The Ultimate Kids Gift Guide

The Ultimate gift guide for kids |

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s nearing that special time of year when we moms shop for the perfect gifts for our kids and I am here to make this year a heck of a lot easier! I am gifting you with the ultimate kid’s gift guide! Merry Christmas mamas!

My guide has everything from babies to teens, toys, clothes, games, books and more! Just shop on through the post, everything is below! Some things will be in shoppable guides directly from the shops or links to specific items will be included as well. Ready? Let’s dive right in!

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Toy Guide 

Here is one of the best places to shop for toys this year! Shop their site to find deals on the best of this year’s hottest toys!

Hasbro Toys

Hasbro Toys |


If you’re looking for the cutest, & trendiest clothes that are great quality for amazing prices then you need to shop Pat-Pat! Right now that are having sales up sales upon sales! Check out their clearance section for up to 90% off and more fabulous deals! Take an extra 15% off your order when you use code XMASPAT  at checkout! Shop all the latest kids fashions here!

They also are offering up to  65% off matching Christmas outfits for the family! Shop the looks here!

Pat-Pat Christmas |

Kids Christmas gift guide |

Creative Gifts

If you’re looking for something more on the creative, unique and original side,  check out these eco-friendly subscriptions boxes that your kids are sure to love! Each box comes with fun science or art crafts that use only eco-friendly ingredients.  Gift your kid’s something extra special this year with a gift that will keep on giving! Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts |

For more ideas on creative and original gifts shop books, educational games and so much more with the gift guide from Educents!

Some of my favorite items are this adorable scented cupcake pillow!

scented cupcake pillow |

And this learn to code with Minecraft game!

Minecraft |

The Best From Highlights

Do you remember Highlights? I used to love the scented stickers and fun activity books that would come in the mail when I was a kid. Well, they are still around and better than ever! This year, gift your little ones with the fun, adventure, and learning that comes from one of the best and most loved kids subscription! Right now try Highlights club FREE through 12/16! click here!

Highlights |

You can also shop their stocking stuffers and other gifts under $10! Shop here!

Personal Picks!

Here is my list of personal picks that I think your kids would love! Scroll through to find the best that I have personally chosen just for you!


This Lego Space Shuttle Explorer is a hot buy for the young boy in your life! Find it here!

Zoomer- Interactive show pony is the perfect gift for any girl! A must buy! Grab her here!

Who doesn’t love dancing baby Groot? Get Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy dancing Groot at a great price here!

This adorable LeapFrog stack & tumble elephant is perfect for the littlest of your wee ones!

And if you are a Target lover, you will be ecstatic to know that when you shop online you will get free shipping returns now through 12/23! Shop the best deals at Target here!

Target |

Well, that’s my guide! I hope you have found the perfect gifts for your kids and saved some $!

If you need more gift options then please check out my last minuete gifts post from last year for more super awesome gifts that are sure to go over big! Click here to check it out!

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May all you mamas have a beautiful bright and very merry Christmas!

Love, Jess XO


5 Subscription Boxes Every Single Mom Needs

5 Subscription Boxes Every Single Mom Needs |

Do you love subscription boxes?

Or have you been dying to try one or two out?

Well, mama, I’m here to give you not one, not two but five subscription boxes that ever single mom needs! Yes, NEEDS. So if you’re like me and you are happily riding on the subscription box trend train or would like to hop on board, then read on for my top five boxes that will make your life as a single mom soooo much better!

