How To Get By And Prepare For Baby As A Pregant Single Mom

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Hey mama,

Are you currently expecting a little one or recently had yourself a little one? Being a new or pregnant single mom is a challenge to be sure, but you are not in this alone. Read on for my best tips for saving money and getting by during this exciting and potentially difficult time.

How To Get By And Prepare For Baby As A Single Mom 

So, I have technically been single since my son was born nearly 10 years ago. My situation was very challenging and I was completely alone, with no support system, no money, and no clue. I was young and couldn’t rely on my son’s “dad.” If you are in a similar situation or just going it alone by choice, then know that you’ve got this, and you have everything you need to provide for your baby.

Whatever your circumstances are, no matter how big or small your budget is, you have no need to stress mama, in this post, I am going to give you some tips through the experiences I had as a single and broke mom and hopefully it will help you!

My Personal Experiences

When I was expecting and when my son was little, it was a struggle. Most all of my son’s baby items were donated by members of my church, none of the things I got were new, they were all old, outdated and some were even broken.

But I was so blessed to receive what I did, or else my baby would have had nothing. I slowly learned what items were super important and which ones were not necessary and how to find things we needed at the best prices.

Being a young unemployed single mom, I had to learn a lot, learn it fast and fend for myself anyway I could. This meant asking for help when I knew I really needed it and searching around for the best bargains. Since it has been so long since this was my life, baby stuff has not been on my radar for years now.

My son is growing like a weed and 9 years ago feels like a lifetime. So I am wracking my brain trying to remember what it was like then and do my best to give you new mamas my best tips and advice for going into this single mommy world.

Here we go!

Saving Money Tips:

Tip #1. Thrift stores, thrift stores, thrift stores! Don’t start thinking eww! Believe me, some of the most amazing treasures can be found at your local thrift store. If it’s good enough for Lady Bird it is definitely good enough for your baby. You will find gently worn baby clothes, toys, shoes, crib bedding, strollers and more all at affordable prices! Most of the items no one would even guess were used!

Tip #2 Churches. If you are not already established at a church in your area, this is the time. Most churches have programs that are helpful to those in need and will be glad to offer non-judgemental and loving support to a single mother, no matter what your personal beliefs are.


Everything from free clothes, food, connections to women’s support programs and even shelter is provided to those who can swallow their pride and ask for help.  Be strong mama, I did it and so can you!

Tip #3.  Baby shower registry. If you have family and friends in your support circle, then creating a baby registry is a great way to receive nice items for your baby from those who love you. You can create one online and add all the items on your wish list, or in a store in your area such as Carter’s or Target.

Be sure to include items that are in the lower price range, not just the bigger more expensive items. This will help your friends and fam to gift you with the things you need and be affordable for them. 

How to save money as a pregnant single mom |

Tip #5. Subscription boxes and services. I am in love with the idea of subscription boxes, I absolutely love them! They make mom life so much easier, and actually cheaper! There are so many fantastic ones out there for moms, babies, and little kids!

For one price per month, you will receive items that you otherwise would have access to or that would cost you a ton of money to go out and buy yourself. This way you get awesome surprises, all in one fair priced box shipped right to your door! Here are my favorite subscription boxes.

Tip #6.  Online discount sites and coupons. Being a single mom is the perfect reason to learn how to get thrifty! Searching online for the best deals, coupons and discount codes can be a bit of a chore, but trust me you will be thankful you did!

Sites like Rakuten and Retail Me Not are great for getting cashback and saving a few bucks when shopping online, and it may be a little too mom-ish but clipping coupons is still cool. (I think.)


How to get by as a pregnant single mom |
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My friends over at My Baby Care have a wonderful post all about getting cheap diapers and I highly recommend you check it out and save on one of the most expensive aspects of having a wee one! You will love their tips on saving big $$$ on diapers!

For more finance tips to live a better single mom life, check out my post on money habits!

I hope I have given you some tips that you will remember as you embark on your single mom adventures. For an extra tip on healthy sleep check out this healthy sleep guide.  Don’t be scared, get enough rest,  and know that you are not alone.

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Love, JessXO

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