have is a small porch or patio, adding some string lights will make your space look magical!

Solar yard and walkway lights are also a great idea! Light up your outdoor area the best way you can! Oh, and what about a fire pit? It’s perfect for summer get-togethers, and duh, s’mores! Pull up some chairs or stools around a fire pit, add some lights, a citronella candle to keep away those pesky mosquitos, and BOOM! Perfect summer night!


Tip #3: Plants & Flowers

Do you already have a few potted plants, trees, bushes, and flowers in and around your yard/patio? Why not add more?! Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by having your favorite flowers, greenery, small trees, or even a little garden in your most used outdoor space!

Create a whole new feeling by using tropical plants and trees to make your backyard feel like a tropical oasis, or finally start that herb garden you’ve been meaning to grow for the last 4 years.  Add some green and bright colors everywhere you look, it will make you happier, I promise!

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser

If live greenery is not quite your thing, you may want to consider faux! You can find all kinds of beautiful plants, trees and flowers that are high quality, most people will probably never even think they are not real! My friends over at Museum Trees have amazing products that you should definitely check out!

I recently received a gorgeous faux Areca Palm tree from their outdoor tree collection and I am in love with it! With their fabulous faux trees, you don’t have to worry about watering or anything else you have to worry about with live plants! I love the products from Museum Trees, they are high quality, beautiful and add so much personality to any space!

Areca palm tree from Museum trees |

If you’d like to try one for yourself, use the code “BLOGGER10” FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!!! 

Tip #4: Decor & More 

Add a finishing touch to your space with some outdoor decor like throw pillows for the chairs, a sign, an outdoor area rug and other types of outdoor furniture and decor items that you have room for and can find within budget.  Have fun with picking out small items, doing some DIY’s, and designing your space! Search for new outdoor decor ideas to spark your creativity!

tips on how to create the perfect outdoor space! |

Are you ready to create a new area to spend time in this summer? Share this post if you enjoyed it, and leave me a comment with your favorite way to spend time outside! For decor and DIY ideas for inside your home, click here!

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Much love, JessXO

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