What Could Go Wrong This Christmas?

What could go wrong this Christmas? | neveralonemom.com

Happy Christmas mamas!

That sounded very British, didn’t it?

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It’s getting closer and closer to the holidays. The decorations are up; presents are exchanged. There is good cheer all around you. People are making the most of the holiday season and basking in the occasion; people are having fun. So it begs the question, what could go wrong this Christmas? As single moms, this time of year can be especially challenging and I bet these scenarios sound at least somewhat familiar… 


As with every big celebration throughout the year, there is always the danger of things going awry. These problems can range from the small to the calamitous, and it’s up to you to know how to deal with them should any of them arise. And, knowing the Universe, they probably will. #FAIL 




A Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings is a staple of any household’s yearly celebration. But, for all of the preparation you might painstakingly pour over in the upcoming weeks, there is no accounting for a potential disaster.


The turkey could end up burned; the oven could break, your uncle’s new wife could reveal that she is, actually, vegan and is wondering why you haven’t made accommodations for her needs. To avoid any of these problems, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan, should things turn out the opposite of intended. This doesn’t mean buying two of everything; there are recipes all over the internet to give you something to fall back on, should disaster strike. 




It’s a shame that this has to be mentioned, but with holiday cheer also comes holiday tears. It would be nice for everyone to go through Christmas without having to deal with damage from outside influence but that is not always the case. It would be devastating to lose the gifts that I know as a single mom you did not come easily by. 


Crime at Christmas can be considered anything from drunk driving to personal damage. The spirit of the season seems to stop people thinking entirely sensibly. It can be devastating for families all over the world to find themselves the victims of criminal problems. Powers McCartan offers a nice little bit of advice on dealing with all types of crime that you might fall victim to, giving you a little peace of mind should anything go wrong.




Not just Aunty Annie, obviously. For some, the holiday season means nothing but disagreements, shouting matches, and an all around sour mood. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Being single moms, it’s, unfortunately, the norm to receive some kind of criticism from family during the holiday season, but be strong and hold your own! 


As much as some may try, the family still manages to get under each other’s skin over Christmas. It can be challenging to spend a whole day with a host of people that you a) don’t really know, and b) have next to nothing in common with or c) simply don’t agree with or understand your single mom lifestyle.  Disagreements are bound to arise at some point. To avoid this, there are ways to avoid confrontation, but should this fail; you can turn these negatives into positives.


The best way to approach Christmas is to assume the worst. If you are prepared for everything that can and will go wrong, you can at least have an idea of ways to solve it. Just try not to let the fear of disaster reign over all your Christmas cheer. I hope I have helped you to bravely face this wonderful time of year. I know how difficult it can be for us living the single mom life and I pray you all feel nothing but pure joy this Christmas. 

Be Merry & Bright

Jess XO

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Shows On Netflix For The Single Mom

Shows On Netflix for single moms | neveralonemom.com

Hey mama’s!
How’s it hanging? I know life can be pretty stressful with youngin’s running around and being super mom and all. So I have put together a little list of some shows on Netflix for us single moms that are most def binge-worthy on those nights if and when you finally get a little time to yourself. These shows will rejuvenate you, inspire you and if nothing else, make you laugh, cry or even cringe.

So get ready to grab your remote and tune into some awesome shows that will help relieve some of that super mom stress I know you’ve got! Here we go…

Netflix shows for single moms | neveralonemom.com

One Day At A Time
This new Netflix original showcases the life of a single mom and her struggles with a twist of humor and a dash of chaos. It’s sure to make you laugh and thank the good Lord you are not her. Add this show now!

This one is a bit older and it’s still one of the best when it comes to showing a powerful single mom making her way through this crazy world. She herself may be a bit nuts, but…aren’t we all!?

Bates Motel
This one is for the brave few of us that want a little cringe and shock factor in our shows. Based off of the original story, this show has quickly become as much of a classic as the movies that made the Bates famous. If you’re in for a gruesome tale of mother and son, this one is a must watch!

Another oldie but goodie, Reba, naturally starring Reba McEntire, is a comedic sitcom all about single mom life in Texas. It’s sure to bring on the laughter and drag out your “ya’ll”.

