How To Keep Your Home Business Running When You’re Ill

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Hey sexy mamas!

In the continuation of my mompreneur series, I want to talk about a real issue that happens. Getting sick. As a hard-working mom with littles running around, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you will get sick and not feel like doing anything. Especially not keep up with the tasks of your home business. So to help you out when you are feeling your worst, here are some tips!

How To Keep Your Home Business Running When You’re Ill

As a mompreneur, what you get up to can equate to taking on the world. You have a lot of responsibilities in all walks of your life to keep up with, and whilst you wouldn’t trade the position you’re in for the world, the strain can catch up to you. And that’s when you become ill, or the chronic illness you already suffer from gets worse; it’s something you shouldn’t have to expect in your life, but it is something you can prepare for!


So if you feel like you’re on your way to developing some sniffles, or you’re going to need a couple of days in bed to make sure you’re taking care of yourself properly, here’s a couple of tips to make sure that business you worked so hard for will stay up and running.


If your desk looks like this, it’s time to take a break! 

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Know If Your Symptoms are Serious First

If you don’t, you might be scheduling some unforeseen time away, and then you’ve got to rush to make sure there’s someone to step in to take your place for a while. Not to mention, you’ve got to make sure everything is set up to run as normal until you can sit at your computer again: fulfilling orders, handling customer complaints, replying to emails, creating graphics etc. Schedule an appointment with your doctor, even if you just suspect you have a cold; it’s a smart move that’s going to look out for your future. 


Take the Time That You Need

Even if you’ve already stocked up on some of your diabetes supplies (if that is a health concern you are struggling with ) know you can try to power through whilst you recover! You need to take some time to rest and heal up properly, and make sure you can return to your desk (or couch!) in the best state possible. After all, it’s no good working on half-cylinders, where you can more easily make mistakes and leave off a lot of your tasks until tomorrow because you can’t face them.

Being a single mom makes all this even harder, so now would be the time to call your mom and have her take the kids or your BFF. Make sure that if you don’t have the energy to mom, that someone you trust can help out!

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Have an Email Ready to Go

Send it out to all your clients/email lists if you know your sickness is going to halt the work you can do for them. Whether you’re offering a product or a service, informing the people who give you money to help them out needs to be the first step in your recovery process.

Your business is far less likely to be impacted negatively this way, as everyone is aware of your actual situation and have your sincerest apologies on their side. Offer refunds if need be, but rarely any customer will feel the need to use this option because they’re informed.

Getting Back To Health

Over the counter meds can help, but they are not the best way to handle your illness. Unless you have a severe or chronic condition, homeopathic and all-natural remedies are the way to go.  Find the best homeopathic remedies for you and feel better soon!

If you feel like you need to see a doctor but making time for a doctor’s visit just seems too much, not to worry! There are ways you can check your health and test for any concerns without even leaving home! Don’t you just love the modern world sometimes?

Now that you’re in a better position to keep your business on the up and up, and you’ve given yourself plenty of time to get the kids home from school and the dinner all cooked as a result, ( or sent them off to grandmas)  you have the time to get the rest you need. You’re still a human being when you’re a boss, and you need to treat yourself like one! #mombosslife 😉

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Keep your home business running when you're sick. |

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