Best Tips For A Perfect Mother’s Day As A Single Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

It’s that time of year again when mom’s around the world are celebrated and (hopefully) feel the love and appreciation.  As strong, hardworking, selfless, and amazing as we are, sometimes being a single mom makes the holiday a little lackluster.  So on this Mother’s Day, let’s not forget how awesome we are and how much we deserve a special day of our own!

Best Tips For A Perfect Mother’s Day As A Single Mom 

I know that Mother’s Day isn’t every mom’s favorite holiday. When you’re single, busy, and just trying to keep your head above water, it doesn’t seem super important to celebrate yourself…by yourself. Some kids, usually if they are old enough or coached by someone else, will do something special for their moms, like making her coffee for her or putting together a nice breakfast. Some kids if they attend school will make crafts and such to bring home for their moms.

But not every mom is so lucky to have thoughtful kids or someone around to remind your kids to do or make something. Sometimes, you get zilch. Feeling lucky to even get a “Happy Mother’s Day mom.” from the kids. With no husband to buy you flowers or bring you breakfast in bed, if they even actually do those things….do they? Or is that just in the movies?

Well, anyway….with no one else to show their love you can feel a little unappreciated and blah. So I have found these tips to really help you to feel fantastic, no matter what your kids do or don’t do for you on Mother’s Day.

Give Yourself “me time” And Practice Self Care

I have written posts before on how to stay sane as a single mom and the importance of self care. There is no better time for this than on Mother’s Day. Make sure you find a way to be alone and enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet.  Give yourself a mani-pedi, a face mask or just take a nap! Whatever you do, just relax and let all your worries and stress melt away as you take in the quiet!

I also highly recommend watching a light-hearted fun film to raise your spirit!  On this occasion, the movie Mother’s Day is a perfect choice! This Garry Marshall directed film is full of heart, hilarity and the real struggles different families face surrounding the day of mom.  It is one of my favorite comedies and you need to give it a watch!

Spend Quality Time With Your Kiddos

Ok now I know I just said to spend time by yourself, but that doesn’t need to last all day! Make sure to squeeze in some time to bond with your kids and have some fun with them on this special day.  Go out to dinner together, play a board game, bake some cookies.  Get some good quality time in at some point with your kids, it is Mother’s Day, after all, so go be mom!

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No Guilt Or Shame

Another topic I like to bring up a lot on my blog is to quit feeling guilt as a single mom and feeling as if you are “not good enough” or you “can’t do this”. Let me tell you, something mama, you absolutely are and you absolutely can! So none of this “I don’t deserve this” attitude, ok?

You are a mom boss and it’s time to allow yourself to realize how brave, strong and totally awesome you are. So celebrate yourself this Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day. Or heck, every flippin’ day if you want! You go, girl!

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This last tip is a pretty important one, so pay attention.  I want you to take a moment and simply smile. You are raising babies all by yourself and killing it! Really, you are. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Mother’s Day with a huge proud smile on your face!

To wrap it all up, I wanted to include some cool facts about Mather’s Day, so take a look at these facts and click here for the full post from Reward Expert including an infographic and you might learn something about this Holiday you didn’t know!

Did you know that Mother’s Day has been a national holiday for more than half a century longer than Father’s Day? Or that there have always been more mothers than fathers? How about the fact that 68,5% of Americans still buy flowers for Mother’s Day? But that might not be for much longer, as flower sales have been decreasing in popularity!


I hope you have a truly wonderful Mother’s Day and be sure to like, comment and share! If you are not subscribed to my mailing list, then I would get on that if I were you. 😉

Much love, Jess XO

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