Simple DIY’s And Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

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Hey, hey, hey, mamas!

I love home decor and I love DIYs, shopping for new items and finding fun projects to do around the house are things that I live for. I’m sure you dig those things too! So I decided to put together some of my favorite super simple DIY’s and little decor touches I’ve done lately and give you fabulous new ideas! Read on to see them all!

Simple DIY’s And Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

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So, first things first.  I adore anything that can easily be placed on a table or desk and won’t take up too much room.  I find little things like candles, tiny bowls, ornaments, and small office supplies are probably my favorite things to stick around anywhere I can. But things can also get a bit cluttered, so minimizing the tiny things and de-cluttering my spaces has been a mini project as of late.

I’m now beginning to find the bigger items more appealing and liking the clean spaces between them.  My first decor idea is to remind you of the importance of choosing a “theme” for your space.  Whether you want a boho chic style, or a super modern and sleek vibe, whatever your personal style is, go with that.

Add your personal items with gifts you’ve received or something vintage you found at a thrift store or yard sale. Just don’t go too far out of your theme. Try to keep a color palette and style going throughout the space.  It’s easy to let clutter and random odds and ends take over every surface of the house. Keeping things tidy and clean will help with the overall aesthetic and theme.

Keeping the kid’s junk and fingerprints off of things will be a challenge for sure, but what better motivation to keep up with house chores than some pretty new decor items? Let’s dive into some simple and classic ideas.

Colors And Themes

For my new table in my office, I decided to keep things classic.  I finally got my favorite photograph of my late grandmother framed and went with that as the theme and colors for this little table.  A vintage candleholder, plant and a book worked well. So remember, you don’t have to have anything fancy or even exciting on display, just a clean, simple display of everyday items is perfect.

Home Decor |

Plant Power

I am kind of obsessed with plants and flowers at the moment.  It’s currently spring and all the green plants and bright colored flowers make me happy and bring some much needed outdoor joy indoors. So never underestimate the power of bringing in a potted plant or bouquet of flowers into a room to really brighten things up!

If live plants and flowers are not your things, then that’s fine! You can totally go faux! No need to remember to water them or keep them in or out of the sun. The best part is, you can find faux plants and flowers that look completely real! No one would ever know!

I received some gorgeous silk flowers from the good folks at CSI Wall Panels and I love them! They are made from high-quality silk and have a touch of sparkle in them which is so pretty! I put them in a tall vase with fake grass and some rocks at the bottom and it looks great!

Silk Flowers | Vase decor |

Check out the awesome products over at CSI Wall Panels and maybe find something you love!

If you’d like your own beautiful silk plant or flower arrangement, please do give Silk Plants Direct a look!

Silk Flowers from Silk Plants Direct |

Something else I did was make my own DIY succulent display! I really enjoyed putting it together and it was so easy and didn’t cost very much money!

I got a small plant bowel and supplies from The Dollar Store, you can choose plastic or glass for the bowl. I  picked up some colored sand, white rocks and used the leftover fake grass from my silk flowers and then all I needed was the succulents!

These faux succulents are small, affordable and look real! I simply just stuck them in the bowel, arranged everything the way I liked it and voila! I am so impressed with myself haha!

Succulents home decor |

Such a simple little way to have a trendy and cute pop of nature inside without worrying about real plants!

Here is a closeup of my little succulent bowel – Succulents |

DIY and home decor ideas to freshen things up! |

Picture Frame Earring Holder

One of my proudest DIY projects was when I made an earring holder from an old picture frame. It was easier then I anticipated and turned out exactly as I imagined!

All you need is a picture frame, preferably made out of wood and with the back and glass taken off so you’re left with just the frame itself.

Then you will need some mesh wire. Cut the mesh to the correct size, and then staple it to the back of your frame. BOOM. Now you have the cutest earring holder! You can hang it on your wall or set it on your vanity!

DIY earring holder |

Wall Hanger

Need an extra space for jackets, scarves, and backpacks? Well here is the simplest and cheapest option!


I found a small metal wall hanger at The Dollar Store, it came with screws so all I had to do was put it up on the wall and that’s it! For only $1 you can have a new place to hang up things in your kid’s room or entryway! My son hangs up his hats and other accessories on his! Great right?

Wall Hooks |

Something Special

Speaking of the kids, why not add a touch of something special and personal to them in the home? I don’t mean their drawings hanging on the fridge or something else they made sitting out somewhere. I mean something truly special.

My friends over at Modern Map Art create these amazing custom constellation star maps for any occasion! Simply put in the date of your child’s birth or any other date along with some other info including the title you want for your custom print, and they will make you your own print!

I chose my son’s birthday and titled it The Night You Came to show the night sky on the night he arrived into the world! It’s a sweet little idea and you can have your print framed, or have it printed on canvas, there are lots of options!

I couldn’t find the right size frame so my son just has his hanging on his wall in his room, but here is what it looks like!

Modern Map Art |

To order your own custom star map just click here!


Additional Ideas

Freshen things up with pillows, throws, and pops of color! Living room need some TLC? Pick up some new throw pillows or a fuzzy throw blanket for the couch to give it that homey look. A little extra touch can go a long way with comfort and style.

Throw pillows |

Motivate yourself with a new picture with a motivational or inspirational quote. Looking at it every day will bring a smile to your face and a pep to your step. I have a picture above my computer that says “Dream big, sparkle more, shine bright.” It’s one of my favorite things in my office!

Home decor |

For bedroom ideas for the kids, be sure to check out my whole post on just that! You and the kids will love the organization and fun room decor ideas just for them! Read the post here!

Thank you for sticking around and reading this rather lengthy post! I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and they have sparked your creativity! Share this post with your friends and make sure to subscribe to keep up with me and all my posts!

Much love and light, JessXO


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