Beauty Hacks For Moms

beauty hacks for moms |

Hey there mamas!

Today I will be doing a quick post featuring my top 5 picks for the best beauty hacks for us busy moms. I don’t think I need to add much more than that, so if you’re ready to begin, then lets’ jump right in!

beauty hacks for moms |

  1. Winged Liner Tricks: Do you love the look of winged liner or shadow but hate how much time and effort it takes to create the look? Well, I just learned some tricks that will save the day and our fabulous eyes! Using a bobby pin, place the pin right on the corner of your eye where you want your wing to be, then just draw your wing inside the bobby pin making an almost perfect base for a dramatic wing! Then just fill it in and bam! You can also use a clear piece of tape to create flawless winged eyeshadow! Just place the piece of tape right under your eye and create the look you want, then gently remove the tape for a perfect line!

2. Egg Whites For Your Eyes: Here is a perfect little hack for those crazy mornings where you look like the busy stressed out tired mom you are.  For a quick all natural fix you can do during breakfast, just whip up some egg whites and place them under your eyes for a few minutes to get rid of those under eye bags! So next time you’re making breakfast for the kids, remember to save some eggs for yourself for a fresh looking face!

  1. Rubber Band Manicure: Love the look of a french manicure but don’t have the time to go to the nail salon or have the money to pay for one?  Well, here is an easy way to get a perfect salon look at home! Using a rubber band, place it around your finger near the top of your nail and paint the tip of your nail and then remove the rubber band! Boom!

4. Overnight Hair & Body Mask: As moms, we don’t always have time for self-care, so this overnight trick is perfect for giving silky soft hair and skin with almost zero time! Simply slather on some coconut oil all over your body, right after a bath or shower would be best, and don’t forget to slather your hair in the stuff as well. Then go to bed as usual and wake up to the softest hair and smoothest arms and legs! Good deal right?

5. Set Your Hair: My last pick is a hairstyle hack that I do allllll the time! Straight after washing your hair, whether it be AM or PM, just twist your hair up all around your head and pin with bobby pins. You can also use a headband and just twist your hair and tuck it under the headband. Leave for an hour or two while you finish getting ready, or you can blast it with the blow dryer to speed things along if you have less time. Or sleep on it overnight.  When you let your hair down, you will be left with perfect waves or bouncy curls, depending on your hair type and how tight you twisted your locks.  Run your fingers through it and set with a styling hairspray and there you go! Easy peasy way to style your hair without damaging your hair or taking, even more, time to dry and use a styling device.  Thank me later you gorgeous thing. 😉

And that’s all she wrote! I hope you enjoyed my quick fix beauty hacks and that you have found a new way to keep yourself looking amazing even when you feel like crying on the inside.  Admit it, all of us moms feel this way….no lie.

Much Love,

Jess XO

Guide To Single Mom Style.

Does Your Style Need A Bit Of A Boost?

As a busy and more likely than not broke single mom, it’s so hard to find stylish, easy and affordable wardrobe options. The lack of time, hectic mornings, and money for shopping is keeping you from always looking your best. Well not anymore! I’m here to save the day and help a sister out by giving you your guide to single mom style.

These tips and ideas will help turn you from drab to fab with little effort and little money spent. So ditch those yoga pants, it’s time for a new look!

Jeggings: So you’ve probably heard of jeggings, you may even own a pair. But have you really recognized their amazing  worth?  If you don’t know, jeggings are like a cross between leggings and  cute skinny jeans. They are slightly tighter than regular skinny jeans, but with pockets and the look of denim or cotton but with lots of stretch! These crossover pants are perfect for everyday mom life, they look great, feel super comfortable, can go with just about any top and look like real pants! Also, depending on where you shop, most jeggings are pretty affordable! Check out this stylish pair!

Open Cardigans:  I am obsessed with those long flowy open cardigans! Like for realz guys.  I have one in almost every color and thickness. Because when it’s a bit chilly or you just need something to throw over your outfit and run out the door it is the perfect option. You can throw these cardigans on over a t-shirt and magically look pulled together. It keeps you warm when it’s chilly out, adds a bit of style to an otherwise boring outfit and is super quick and easy to grab from the closet and just go! Every single mom needs like 20 of these in her closet, trust me. They are a must for so many reasons! I really like this one here:

Cowl Scarf: Do you like scarves? I love them! In pretty much every season they can make your outfit look together, cozy and so stylish. My favorites are cowl scarves because they don’t get in the way, or frustrate you with figuring out how to wrap the silly thing around yourself. You just throw it over your head and done! I think of it as sort of like a giant necklace. 😉 You can wear thin ones for spring and fall, and thick cozy ones for winter! They are easy to make if you knit or crochet, or know someone who does and easy to find at affordable prices! Complete your look by adding one and be surprised how together and chic you look! Here’s one so you can see for yourself! This one even has a coupon code so you can save those dollars!

Headwraps/Bands: Whenever I put my hair up, I always add a wrap or headband for that extra pop of style. (And to tame the flyaways 😉 ) No time to wash your hair or style before you head out the door? Just pull your tresses back and slide on a headwrap and you’ll look great! Even if your hair is short, it will be a quick way to keep you looking fantamazing! ( Yes, I made that word up…) I found this one and fell in love!

Now for some helpful tips!

Always add jewelry. Wearing jewelry is a simple way to look like you actually put some effort into your outfit and keeps you stylish and shows your personality. Even just sticking in earrings before going out makes a big improvement to your look.

Makeup! What girl doesn’t love makeup! Making time to even just put on the basics in the morning will make you feel better and look more awake and totally together when you’re feeling not so together. A little mascara to open up your tired eyes, some sparkle to your eyelids, color on your cheeks, and kissproof lips instantly transforms you into a more confident you!

My last tip is to never forget your own style and personality. Being a busy and stressed single momma takes its toll and it’s so easy to lose yourself when you work so hard to run a household and raise children on your own. It’s important to remember to make time for yourself and always put your best foot and face forward! Looking your best will make you feel your best which ultimately makes you a better mom! So don’t forget to put on some nice clothes, fun jewelry, and some war paint! You deserve to girl, so show the world how beautiful, strong and fabulous you are! For more fashion, style and lifestyle I know you will love please check out my friend Meileilan’s blog! She’s an insanely awesome fashionista so go give her blog a read and a follow! Tell her Jess sent ya!

I hope my guide to single mom style has motivated and inspired you and that you have found some new wardrobe essentials! Love to you mamas, stay fabulous!