Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong

Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong | neveralonemom.com

Hey there, I’m about to ruffle a few feathers, so hang tight.

I am here to tell you why single parenting is never wrong…

Ok guys….I’ve been very upset lately because I have been hearing and reading a lot about how so many people have negative views and opinions on single parenting and I have had enough!  As a single mom, I am very offended by people always criticizing me on raising my son on my own. I’ve heard everything from it isn’t right, it’s not good for the child, it’s emotionally unstable blah blah blah! I’m so sick of it.  It’s all a bunch of bunk.

These people have never had to be single parents so they don’t have a clue or any right to say the things they say. They may throw statistics or so-called “science” out there to try and convince you that raising a child without a father, or in some cases, a mother is wrong and bad for the child. Well, let me tell you something. When you are a single parent, by circumstances or by choice, it is never wrong. How could it be? We are more than capable of raising children without the help of another parent.  Millions of parents do it just fine and we don’t need a bunch of stuck up, critical and judgemental creeps telling us that loving our children and doing our best for them is wrong.

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Being  deeply upset by this issue  I can no longer hold my tongue, (or fingers, in this case. ) I have chosen to work from home, so I can be with my son all the time. Since I am his only parent I feel that it is right to make myself more available for him and to be present with him all day. I know that he needs me, and he has not missed not having another parent around. I am more than enough for him.  I homeschool him, I take him to basketball practice and cheer from the stands, I do art projects and play legos with him, we have movie nights and heart to heart talks. I answer all of his life questions and explain things he needs to understand, we read books, say our prayers and I tuck him into bed each night as he drifts off to sleep with such a peaceful expression. So tell me, how is that wrong exactly?  My son is happy, well adjusted and does just fine without a father. He came into the world in that cold delivery room to just me, all he ever needed was just me and all he will ever need is just me. I have enough love, time, dedication and strength to be enough for him as he grows up and I believe the same for all single parents.

We know our children, and if we feel that something is missing from their lives or they express to us that they need something then we will fulfill their needs to the best of our abilities and make sure that they know how much they are loved. If they ever need more, then we will do our best to give it to them. Your statics may be accurate for some, but not all and in the end, it’s more about the child’s own choices in life and less about how they were raised that determines their behavior. At least that’s my opinion. Take a look at this article published on The Huffington Post, it’s a great read! 5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent

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I know I’ve gotten a little intense in this post, but this issue just makes my blood boil. When it comes down to it, God gave us our children. He chose us to be our children’s parents and God doesn’t make mistakes. We can only do our best, and our best will always be good enough. I may want a father for my son, but I certainly don’t need one, and neither does he. He has told me so and I take his word for it.  As single parents, we are stronger, tougher, and full of more love. Nothing wrong with that!

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Finding time for quality time with your kids.

Life is crazy. Most of the day is a blur.

How do we find time for quality time with our kids? The hustle, bustle, dizziness and chaos of life as a single mom can be nauseating. How do you slow everything down and find time for a moment of quality time with your kids? It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure. But even though we are home with them all day every day it still feels like we never actually spend time with them. It only always just constantly feels like screaming “Get that out of your nose!” “Stop jumping on the couch!” “If I have to tell you to pick up your socks on more time…!”  “Eat your dinner or starve!” & “Be quiet!!!!” but no actual time spent with your children. Well, at least that’s how it is at my house. We rarely get a moment to giggle, play, cuddle or do an activity….I’m so busy, stressed and tired all the time and being the only parent it’s tough to even find time for a shower or a real meal. The importance of spending quality time with your kids is off the charts, it’s crucial and a must. But how? And when? UGG. So I’ve sat myself down and come up with this list of ideas to squeeze in a little mommy & me time for us single moms who are this close (imagine my thumb and index finger held almost touching) to losing our shiz.

