Spring Cleaning Hacks For Moms

                                                                        Spring Cleaning Time!

Hey sexy mamas! Spring has officially sprung so I thought I would put together some really nifty spring cleaning hacks for all you busy stressed out mamas who could use a hand when it comes to keeping the house clean and organized. I know I sure could! So without further ado, let’s get into this.


  • Hack #1:  If you have a microfiber couch, this is going to save it. Seriously. For all the dirt, stains, pet hair and all around uck that lives on your couch, here is a genius way to get it back to looking brand new and like you don’t have any kids living with you! Just mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1 part water in a spray bottle, spritz all over your couch, focusing on the dirty spots then take a clean white sponge and wipe away all the mess. Lastly, to spruce it all up and make it look new, once the couch is dry take a bristle brush and go over all the microfibers to fluff.  Bam! Clean and new looking couch! 😉


  • Hack #2: You probably know that your dishwasher and washing machine can be used to sanitize yucky things, but do you actually do it? I’m guessing your answer is no….well, it’s time to start! This is perfect for sanitizing all those germy toys after your kids have been sick, or smashed them in the mud, spilled juice etc or even the drooly baby toys or pet toys.  So, for the hard plastic toys that will be safe for the dishwasher, just toss them in, no detergent needed and put on sanitize.  For the plush and softer toys, stuffed animals etc, just toss them into the washer on its sanitize mode. Easy peasy!


  • Hack #3: Life with kids equals carpet stains, that’s just how it is. No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape the messes and accidents that those little monsters bring with them. So, to battle, the stains left behind, here is a hack that is sure to bring up the stains leaving your carpet fresh and clean….for like 5 seconds right? Mix water and vinegar into a spray bottle and soak the area with the stain, then place a damp cloth over the spot.  Now take an iron…yes, an iron, and place on top of the cloth on the steam setting and let it sit on the spot for about half a minute. Then take off the iron, and lift up the cloth to reveal the stain gone! Pure magic!

spring cleaning | neveralonemom.com


  • Hack #4: Got greasy spills on your kid’s clothes? No worries! It’s not ruined forever if you have chalk handy! Just grab a piece of white chalk, it has to be white and rub it all over the greasy spot then just toss it into the wash as usual. The chalk will absorb all the grease to help take it all out in the wash. Flippin’ brilliant!


  • Hack #5: When spring cleaning time comes, organization is key. Sorting through outgrown clothes, the toys they no longer play with and all the random junk your house accumulates, it’s good to organize everything into separate boxes for easier sorting, decision making and storage.  Dedicate a clean storage bin to each item of things you are cleaning out in your house, one box for the clothes to donate or store away, one for the toys, and so on. Having clear bins is helpful because you can see exactly what’s in each box without having to label anything. It makes spring cleaning so much less stressful and you can easily organize and store all the stuff you’re cleaning out. These bins right here are perfect!

Ok mamas, now you’re ready to rock n’ roll and tackle your spring cleaning! Hope I’ve helped to make it less of a dreaded chore! Enjoy the hacks, may they bring you much peace.

Love, Jess XO

Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong

Why Single Parenting Is Never Wrong | neveralonemom.com

Hey there, I’m about to ruffle a few feathers, so hang tight.

I am here to tell you why single parenting is never wrong…

Ok guys….I’ve been very upset lately because I have been hearing and reading a lot about how so many people have negative views and opinions on single parenting and I have had enough!  As a single mom, I am very offended by people always criticizing me on raising my son on my own. I’ve heard everything from it isn’t right, it’s not good for the child, it’s emotionally unstable blah blah blah! I’m so sick of it.  It’s all a bunch of bunk.

These people have never had to be single parents so they don’t have a clue or any right to say the things they say. They may throw statistics or so-called “science” out there to try and convince you that raising a child without a father, or in some cases, a mother is wrong and bad for the child. Well, let me tell you something. When you are a single parent, by circumstances or by choice, it is never wrong. How could it be? We are more than capable of raising children without the help of another parent.  Millions of parents do it just fine and we don’t need a bunch of stuck up, critical and judgemental creeps telling us that loving our children and doing our best for them is wrong.