For You ~

  • Box 1: Single Swag

Single Swag is an amazing monthly subscription box that delivers all types of goodies for all the single ladies!They have goodies such as bath and body products, candy & snacks, books written by women for women, household items and all kinds of fun swag! They have two boxes to choose from, a smaller size box with a smaller price tag and a larger box with a slightly larger price tag. Both are fantastic and perfect for any single mom because you deserve to have some special goodies just for yourself! The boxes are around $40 but they have special deals for when you sign up. Also, I have to say the customer support at Single Swag is outstanding. I had one minor complaint about the last box I received and they sent me 3 free items! Overall this box is a must. Here are some pictures of what I received in my most recent Single Swag box:

Also, I have to say the customer support at Single Swag is outstanding. I had one minor complaint about the last box I received and they sent me 3 free items! Overall this box is a must. Here are some pictures of what I received in my most recent Single Swag box:

Makeup Bag |
Canvas Makeup Bag
Milk Bath |
Natural Milk Bath


Single Swag |
My Single Swag Box

If you would like to sign up to receive a Single Swag box of your own, just click here!

  • Box 2: Fab Fit Fun:

Ok girls, this has to be the greatest subscription box of all time. Like.Seriously. Each season (4 times per year) Fab Fit Fun sends you a box chalked full of goodies just about any mom would love. Accessories like scarves, headwear, jewelry, skincare items, all natural makeup, snacks, adult coloring books, and the list goes on! Over $200 worth of products! All the things you receive cater to the season in which your box is sent, so like springy items for spring etc. You will never be disappointed with your box and I know you will totally love every single item! Since it only ships out four times per year, the higher price tag for this box is completely worth it. Sign up now and get $10 off your first box, making it only $39.99. Follow the link below to sign up!

Fab Fit Fun

  • Box 3: Goodbeing:

So the last box that is a must-have for yourself, is the Goodbeing subscription box. This one is a little lower in price but has some amazing all natural health and wellness products that any busy and tired mama would love to receive each month.  Goodbeing has skincare, makeup, bath & body, wellness products, supplements, vegan snacks and the like. The perfect box for a healthy happy lifestyle! Just click right here to choose how you want your boxes delivered!

For The Kids ~

  • Box 4: Green Kid Crafts

This box for kids sends your child a monthly craft using natural and green materials! Keep your little one busy with a fun craft that promotes learning, and a love of nature! Get your box now and save $10! Give your child a creative gift each month by clicking here!

  • Box 5: Box of Challenge

This box is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! The best part of this box is that it is actually for you and your kids to do together! It gives you a chance to have some fun quality time by receiving a new fun game to play together each month! Every box has a fun, challenge for you and your kids to complete together, and is sure to make your time together all the more special! Box of Challenge is recommended for kids 8 and up and is for 2 or more players. Check out this uniquely fun box I just know you will love!

Box of Challenge!


Well, that’s it for now! I hope you have found some fun and stress relieving goodness that will be arriving in your mailbox soon! I’m so excited for you! (does silly dance)

Until next time, stay fabulous mamas!

Your Girl, Jess XO

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Kids!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Kids |

So we are one week away from Christmas! How excited are you!? I’m ecstatic! Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I just love everything about it. But sometimes it’s hard to find time for Christmas shopping when you’re a busy single mom. With the clock counting down, the time to get some gifts your kids will love under that tree is running out. So instead of racing to your nearest store to face the crowds and picked over and nearly empty shelves in a rushed attempt to finish your Christmas shopping for those kiddos, I have made it quick and simple. So never fear moms, you know I got your back!

Here are the links to Amazon’s best deals for last-minute gifts you can buy your kids right now with guaranteed delivery before Christmas Eve! Your welcome! 🙂

First is a neat RC car that any boy is sure to flip over. This golden bat wall climbing car is the perfect gift for the adventurous boy in your life! Golden Bat Car

Next, we have something for your little princess! This pop-up princess castle will bring joy and hours of imaginative play for your little girl! Click here to make her dreams come true!

Need something for the creative kid in your house? This create your own snowglobe kit is a fun, wintery project that will be the perfect Christmas gift. Snow Globe Kit

Does your child love Trolls? Grab this Trolls Creativity toolkit for even more creative fun! Trolls Creative Kit


Something for the baby! This adorable Baby Einstein Octoplush is sure to bring the giggles and the learning power Baby Einstein is known for! Octoplush


Something else for your baby/toddler! Vtech touch & swipe phone! Now, this is what I call a “smartphone!” 😉 Vtech Phone

Now something for the teens! This mini LED light up and musical RC drone is going to be the perfect gift for that hard to shop for teenager! Snag this drone!