Finding time for quality time with your kids: 

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#1: Bathtime

Bathtime is a great time for getting in a little quality time. While they sit and soak in the tub we can take the opportunity to talk to them, ask them questions or even play a game or sing a song together. Blow some soap bubbles, smile and enjoy a few solid minutes of time together before you have to wash them up and put them into bed. 

#2: Bedtime

Then next comes bedtime. When we get them all tucked in, read a story and say our goodnights it’s a perfect time to squeeze in an extra moment of quality time. Telling them things you forgot to tell them during the day or tell them something to look forward to doing the next day, tell them a story about something they did as a baby, or even just read another story and ask them questions about it to get a conversation going and maybe teach them something new. It’s the time to unwind, settle down and just relax with your kids, and have a little bit of calm one on one time. 

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#3: Sundays

I don’t know about you, but in our house Sunday’s are the days that we do absolutely nothing. We just sit on the couch and watch movies and chill at home and relax from a week of insanity and prepare for another. Sunday’s are perfect for just relaxing together, cuddling on the couch, coloring together, or maybe baking some cookies. Just take the day off from anything else you have going on and make it a family day. 

#4: First thing in the morning

For you moms who are conscious in the morning (I’m not one of them, I work night’s), mornings are a great time to talk about the plans for the day, any chores that need doing and ask them what they want to do before the day is done. Have a little time to talk together during breakfast and before the day starts really going. I’m so jealous (I think) of you mom’s who see the morning sunlight and start your days in the daytime…it must be magical….right? 

#5: Mid-afternoon 15-minute breaks

If we can take a few moments each afternoon to just pause, and take a breather I think it would keep both kids and parents sane. So if we can stop ourselves to step away from work and chores to go do a quick 15-minuete activity with our kids it would really refresh our minds and spirits. So if we’re not out on a  grocery run or on the soccer field, take a time-out from long days at home to just have a play time break. 



Do any of these ideas seem do-able for you? I hope you can try some of these to achieve some extra quality time with your kids every day and I promise everyone will benefit. When the days are long, hard and busy it’s so easy to loose track of time and allow all the stress to keep us from giving the time with us that our kids need. Battle on moms, fight the good fight and stay the course. Now go spend time with those snotty little buggers!


Love, your girl, -Jess XO

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Stay At Home Mom’s Guide To Sanity

So, you’re a stay at home mom? Me too. 

However you got here, whether by losing your job, taking temporary leave or by your own desire, here we are. I chose to be a SAHM and have been struggling to keep what minute ounces of sanity I have left for the last 5 years, I have had the odd online job, tried selling everything under the sun and even went back to school during this time, and am now the proud owner of my own home business and dabble in other entrepreneur activities. Though it has helped some, I still needed to find ways to keep myself from throwing myself in the looney bin. I know you feel me when you’re taking care of your child/children all day every day,or part of the day if your child/children attend school. We must learn to survive through every early morning, late night, temper tantrum and natural disaster equivalent mess. Sometimes you just need to lock yourself in the bathroom and take a breather.  So, I’ve decided to share a few of the (better) ways I’ve discovered how to handle the everyday stresses of motherhood. 


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The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide To Sanity:

  • Find “me” time.

It probably sounds like a total “DUH” but trust me, you need to take it seriously. Creating time just for yourself is imperative to keeping hold of your sanity. If you don’t get enough time alone you’ll become a slave to the world of the short people. They can control you, consume you and turn you into a crazed zombie. Don’t let it happen! No matter when or how you have to do it, take control of your life and give yourself some time to relax and find a peaceful moment. It could be taking a hot bath after the little ones have gone to sleep, it could be browsing Pinterest while the kids are zoned out in front of the t.v, or leaving them with dad while you run a  quick errand alone, or heck, sit outside by yourself with a cup of tea and just listen to the birds sing, the wind blow and take a deep breath. Each day, whether it be for 3 minutes or an hour, make sure you get your “me time”. Mine is at 12am, but I hope you find yours at a much less late hour. 

