What To Get Your Friend Who Has Everything

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Hey there mamas,

So,  you know when it’s your friends birthday, and you can’t think of anything to get them? Yeah, this happens to me a lot. I always struggle to find the right gift for my friend, the one who has everything and get stumped for ideas. Well no more! Read on for some great gift ideas!

What To Get Your Friend Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend who seems to have everything that she has always wanted. Whether she has always been thoroughly spoiled by her generous parents or she has been very successful and a high earner in adulthood, it might seem like she doesn’t want for anything.

And that can make buying a brilliant gift for her birthday or Christmas very difficult. After all, what are you meant to get somebody who has everything?!

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Thankfully, you don’t have to be stuck trying to think of a neat present for too long. Even though you might think that it’s impossible to buy your friend something that she has never had before, I’m sure there are a few ideas you could use. Take these ones, for instance.


Concert Tickets

I’m sure that your friend will have a couple of bands and singer-songwriters on her bucket list to see live. If you know that one of these artists is going to be in town in a few months’ time, why not buy her some concert tickets so that she can finally see them in the flesh! She will have the time of her life at the gig and will be forever grateful for you taking her to see her favorite band or singer.

Concert tickets can be pretty expensive, so this might be the type of gift you save up for overtime while you wait until tickets are available for purchase. So keep an eye out for her favorite group’s tour announcements so you have plenty of time!


A Friendship Book

There is nothing that beats a personalized gift. If you enjoy being crafty, then I am sure you will find it easy to make a present that can be easily personalized with your friend’s name or a special message to her on her big day. Otherwise, why not make a friendship book?

These are super easy to make as they are basically just scrapbooks filled with lots of memories and items that are personal to you. For instance, you can fill it with photos, notes to each other, and any tickets to events or concerts that you have both enjoyed together. I made one for my longtime childhood friend and it was a big hit. She loved it and I loved making it! She even made a copy so I could have it too! 

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A Monthly Flower Subscription

Everyone loves fresh flowers, and they are one of the quickest and easiest ways to show someone just how much you care! But why just buy one bouquet of flowers when you can now sign your friend up for a monthly subscription at a very reasonable price?

Companies like Bloom & Wild now offer this great service. You just pick the type of flowers that your friend will love, buy the subscription, and she can expect a fresh bouquet delivered to her home every month.


An Experience Day

Experience days are hugely popular now as well, and there is a large variety to choose from. If your friend loves fast cars, you could take her to a race track so that she can whizz around just like Michael Schumacher!

Alternatively, you might want to treat her to a hot air balloon trip or an indulgent spa day. It’s worth checking out a few different firms that offer experience days as there are so many different ones to choose from! This would likely be another save up gift ideas as these experiences are not exactly affordable for us single moms! But it will be worth it to see our friend happy, right? 


So, what will you treat your friend who has it all to on her birthday or at Christmas? Hopefully, these ideas have helped you decide! If you need more gift ideas, check out my other post on finding the perfect gift!

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