This hilarious comedy about a single mom played wonderfully by Anna Farris and her relationship with her own mother is one to definitely bring out the heart and gold of the life of moms. Be sure to binge this one tonight!

Gilmore Girls
What would a list of t.v shows be without Gilmore Girls? I’d hate to even think….this show is a personal favorite of mine and I think of like everyone else on the planet…am I right? Now matter how many times you watch this amazing show about mother and daughter you immediately want to start over and watch it all again. So whatever ails you in life, stressing over kids, work, breakups, being broke, fight with a friend, you know that the girls of Stars Hollow will be there for you and help straighten your crown and keep you sane. This show always deserves another binge watch, so why not do it now?

So now that you have your list of the next shows you will be watching on Netflix, what are you still doing here? Go have some much needed you time!
Love to all you mamas!
Your Girl, Jess XO

5 Subscription Boxes Every Single Mom Needs

5 Subscription Boxes Every Single Mom Needs | neveralonemom.com

Do you love subscription boxes?

Or have you been dying to try one or two out?

Well, mama, I’m here to give you not one, not two but five subscription boxes that ever single mom needs! Yes, NEEDS. So if you’re like me and you are happily riding on the subscription box trend train or would like to hop on board, then read on for my top five boxes that will make your life as a single mom soooo much better!

For You ~

  • Box 1: Single Swag

Single Swag is an amazing monthly subscription box that delivers all types of goodies for all the single ladies!They have goodies such as bath and body products, candy & snacks, books written by women for women, household items and all kinds of fun swag! They have two boxes to choose from, a smaller size box with a smaller price tag and a larger box with a slightly larger price tag. Both are fantastic and perfect for any single mom because you deserve to have some special goodies just for yourself! The boxes are around $40 but they have special deals for when you sign up. Also, I have to say the customer support at Single Swag is outstanding. I had one minor complaint about the last box I received and they sent me 3 free items! Overall this box is a must. Here are some pictures of what I received in my most recent Single Swag box:

Also, I have to say the customer support at Single Swag is outstanding. I had one minor complaint about the last box I received and they sent me 3 free items! Overall this box is a must. Here are some pictures of what I received in my most recent Single Swag box:

Makeup Bag | neveralonemom.com
Canvas Makeup Bag
Milk Bath | neveralonemom.com
Natural Milk Bath


Single Swag | neveralonemom.com
My Single Swag Box

If you would like to sign up to receive a Single Swag box of your own, just click here!

  • Box 2: Fab Fit Fun:

Ok girls, this has to be the greatest subscription box of all time. Like.Seriously. Each season (4 times per year) Fab Fit Fun sends you a box chalked full of goodies just about any mom would love. Accessories like scarves, headwear, jewelry, skincare items, all natural makeup, snacks, adult coloring books, and the list goes on! Over $200 worth of products! All the things you receive cater to the season in which your box is sent, so like springy items for spring etc. You will never be disappointed with your box and I know you will totally love every single item! Since it only ships out four times per year, the higher price tag for this box is completely worth it. Sign up now and get $10 off your first box, making it only $39.99. Follow the link below to sign up!

Fab Fit Fun

  • Box 3: Goodbeing:

So the last box that is a must-have for yourself, is the Goodbeing subscription box. This one is a little lower in price but has some amazing all natural health and wellness products that any busy and tired mama would love to receive each month.  Goodbeing has skincare, makeup, bath & body, wellness products, supplements, vegan snacks and the like. The perfect box for a healthy happy lifestyle! Just click right here to choose how you want your boxes delivered!

For The Kids ~

  • Box 4: Green Kid Crafts

This box for kids sends your child a monthly craft using natural and green materials! Keep your little one busy with a fun craft that promotes learning, and a love of nature! Get your box now and save $10! Give your child a creative gift each month by clicking here!

  • Box 5: Box of Challenge

This box is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! The best part of this box is that it is actually for you and your kids to do together! It gives you a chance to have some fun quality time by receiving a new fun game to play together each month! Every box has a fun, challenge for you and your kids to complete together, and is sure to make your time together all the more special! Box of Challenge is recommended for kids 8 and up and is for 2 or more players. Check out this uniquely fun box I just know you will love!