  • Take a walk with your kid/s

This is something I try to do with my son on a regular basis, not so much in the dead of winter, but on the nice weather days he and I go for 15-30 minute walks outside, just around the house. I found that this is good for so many reasons. Not only does it give you a bit of exercise and some fresh air, but it helps you to suddenly zap out of whatever funk you’ve been in all day; yelling, cleaning, cooking, teaching, emails, phone calls etc, it all adds up and taking a break to go outside and take a walk with your little one/s is so revitalizing. It gives you energy, relaxes you and it also gives you the perfect chance to spend quality time with your child and talk to them. Ask them questions about their day, about school, their interests, their friends, their thoughts on things going on at home, and just have a real conversation. It’s good for them and good for you. They need to express their thoughts, learn conversation skills and spend time with you. You will feel a million times better, so when you’re feeling too stressed, just grab the kiddos and step outside and take a walk. Observe nature, the outside world and talk to them about it. 

  • Prep & Plan.

It may sound time-consuming but actually, it saves you time overall. Taking the time to do beforehand preparation for your daily activities, meals, etc are worth it, and also schedule out things that you need to squeeze in like homework to be done, people to get back to, shopping trips, places the kiddos need to go, things you need to remember to do around the house, set a certain time aside to get these things done. Write them down and don’t forget. Planning ahead and making the necessary preparations ahead of time make all the difference. I promise you. It saves you time, energy, and most importantly, sanity. You can find simple to follow instructions for meal prep online and you can even pick up some make-ahead food containers to make it even easier. Getting a detailed planner is an easy and fun way to write down all your “to-do’s” and schedules. You can add planner stickers, colored pens, and washi tapes to add fun and customizable detail to your planner. I highly recommend investing in something like the Erin Condren life planners. Check out all her amazing products here: Erin Condren Planners

  • Shop online.

You probably already shop online at least occasionally but don’t forget there is an entire world of products you can find in a gazillion places on the internet. No traffic, long lines, in-store temper tantrums or real pants required. If you’re having a crazy day but need to shop and it’s something you don’t need right away, avoid all the time on the road and the stress of dragging resistant little ones all over creation and just hop online. (You might even find better deals!) 

  • Rediscover your favorite game or movie to share with the kids.

It’s fun to have game and movie nights with the fam bam and sharing something special from your childhood with them not only gives you the warm and fuzzies, but it introduces them to something they’ve probably never seen before and gives you something to bond over. So dig out your old dusty favorite board game from when you were a kid or put in that classic Disney movie and cuddle up with them as you enjoy something that warms your heart and go create some new memories together. Even if they’re not that into it, at least you know you will enjoy it and have a good time in nostalgia land. 

  • Good old fashioned stress relief.

There’s nothing wrong with taking in some good old-fashioned stress relief. Some great ideas are to make some chamomile or lavender tea, get friendly with a heat wrap on aching muscles, ask a friend/significant other for a massage, watch your favorite tv show before bed, or read a few chapters of a good book, do a low-key workout or take a long shower. Find something relaxing to unwind before the end of the day, do some stretches and deep breathing, tie it in with your “me time”. 

  • Connect with other SAHMS

It’s easy to let a social life disappear when you’re a stay at home mom, and staying connected to other adults is important, right? My advice is to connect with some other stay at home moms for relatable social networking. You might meet some new friends, swap stories, advice, recipes and more!  It might sound silly, but Facebook groups are awesome for this, go look up some SAHM groups now! 

Have you ever considered talking to a therapist? I know, doesn’t seem to fit in here but actually…it does.  Personally, I have never felt comfortable talking to someone about myself but I know lots of people are helped by having some time with a therapist. Maybe talking with someone will help you come to terms with stay at home mom life and feel more confident in raising your littles on your own. If this interests you, please check out BetterHelp.com       

I hope I’ve helped and given you hope. You can save your sanity after all! For another look at my tips, here’s my YouTube video:  My YouTube Video


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I got your back, you’re never alone.

Love, Jess XO