The One Cleaning Tool Every Mom Needs

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Hey, there mama!

I have been in a big cleaning mood lately, and I find it’s better to actually want to clean than to procrastinate and not want to do it. So getting in the right mood makes doing house chores so much easier. Do you know what else makes it easier? Having the right cleaning tools. I am excited to say that after years of trying different things when cleaning I have finally found the holy grail of cleaning tools! Do you want to know what it is? Then keep reading!

The One Cleaning Tool Every Mom Needs

So before I announce the best cleaning tool ever, let’s go over some important info. As moms, part of our job is to make sure that our homes are healthy and safe. Most traditional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are unsafe and so this means we need to be extra cautious with what we use around the house.

  • The truth about these chemicals: 
    • Out of the 80,000+ chemicals in use today, the EPA only has concrete information on a mere 5%.1
    • Exposure to chemicals at any level can cause irreparable damage.

Cleaning products found in every home are linked to Cancer! 

  • Work-at-home moms are 54% more likely to die from cancer than women who work elsewhere2
  • An estimated 5% of childhood cancer in the US is caused by chemical exposure.
  • Everyday chemicals have increased the incidence of leukemia, brain cancer, and childhood cancer in the US by more than 20%.


  • Breathing problems.
    • Women who use traditional cleaning products have a nearly 15% loss of lung function.
    • Irritants in the environment including household cleaners can bring on asthma symptoms.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
    • Indoor air pollution ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health.
    • Levels of pollutants in the indoor air are estimated to be anywhere from 2-5 — and sometimes 100 — times higher than outdoor levels.


  • Poisonings.
    • 89% of all poisonings happen at home
    • 2 children die daily from avoidable poisonings, and over 300 are treated in the ER.
    • 10,318 children under 5 were poisoned by household cleaners in 2006.

Now that all those facts are out of the way! Onto the cleaning tool!

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The Best Cleaning Tool Ever!


e-cloth! What is e-cloth you ask? e-cloth is a general-purpose cleaning cloth made from natural fibers and can be used on multiple surfaces such as counters, glass, appliances, and furniture. Only using water and no chemicals, e-cloth is a super nifty and easy way to do basic cleaning around your house with no cleaners, no stress, quicker cleaning time, and gets rid of the mess!

Using e-cloth |
My e-cloth
  • Why Chemical-free Cleaning with e-cloth? (see blog post and chem-free sheet from BPI)
    • e-cloths remove dirt, grease, and grime and are proven to remove over 99% of bacteria using just water.
    • e-cloth® 100% eliminates the risk of sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes, and asthma from chemicals, fragrances, and dyes.
    • No chemical residues remain on surfaces and no sprays in the air.
    • The average American spends an estimated $55 on cleaning supplies every month – $659 a year!
    • e-cloth’s average just $7.99 and last 300 washes (nearly 6 years!)
    • Dramatically reduces chemicals in the environment and landfill waste.

And did I mention it’s super easy! It’s definitely the best for cleaning up the kid’s messes, wiping down your kitchen counters, and dusting your furniture. Yesterday I cleaned our fish tank and some of the dirty tank water dripped all over the kitchen counter, so I just grabbed my e-cloth, ran it under some warm water, and wiped it up, and boom! Done! Easy Peasy!

e-cloth |

How To Get Your Own e-cloth

Do you want to get your hands on your own e-cloth? You can either simply go straight to their website and order one for yourself, there are a few options available! OR you can enter my free e-cloth giveaway!!!!!! 

e-cloth is also now available at ACE Hardware! Visit the Store Locator at to find your local participating store!

To be entered into my giveaway for a chance to win an e-cloth of your own, simply leave me a comment sharing your favorite thing about using this product or how excited you are about a simpler cleaning routine! You must be subscribed to my mailing list to win!

The winner will be contacted via email.

For more fabulous cleaning magic, check out my spring cleaning hacks post!

Please visit e-cloths website for fantastic health and product info and be sure to join their email list to stay up to date with all the great things they have to offer! No spam guarantee!  For more awesomeness follow them on social media! Links below.




Twitter: @ecloth


You can now find e-cloth on Instagram! @eclothUSA

I can’t wait for you to start using and enjoying this amazeballs product! Thanks for sticking with me through the whole post! Be sure to subscribe before you go to get some motherhood quotes sent to your inbox for FREE! Catch you next time!

Love, Jessxo

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