Box of Challenge!


Well, that’s it for now! I hope you have found some fun and stress relieving goodness that will be arriving in your mailbox soon! I’m so excited for you! (does silly dance)

Until next time, stay fabulous mamas!

Your Girl, Jess XO

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Kids!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Kids | neveralonemom.com

So we are one week away from Christmas! How excited are you!? I’m ecstatic! Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I just love everything about it. But sometimes it’s hard to find time for Christmas shopping when you’re a busy single mom. With the clock counting down, the time to get some gifts your kids will love under that tree is running out. So instead of racing to your nearest store to face the crowds and picked over and nearly empty shelves in a rushed attempt to finish your Christmas shopping for those kiddos, I have made it quick and simple. So never fear moms, you know I got your back!

Here are the links to Amazon’s best deals for last-minute gifts you can buy your kids right now with guaranteed delivery before Christmas Eve! Your welcome! 🙂

First is a neat RC car that any boy is sure to flip over. This golden bat wall climbing car is the perfect gift for the adventurous boy in your life! Golden Bat Car

Next, we have something for your little princess! This pop-up princess castle will bring joy and hours of imaginative play for your little girl! Click here to make her dreams come true!

Need something for the creative kid in your house? This create your own snowglobe kit is a fun, wintery project that will be the perfect Christmas gift. Snow Globe Kit

Does your child love Trolls? Grab this Trolls Creativity toolkit for even more creative fun! Trolls Creative Kit


Something for the baby! This adorable Baby Einstein Octoplush is sure to bring the giggles and the learning power Baby Einstein is known for! Octoplush


Something else for your baby/toddler! Vtech touch & swipe phone! Now, this is what I call a “smartphone!” 😉 Vtech Phone

Now something for the teens! This mini LED light up and musical RC drone is going to be the perfect gift for that hard to shop for teenager! Snag this drone!


I hope you’ve found something for every kid in your family that still needs that last minute perfect gift under the tree!  May your Holidays be full of love & light!

Merry Christmas!


Guide To Single Mom Style.

Does Your Style Need A Bit Of A Boost?

As a busy and more likely than not broke single mom, it’s so hard to find stylish, easy and affordable wardrobe options. The lack of time, hectic mornings, and money for shopping is keeping you from always looking your best. Well not anymore! I’m here to save the day and help a sister out by giving you your guide to single mom style.

These tips and ideas will help turn you from drab to fab with little effort and little money spent. So ditch those yoga pants, it’s time for a new look!

Jeggings: So you’ve probably heard of jeggings, you may even own a pair. But have you really recognized their amazing  worth?  If you don’t know, jeggings are like a cross between leggings and  cute skinny jeans. They are slightly tighter than regular skinny jeans, but with pockets and the look of denim or cotton but with lots of stretch! These crossover pants are perfect for everyday mom life, they look great, feel super comfortable, can go with just about any top and look like real pants! Also, depending on where you shop, most jeggings are pretty affordable! Check out this stylish pair! http://amzn.to/2f99gNO

Open Cardigans:  I am obsessed with those long flowy open cardigans! Like for realz guys.  I have one in almost every color and thickness. Because when it’s a bit chilly or you just need something to throw over your outfit and run out the door it is the perfect option. You can throw these cardigans on over a t-shirt and magically look pulled together. It keeps you warm when it’s chilly out, adds a bit of style to an otherwise boring outfit and is super quick and easy to grab from the closet and just go! Every single mom needs like 20 of these in her closet, trust me. They are a must for so many reasons! I really like this one here: http://amzn.to/2f9oN06

Cowl Scarf: Do you like scarves? I love them! In pretty much every season they can make your outfit look together, cozy and so stylish. My favorites are cowl scarves because they don’t get in the way, or frustrate you with figuring out how to wrap the silly thing around yourself. You just throw it over your head and done! I think of it as sort of like a giant necklace. 😉 You can wear thin ones for spring and fall, and thick cozy ones for winter! They are easy to make if you knit or crochet, or know someone who does and easy to find at affordable prices! Complete your look by adding one and be surprised how together and chic you look! Here’s one so you can see for yourself! This one even has a coupon code so you can save those dollars! http://amzn.to/2g51toG

