Alternative Halloween Activities

Alternative Halloween activities |

Hey there mamas!

So it’s October, and for most families, that means getting excited about Halloween. But not all families celebrate Halloween or at least are not as into it as others.  In light of this, I will be sharing with you some awesome alternative Halloween activities that will leave you and your kinds just as happy and sugar induced as any ‘traditional” Halloween activity.

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My family and I have never really celebrated Halloween.  It’s something we feel as Christians is not appropriate.  Halloween has become way too commercialized and way too scary in very real ways.  People don’t seem to realize that dressing up as a gruesome monster or a devil, is not cute or innocent.  I have never been comfortable with the idea of Halloween, there’s just something wrong about the whole thing and I have never understood why people are so into it and act like it’s such a fun thing. I do not see the appeal of putting up ugly, scary looking decorations, having blood on things, chopped up body parts, and ghosts etc. These things are all too real in our world and the influences are just too much.  But since it is such a huge holiday and we can’t keep our little ones from being exposed to the ideas of it, finding other ways to celebrate the season and have some fun with snacks and costumes or other exciting things is a great way to go. Here is my list of the best alternative activities to do instead of a traditional Halloween.

  • Harvest Party. – This is my personal favorite, as you can invite your friends and family, have some good food, delicious desserts and decorate with pretty fall flowers and enjoy the crisp weather together. You can always do costumes too if you want! Make them more fun, and less spooky and gruesome.  When I was growing up, our community had a Hoe Down at a friends family ranch, we had warm apple cider, a bonfire, and great food and fellowship. It was a great way to spend an October evening. Some of the little kids would come in costume, usually Bible characters or simple things like a cowgirl, or a fireman. We had music and sometimes games like bobbing for apples, or pumpkin bowling.  You can get super creative and have lots of fun with something like a Harvest party. If you’re not up to hosting, take a look in your community and see if there is one you can attend!
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest –  This is a fun idea if your kids love carving pumpkins! Last year was our first year ever carving a pumpkin and it didn’t turn out very well, but hey, we tried! Turn it into an event by inviting your favorite people, having some coffee, cider, and pie having everyone carve their own pumpkins and holding a contest! It’s sure to be a blast!
  • Corn Maze & Hay Rides – One of the best things about fall are the simple things that bring joy to both us moms and kids. Going on a nice hayride or getting lost in a corn maze are classic fall activities that you can enjoy anytime in October or November. Places like pumpkin patches offer such adventures or you could really go all out and create ones yourself in your own backyard! That’s bound to impress your peeps!
  • Church Events – most churches usually offer some type of alternative Halloween event for local families.  Whether it be Trunk or Treats, or a harvest dinner, there is usually something fun to go do at your local church. Check it out and see what they will be up to this year!
  • DIY Escape Room – Have you ever heard of or been to an escape room? Do you or your kids enjoy thrills, puzzles and being tested on the clock? Then this might be the perfect activity for you! It may take some time and materials to put together, but with a little hard work and creativity you will end up with a really fun original way to get scared on Halloween that doesn’t involve anything creepy or dead! My friends and I are actually putting one together for the youth group! So exciting! If you don’t know what you need or know where to begin when tackling a project like this, Pinterest becomes your new bff! There are kits you can buy and put together, or you can start from scratch with a few sheets, maybe a wood board or two, props, lights and your own imagination.
  • Just For The Kids – If you’re a tired mama and not really feeling like getting too involved then just keeping things simply might be best. Letting your kids have a small sleepover where you let them eat lots of sugar, letting their imaginations go wild by having them build their own candy pizza, watch a fun movie and do fall-related arts and crafts! Take a walk outside and collect pinecones, leaves, twigs and whatever else they fancy and just let them have fun.  Make a wreath for the front door or let them come up with some ideas. Just have a simple fun night at home with some friends having some good old-fashioned fall fun.

If you are on the lookout for costumes because your little ones just can’t do this time of year without them, then you have got to check out this site! Click here

Inspired yet? I hope so! Now go have yourself a fun and fabulous fall!

