5 Things I Know You Are Fed Up With As A Single Mom

Hey mamas!

So, I’m just going to get straight into it today, because I know what it feels like to be a fed up single mom. So no wasting time here, I am ready to share my thoughts with you knowing that you can totally relate, so let’s dive right in.

5 Things I Know You Are Fed Up With As A Single Mom

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1. Getting flack and/or feeling guilty about child support.  Most single parents in this modern world are court ordered or otherwise to pay child support unless the other parent is not in the picture ( this is my case ) and I know it’s a complicated situation and can lead to getting tons of flack from the other parent, their family, your family, friends and mom shamers online. It’s no picnic to be a single mom, and when you are paying or receiving or attempting to receive child support it can feel like a lonely and vicious battle.

Sometimes you may feel guilty for needing it or wanting it from the “father” even if it was the court’s decision, not yours. If it was you who decided to go after the support you shouldn’t feel bad for it.  It is expensive to raise children, and the other person is responsible for helping so let them do what they should be doing and feel grateful for the help instead of guilty, shamed or simply ticked off for negative comments thrown your way.  Straighten your crown and take care of those babies!

2. Pressure to find a man and/or father figure. Ok, now this one really steams me up! Are you ever annoyed and pressured by friends and family for being a single mom? I know I certainly am. You get the lectures about how your kid/s need a more active male presence int heir life, someone to be a “father figure” or how you shouldn’t have to do everything on your own, and how you need a man and blah blah blah? Doesn’t it drive you mad?

To heck with that! You are a strong independent mama who doesn’t need a man. That’s right, you are solid, girl. It might be nice to have a dude around but just remember all the heartache and complications that come with breakups as a single mom and also the potential vulnerability and craziness of online dating.  Politely tell those friends or family members to buzz off and leave you alone about finding a man.  You got this!

3.  Being the only bad guy. Being a single mom is tough for countless reasons, one of them being that, most days anyway, you are the only disciplinary for your child/ren. When the kids act up and you have to dish out the mean voice and disciple it feels 100 times worse on your own, because you are always the bad guy to your kids.  There are no taking turns with the other parent, there are no times when you feel ok giving in and letting things slip. It’s all you, all the time.

This is necessary, however, no matter how much it sucks.  Even on the days when you feel overwhelmed, beaten and worn down by the little terrors in your life.  I know you’re fed up, but stay strong and get mean even if you hate it. One day, they will respect you more for it. Hopefully.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your kid.

Raise your hand - mean girls

4.  Feeling lonely.  Loneliness comes with the territory of being a single mom.  The lack of a social life can get to you, especially on the harder days. I know it’s easy to feel isolated and left out when it seems like everyone else is out there living life, going to fun events, dinners, dates, traveling etc while you are stuck at home with kids every day.

For me, being a stay at home, homeschooling single mom, I am at home with my son all day every day. So let me tell ya, it can make you feel like you’re slowly losing your mind. Pretty soon you will start having full on conversations with the broom just to feel human again. But never fear, it does get easier. Doesn’t it?

5.  Never getting a break. Last on this list is the feeling that so often comes with parenthood that you just never get a break. Constant running here and there, dealing with this crisis, this crying kid, this ringing phone, this bill that somehow needs to get paid, the lack of sleep. It wears you down and wears you out. If you don’t get 5 minutes to yourself soon you are going to scream, right? I feel you. 

But listen, you are a mom! As tiring and hectic as it all is, it’s your job! Who else is going to do it? You do deserve a break, so figure out a way to make it happen, whether it’s staying up a bit later after the kids are asleep, or leaving them with grandparents for a day or a weekend. Make it happen and find some time to take for yourself, then you will feel refreshed and ready to get back at it! Put on your super mom pants and do what you gotta do, girl. Raise those babies, and know that you absolutely can do this and even when you are going insane, you are doing a good job and it’s all going to be alright!

So tell me, which one of these are you the most fed up with? Leave me a comment!

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Shows On Netflix For The Single Mom

Shows On Netflix for single moms | neveralonemom.com

Hey mama’s!
How’s it hanging? I know life can be pretty stressful with youngin’s running around and being super mom and all. So I have put together a little list of some shows on Netflix for us single moms that are most def binge-worthy on those nights if and when you finally get a little time to yourself. These shows will rejuvenate you, inspire you and if nothing else, make you laugh, cry or even cringe.

So get ready to grab your remote and tune into some awesome shows that will help relieve some of that super mom stress I know you’ve got! Here we go…

Netflix shows for single moms | neveralonemom.com

One Day At A Time
This new Netflix original showcases the life of a single mom and her struggles with a twist of humor and a dash of chaos. It’s sure to make you laugh and thank the good Lord you are not her. Add this show now!

This one is a bit older and it’s still one of the best when it comes to showing a powerful single mom making her way through this crazy world. She herself may be a bit nuts, but…aren’t we all!?

Bates Motel
This one is for the brave few of us that want a little cringe and shock factor in our shows. Based off of the original story, this show has quickly become as much of a classic as the movies that made the Bates famous. If you’re in for a gruesome tale of mother and son, this one is a must watch!

Another oldie but goodie, Reba, naturally starring Reba McEntire, is a comedic sitcom all about single mom life in Texas. It’s sure to bring on the laughter and drag out your “ya’ll”.

This hilarious comedy about a single mom played wonderfully by Anna Farris and her relationship with her own mother is one to definitely bring out the heart and gold of the life of moms. Be sure to binge this one tonight!

Gilmore Girls
What would a list of t.v shows be without Gilmore Girls? I’d hate to even think….this show is a personal favorite of mine and I think of like everyone else on the planet…am I right? Now matter how many times you watch this amazing show about mother and daughter you immediately want to start over and watch it all again. So whatever ails you in life, stressing over kids, work, breakups, being broke, fight with a friend, you know that the girls of Stars Hollow will be there for you and help straighten your crown and keep you sane. This show always deserves another binge watch, so why not do it now?