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Being  deeply upset by this issue  I can no longer hold my tongue, (or fingers, in this case. ) I have chosen to work from home, so I can be with my son all the time. Since I am his only parent I feel that it is right to make myself more available for him and to be present with him all day. I know that he needs me, and he has not missed not having another parent around. I am more than enough for him.  I homeschool him, I take him to basketball practice and cheer from the stands, I do art projects and play legos with him, we have movie nights and heart to heart talks. I answer all of his life questions and explain things he needs to understand, we read books, say our prayers and I tuck him into bed each night as he drifts off to sleep with such a peaceful expression. So tell me, how is that wrong exactly?  My son is happy, well adjusted and does just fine without a father. He came into the world in that cold delivery room to just me, all he ever needed was just me and all he will ever need is just me. I have enough love, time, dedication and strength to be enough for him as he grows up and I believe the same for all single parents.

We know our children, and if we feel that something is missing from their lives or they express to us that they need something then we will fulfill their needs to the best of our abilities and make sure that they know how much they are loved. If they ever need more, then we will do our best to give it to them. Your statics may be accurate for some, but not all and in the end, it’s more about the child’s own choices in life and less about how they were raised that determines their behavior. At least that’s my opinion. Take a look at this article published on The Huffington Post, it’s a great read! 5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent

Being A Single Parent | neveralonemom.com

I know I’ve gotten a little intense in this post, but this issue just makes my blood boil. When it comes down to it, God gave us our children. He chose us to be our children’s parents and God doesn’t make mistakes. We can only do our best, and our best will always be good enough. I may want a father for my son, but I certainly don’t need one, and neither does he. He has told me so and I take his word for it.  As single parents, we are stronger, tougher, and full of more love. Nothing wrong with that!

Please like, share and leave me a comment! You guys rock!

Love & Laughter,

Jess XO


Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Kids!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Kids | neveralonemom.com

So we are one week away from Christmas! How excited are you!? I’m ecstatic! Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I just love everything about it. But sometimes it’s hard to find time for Christmas shopping when you’re a busy single mom. With the clock counting down, the time to get some gifts your kids will love under that tree is running out. So instead of racing to your nearest store to face the crowds and picked over and nearly empty shelves in a rushed attempt to finish your Christmas shopping for those kiddos, I have made it quick and simple. So never fear moms, you know I got your back!

Here are the links to Amazon’s best deals for last-minute gifts you can buy your kids right now with guaranteed delivery before Christmas Eve! Your welcome! 🙂

First is a neat RC car that any boy is sure to flip over. This golden bat wall climbing car is the perfect gift for the adventurous boy in your life! Golden Bat Car

Next, we have something for your little princess! This pop-up princess castle will bring joy and hours of imaginative play for your little girl! Click here to make her dreams come true!

Need something for the creative kid in your house? This create your own snowglobe kit is a fun, wintery project that will be the perfect Christmas gift. Snow Globe Kit

Does your child love Trolls? Grab this Trolls Creativity toolkit for even more creative fun! Trolls Creative Kit


Something for the baby! This adorable Baby Einstein Octoplush is sure to bring the giggles and the learning power Baby Einstein is known for! Octoplush


Something else for your baby/toddler! Vtech touch & swipe phone! Now, this is what I call a “smartphone!” 😉 Vtech Phone

Now something for the teens! This mini LED light up and musical RC drone is going to be the perfect gift for that hard to shop for teenager! Snag this drone!


I hope you’ve found something for every kid in your family that still needs that last minute perfect gift under the tree!  May your Holidays be full of love & light!

Merry Christmas!