I hope you’ve found something for every kid in your family that still needs that last minute perfect gift under the tree!  May your Holidays be full of love & light!

Merry Christmas!


How To Be A Cool Mom On A Serious Budget

Mom On A Serious Budget? No Worries, I Got You!

When you’re a single mom, it’s hard to make ends meet….that is, when you don’t have one of those fancy jobs, because being a mom is already a full-time job and when there’s no man in the picture to bring home the bacon…things can be tough. Having a smaller income can make simple things like buying good quality clothes for your little ones, keeping up with organization, groceries, toys, and activities can be a lot and can leave you broke and struggling. Our kids come first and so making sure all of their needs are met and they have everything they need to be healthy, happy and stylish is a top priority. So what’s a mom to do? Read my blog for great tips of course!

I Like To Consider Myself A money savings guru….

For years now, since the birth of my son I have searched, scavenged and hunted for the best deals, the cheapest stores, the greatest sales etc and it’s much easier than you think to save yourself a few bucks when buying things for your kids or even keeping yourself from looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.  So here are my top tips for pinching those pennies!

CONSIGNMENT STORES.  You have probably heard of these or even have shopped in one before but consignment stores are a heaven send.  Trust me, once you’ve had the consignment experience, you’ll never go back! Not only can you buy gently used clothes, toys, books, bedroom furniture and more at a children’s consignment store for amazing prices, but they will pay you for yours! That’s right! When you’re kids have outgrown their clothes, toys, videos, bed sheets etc, and as long as they are still in great shape, the consignment store will take them, and you will have two options, you can either take the cash once your items have sold in the store, or use it as credit to buy things from the store! When I first learned about this I was mind blown! Just think…when all the items that you’ve donated have sold, you can use the credit to buy all new stuff from the store and therefore never spend a penny! Practically an exchange! Like what? How cool is that? Oh, and consignment stores are also for adults too! Just find one that sells woman’s apparel or any adult consignment store and the same thing applies there! I can’t tell you how many name brand, super cute clothes, handbags and shoes I’ve gotten for free just by selling things I no longer wear to my local women’s consignment store! Check out all the consignment stores in your area! You won’t be sorry and your wallet will be just as happy!

Free Online Printables. Need activities for the kids? Do they like to color? Do you homeschool? Well, the world of free online printables is your new friend! I use these printable activity pages, storybooks, color pages and homeschool lessons all the time for my son, no need to pay for expensive school books, coloring and activity books,  just search up what you’re looking for and simply print it out! Easy peasy.  Everything from toddler activities, preschool, all the way up to high school age activities and stories can be found online in a free printable format. Saves you time, money and keeps the kiddos busy! Here are some great websites to start you off!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Dollar Stores & Thrifting. Shopping at The Dolar Store and thrift stores are a lot less icky than they may have been back when. You can actually get all sorts of treasures at these places. Everything from toys, party supplies, wrapping paper, snacks, home organization, school supplies and more can be found right in The Dollar Store.  Thrift stores are treasure troves, I love thrifting and hit my local thrift shops every month and never walk out empty handed. They are great places for finding play clothes, household items, movies, and things to use for amazing DIYs. Pinterest anyone? Don’t be afraid to shop these kinds of places, you won’t regret it if you do. 😉