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Love, Jess XO

5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

5 Fun activities to do with your kids this summer.

So, it’s summer. This means hot weather, long days and sometimes boredom. If your children attend school it also means summer break, which keeps them home with you all day. Or like me, if you homeschool it just means way more free time for the kiddos. So what’s a crazed single mom to do all summer? Don’t worry, I got you. I have come up with 5 fun activities to do with your kids this summer. From water play to adventures with colorful balls, we got this.

Activity #1: Make your own backyard water park.
For the kids and inner kid in us, bringing the water park home isn’t very difficult and putting it all together as a family would be a fun way to spend an afternoon together out in the sun. All you need to bring this water park to life is a few small kiddie pools, a plastic slide (big enough to fit you if you plan to slide, if not then little kid sized will do.) A water slide, or you could even make your own using a sprinkler head, a hose, and a tarp. A spinning water sprinkler head, or some sort of fun water toy that attaches to a hose, and basically just any other water toy, activity or even just an adult sized wading pool will complete your backyard water park. Pretty simple and is sure to keep you and the kids entertained and cool without having to drag them to an overcrowded and expensive water park.

Activity #2: Make your own ice cream and set up a full ice cream bar.
Have your kids ever churned their own homemade ice cream? It’s a great lesson in how things are made, learning to do something themselves and for building up those ever growing little muscles! Just simply invest in an old-fashioned ice cream maker, all the ingredients for as many ice cream flavors as your heart desires and get to churning! Then once it’s ready to eat, set up bowls of tons of toppings, and pile on the goodies! Chocolate syrup, M&M’s, Gummy Worms, Nuts, Sprinkles you name it! Have ice cream cones, fun bowls and whatever else you’d like and have fun! Who doesn’t want to have an ice cream party on a hot summer day? You can count me in!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Activity #3: Outdoor Movie Nights
Wouldn’t it be neat to sit out just after sunset and watch a movie outdoors on a summer night? Uh, yeah! Well, you can! Here’s how to make it happen. If you don’t have the budget to just go out and buy all the expensive outdoor theater equipment, here’s the easiest and cheapest way to do it… search online, I recommend checking Ebay first for a good deal on a film projector. Used or refurbished will get you the lowest price. Once you’ve got the projector, all you need now is some old stereo speakers that can connect to the projector. Check all the wiring and connections for the best option for you. Then find a big white sheet as the screen. Hang up your plain white sheet on the side of your house or on a close line if you have one. You may need to use extension cords to plug in the projector and speakers, but that’s easy peasy. Put out blankets, pillows, lawn chairs, whatever you want to sit in, pop some popcorn and bam! You have your own outdoor movie night ready for your enjoyment. Pop in a DVD, light some citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away and enjoy your night!

Activity #4: ORBEEZ
If you haven’t heard of Orbeez and spent hours playing with them, I promise I won’t tell 😉 then you need to grab yourself some now! Go online and buy some Orbeez. If you aren’t aware, Orbeez are round, colorful semi-squishy little balls that are therapeutic and oh so much fun! You can put them in a kiddie pool to have some fun water play, or fill up empty tubes for some bouncy colorful summer toys, or throw them into some homemade slime or play dough for therapeutic fun. The possibilities are endless, and you can browse Pinterest for more ideas! So go grab yourself a ton of Orbeez like now!


Activity #5: Washable Body Paint
Kids love to get messy so why not find a way to let them get creative and messy in a fun way, and you can get in on it too! Washable body paint is the perfect summer activity. You can paint yourself up like an animal, a super hero, a clown, let imagination take over, and just wash it off with ease in the bathtub! Let the kids run wild outside in their bathing suits covered in paint…no one gets hurts and it comes right off. Your welcome moms! Here’s a link to grab a set of face and body paints that you and the kids will love:

I hope these activities have sparked your creativity and have given you ideas for some summer fun! Do you have any more activities we all should know? Tell me all about them in a comment! And don’t forget to follow my blog for more, single mom …mom…ness!
Love and Joy,
-Jess XO