So now that you have your list of the next shows you will be watching on Netflix, what are you still doing here? Go have some much needed you time!
Love to all you mamas!
Your Girl, Jess XO

How To Deal With Being Single On Valentine’s Day

How to deal with being single on Valentine's Day | neveralonemom.com

Hey mama, are you single this year on Valentine’s Day?

If so, which I’m guessing you are because well, you’re here…then read on for my personal guide on how to deal…..

How To Deal With Being Single On Valentine’s Day 



All the single ladies…all the single ladies, put your hands up, put your hands up….(ah hem) It’s February, and we all know what that means. The ever dreaded Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re single, like me then it can be a real downer. Some single women get really depressed, cry in their wine, mope around and throw themselves little pity parties and wonder if they will ever have a romance filled V-day of their own. ( I’m not taking this from personal experience…)Others are not that bothered by the holiday and just brush it off as another day of the year and try not to get too upset over being single on this particular love fest of a day. Some women don’t even care at all. I usually fall somewhere in the middle of all that, and this year I am determined to not wallow, to not cry, not to think about Valentine’s past…but just simply have a nice day. How do you ask? I’m about to show you! So whether you’re miss tears-a-lot or miss I don’t give a….on Valentine’s day, I’m going to show you my best tips on how to deal and not feel like shiz (yes I used the word shiz. #dontjudgeme) while being alone on the romance-driven day. 

Pink mug and heart-shaped cookie | neveralonemom.com

1. Watch an anti-romance or relationship gone wrong film.

One of the best things to do to not allow yourself to fall into a funk is to remember/realize the reasons why it’s not such a bad thing to be single. Sure, having a boo can be nice, but we are women after all and can tackle this big wide world on our own. It’s good to remember that not all relationships are butterflies, mushy kisses, cuddles and happily ever after. The reality check is that a lot of relationships are hard, full of heartbreak, broken promises, hurt and are not always pretty. So if you want to feel relieved and glad that you are single, then girl for heart-shaped chocolates sake, do not watch The Notebook!

Don’t find yourself crying in your gallon tub of ice cream crying out “Why can’t I have that! Where’s my Noah!” Instead, spend your night watching a movie that shows the complicated reality of love and relationships, something like Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, or if you really want to see a bad outcome, then heck Sid And Nancy? Make sure it’s a film that shows the progress of complicated love, the realities of heartbreak and the downward spiral of two people who were better off alone. In order to make yourself appreciate being single and reminding yourself that hey, single life isn’s so bad, it’s good to take a look at how things aren’t always romantic and wonderful when you’re in love. Sometimes you find yourself like Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, going to extremes to erase a person from your mind. Let’s be real, it’s not always fun. So I advise watching a good film that shows just that. Trust me, you’ll be very happy you are single afterward. 😉

2. Got any single girlfriends?

Then get together with them! It’s unlikely that they will have plans so make a night of it! It’s always fun to get together with friends and have a night out on the town, especially when you’re single and so are they. So grab your single GF’s and spend the night being flirty, fabulous and enjoying the single life! Invite them over, go out to a movie (non-romance of course) have a bite to eat, go dancing, whatever! Just enjoy time with your fellow single ladies and not be alone. You never know what the night could bring, it could be the best Valentine’s Day ever. Have fun! 

5 ways to help deal with being single on valentine's day | neveralonemom.com

3. Bake something for yourself!

One of the aspects of Valentine’s Day is that it comes with lots of chocolates., cupcakes and candies of all sorts and when you’re lacking that special someone to buy them for you, it’s a good opportunity to be productive, practice your baking skills and make your own delicious, ooey-gooey dessert for one.  I found some ideas that might help, grab 91 single serve dessert recipes!

4.  Pamper yourself.

Do something to make yourself feel fresh & pretty. No need to go to a  salon or spa, just something you can do right from home, maybe while watching your bad romance movie? Give yourself a mani, color your hair, or lay in a warm bubbly bath with a new bath bomb. Whatever you do, enjoy it, make it fun and give yourself a boost of confidence. Don’t forget, you are sexy, radiant and unique. Now go paint your nails a bloody red! 

5. Avoid the V-Day doomsday explosion at all costs.

If you must go in the stores during the month of February, which of course you do….do your best to look past all the displays of boxed chocolates, long-stemmed roses galore and pink and red heart-shaped everything down an unsuspecting aisle.  Also, force yourself to go elsewhere in your mind when those happy couple Valentine’s Day commercials appear while watching your fave show. It’s hard I know, it’s everywhere! The lovey-dovey cards, the candies, sensual products and so on. The reason you want to avoid it all is sometimes, even when in the best of moods or carelessness the bitterness can seep in. That little part of you that feels jealous of all the happy couples and women receiving such gifts, the anger of being alone, and not having your own hunk to buy things for or go out to dinner with. Even if you think you’re a brick wall, trust me, you’re not. You will notice these things and feel the bitter lonely emotions creep on you. So it’s best to just ignore it all as best you can. It’s pretty simple and generic advice but if you put enough effort into it, it can be done and if it helps then great! I know I look right past it all without a thought and it keeps me in a decent mood while grocery shopping. Give it a try and be happy flying solo! 

Image Source: Facebook.
Image Source: Facebook.


So, in closing…you can make Valentine’s Day a lot less of a bi*otch, just stick to my simple advice and keep your sanity as the day approaches. Remember, you are strong, you got this and you are never alone. I will be fighting the good fight right along with you. I will leave you with this: Pink – So What- YouTube 

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day you rock star you! 

Much love, Jess.

Peace Out! XO


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