Groceries & Coupons. So this may be a no-brainer, but when you want to save some dough when buying some dough, grocery coupons come in handy. I’m not talking go all Extreme Couponing on me and have a basement full of boxes of rice, packages of gum and sticks of deodorant but….coupons are wonderful. Clipping coupons seems like such a chore and let’s be honest…a little Stepfordy? So, I wish to welcome you to the new generation of couponing. Most grocery stores have rewards or member cards, if you don’t have one already, you need one. They’re free, so just ask for one at checkout. Once you get your card set up, you can go online to the store’s website and add coupons to your card, and when you purchase those items at the store and swipe your card you save all kinds of money. Boom. Also, there are websites that email you coupons you can print out and also ones you can use for various places online! Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me, so if you want to save a little money while running your errands, picking up dinner and so on, remember to get some coupons! Here are some websites for online coupons:

You. So, you’re a mom…and that means it’s nearly impossible to squeeze in some time for self-pampering and keeping yourself from looking like a mess. When you do find the time, it’s easy to splurge for a fancy mani-pedi, hair stylist, or facial. But are those things really necessary? They’re expensive, and when you’re on a serious budget it’s just not smart. So why not just do it yourself? You can! You don’t have to be a pro, or even really know what you’re doing, it doesn’t take much talent to keep yourself fresh and fabulous. With the use of the proper tools, you can give yourself your own manicure for well, nothing. If you need a little help, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you out. Hair color need a boost? Instead of paying a crazy amount for someone to color your hair for you, just pick up a box of a good quality non-toxic hair color and do it yourself! Or if you’re too afraid of ruining it, ask a friend to come over to help and make a girls night out of it! No worries! For a deep skin cleansing and detoxing experience, homemade facials are just what you need. You probably have all the ingredients you need right in your kitchen! No cost involved and only a few minutes of time! Just whip up some skin food and slather the natural gunk on your face, and let it get to work improving your complexion. Just look up home facial recipes, they really do the trick! Lastly, do you struggle with finding the time and money to work out? Well, not anymore sister. Did you know that YouTube has millions of workout videos? It sure does. Most of them you can customize for time 5-30 minutes, your level, your fitness goals, trouble areas, and what equipment you already have or don’t have at home.  Skip the gym memberships, expensive treadmills, workout systems and so forth. Just hop on YouTube, pick a video that suits your needs for the day and get on it, then boom, all done! Quick, easy and most importantly, free! You’re welcome. Some great channels to get started with are PopSugar Fitness, and Cassie Ho of Blogalaties.

Budget Friendly Stores & Kids Activities.  When you want to go shopping or take your kids out, it’s good to find places that don’t cost a lot or anything at all. When the regular department stores are calling your name and you need to keep the spending low, opt for less expensive stores that have the same high quality stuff as the expensive places. For instance, I love shopping at Ross, Burlington Coat Factory is amazing as well, and when shopping online Zulily has great sales on the cutest things for the kids, home, and you! So skip the big shiny store and head into the more budget friendly store, trust me, you’ll be glad you did. When it comes to activities for the kids, we are tempted to pay the big bucks for things like the membership places for classes, playtime and all that jazz? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about….or what about sports? Do you have any idea how much sports cost? Like geez you might as well by car. So, when you need to save some money, just take the rugrats to the park, let them run and play, kick a ball, climb, swing and roll around in the grass. Same benefits, but it’s free. Playdates are actually great too, organize for a few of your kids friends to come over, plan a craft for them to do, teach them how to play hopscotch, put out some snacks and let the magic happen. Your kid doesn’t really need some fancy class, or to be the star soccer player, at least not until you can actually afford for them to be. Keep your priorities in check, and when they need/want some fun socialization or fresh air, just go for the free options at hand. They’ll be fine, I promise and you will be able to keep the bills paid. It’s not easy being a single mom with a low income, but just do the best you can and save money wherever you can, and when they get older, they will thank us for it. At least, we hope they will, right?

Keep on keepin’ on, working hard and being money wise. You’re fabulous and no one can say otherwise. When times are tough, we gotta get tough too and I know we can handle it. For more tips, ideas and fantastic blogs such as this, please follow my blog and stay tuned for more coming at ya soon.

Much love, peace out.

-Jess XO