5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

5 Fun activities to do with your kids this summer.

So, it’s summer. This means hot weather, long days and sometimes boredom. If your children attend school it also means summer break, which keeps them home with you all day. Or like me, if you homeschool it just means way more free time for the kiddos. So what’s a crazed single mom to do all summer? Don’t worry, I got you. I have come up with 5 fun activities to do with your kids this summer. From water play to adventures with colorful balls, we got this.

Activity #1: Make your own backyard water park.
For the kids and inner kid in us, bringing the water park home isn’t very difficult and putting it all together as a family would be a fun way to spend an afternoon together out in the sun. All you need to bring this water park to life is a few small kiddie pools, a plastic slide (big enough to fit you if you plan to slide, if not then little kid sized will do.) A water slide, or you could even make your own using a sprinkler head, a hose, and a tarp. A spinning water sprinkler head, or some sort of fun water toy that attaches to a hose, and basically just any other water toy, activity or even just an adult sized wading pool will complete your backyard water park. Pretty simple and is sure to keep you and the kids entertained and cool without having to drag them to an overcrowded and expensive water park.

Activity #2: Make your own ice cream and set up a full ice cream bar.
Have your kids ever churned their own homemade ice cream? It’s a great lesson in how things are made, learning to do something themselves and for building up those ever growing little muscles! Just simply invest in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, all the ingredients for as many ice cream flavors as your heart desires and get to churning! Then once it’s ready to eat, set up bowls of tons of toppings, and pile on the goodies! Chocolate syrup, M&M’s, Gummy Worms, Nuts, Sprinkles you name it! Have ice cream cones, fun bowls and whatever else you’d like and have fun! Who doesn’t want to have an ice cream party on a hot summer day? You can count me in!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Activity #3: Outdoor Movie Nights
Wouldn’t it be neat to sit out just after sunset and watch a movie outdoors on a summer night? Uh, yeah! Well, you can! Here’s how to make it happen. If you don’t have the budget to just go out and buy all the expensive outdoor theater equipment, here’s the easiest and cheapest way to do it… search online, I recommend checking Ebay first for a good deal on a film projector. Used or refurbished will get you the lowest price. Once you’ve got the projector, all you need now is some old stereo speakers that can connect to the projector. Check all the wiring and connections for the best option for you. Then find a big white sheet as the screen. Hang up your plain white sheet on the side of your house or on a close line if you have one. You may need to use extension cords to plug in the projector and speakers, but that’s easy peasy. Put out blankets, pillows, lawn chairs, whatever you want to sit in, pop some popcorn and bam! You have your own outdoor movie night ready for your enjoyment. Pop in a DVD, light some citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away and enjoy your night!

Activity #4: ORBEEZ
If you haven’t heard of Orbeez and spent hours playing with them, I promise I won’t tell 😉 then you need to grab yourself some now! Go online and buy some Orbeez. If you aren’t aware, Orbeez are round, colorful semi-squishy little balls that are therapeutic and oh so much fun! You can put them in a kiddie pool to have some fun water play, or fill up empty tubes for some bouncy colorful summer toys, or throw them into some homemade slime or play dough for therapeutic fun. The possibilities are endless, and you can browse Pinterest for more ideas! So go grab yourself a ton of Orbeez like now!


Activity #5: Washable Body Paint
Kids love to get messy so why not find a way to let them get creative and messy in a fun way, and you can get in on it too! Washable body paint is the perfect summer activity. You can paint yourself up like an animal, a super hero, a clown, let imagination take over, and just wash it off with ease in the bathtub! Let the kids run wild outside in their bathing suits covered in paint…no one gets hurts and it comes right off. Your welcome moms! Here’s a link to grab a set of face and body paints that you and the kids will love: https://www.amazon.com/PaintFun-Piece-Glitter-Paints-Approved/dp/B015HSBQ1G/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1467769378&sr=8-18-spons&keywords=washable+body+paint&psc=1

I hope these activities have sparked your creativity and have given you ideas for some summer fun! Do you have any more activities we all should know? Tell me all about them in a comment! And don’t forget to follow my blog for more, single mom …mom…ness!
Love and Joy,
-Jess XO