Headwraps/Bands: Whenever I put my hair up, I always add a wrap or headband for that extra pop of style. (And to tame the flyaways 😉 ) No time to wash your hair or style before you head out the door? Just pull your tresses back and slide on a headwrap and you’ll look great! Even if your hair is short, it will be a quick way to keep you looking fantamazing! ( Yes, I made that word up…) I found this one and fell in love! http://amzn.to/2g3Zn4R

Now for some helpful tips!

Always add jewelry. Wearing jewelry is a simple way to look like you actually put some effort into your outfit and keeps you stylish and shows your personality. Even just sticking in earrings before going out makes a big improvement to your look.

Makeup! What girl doesn’t love makeup! Making time to even just put on the basics in the morning will make you feel better and look more awake and totally together when you’re feeling not so together. A little mascara to open up your tired eyes, some sparkle to your eyelids, color on your cheeks, and kissproof lips instantly transforms you into a more confident you!

My last tip is to never forget your own style and personality. Being a busy and stressed single momma takes its toll and it’s so easy to lose yourself when you work so hard to run a household and raise children on your own. It’s important to remember to make time for yourself and always put your best foot and face forward! Looking your best will make you feel your best which ultimately makes you a better mom! So don’t forget to put on some nice clothes, fun jewelry, and some war paint! You deserve to girl, so show the world how beautiful, strong and fabulous you are! For more fashion, style and lifestyle I know you will love please check out my friend Meileilan’s blog! She’s an insanely awesome fashionista so go give her blog a read and a follow! Tell her Jess sent ya!


I hope my guide to single mom style has motivated and inspired you and that you have found some new wardrobe essentials! Love to you mamas, stay fabulous!




The Emotional Effects Of Single Motherhood.

You know those times when I get real with you? Yeah, well this is one of those times. I wanted to post briefly about the emotional effects of single motherhood. Being a single mom has got to be the toughest job on the planet. Raising children on your own, balancing work, the house, kid’s school and all the things. When your child is upset, it’s you who is there to fix, always you. When they are mad, it is your job to calm them, when they’re hungry, you feed them. Soccer practice? You drive them. All day, every day it is you, you, you. You are the only parent, so therefore it is always, only you when it comes to everything. One parent, one car, one income, one mind and one heart. All of this takes its toll. It is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging to keep yourself from falling apart 24/7. I find myself forcing away tears on a daily basis and thinking to myself “how am I going to keep doing this on my own?” And dreaming about running away and never coming back. It’s hard.


When you find yourself emotionally low, tired, stressed and like you just can’t do it anymore, remeber…you are not alone. Millions of other single mom’s are feeling similar to you and also remember that yes, you can do it. You are a strong, fierce, smart, amazing woman who can and will kick butt and keep it all together. You are wonder woman! Part of my goal with my blog to let you know that you are never alone because you have me, your single mom friend who is always there to give you the best tips, advice, and encouraging thoughts! So I want to tell you to hang in there and to never feel alone. I got your back girl! Some of the effects of being a single mom are really difficult to live with. Such as sometimes feeling inadequate, like you are never good enough. You’re not strong enough or smart enough to do this on your own. Or that there just isn’t enough of you to go around. In these times of negative thoughts, finding ways to deal with them are key to staying strong and keeping positive on your single parenting journey.

Image via Pinterest

Some helpful ways to keep the negative thoughts away are to make sure you are getting enough “you” time each day. Support is another thing you need, family, friends, and support from other single moms. People who understand your struggles  and can relate. Try to find some local single moms in your area and start a group, or just join one one Facebook! This one is awesome, you can find me there! http://tinyurl.com/zq4vo8c Also, exercise helps boosts endorphins and keeps you feeling your best. So add some fun exercise to your daily schedule. Eating right as well, lacking in certain nutrients doesn’t help when you want to feel you best and have a sharp mind and stay energetic. So keep your diet in check. Also, things like meditation, prayer or mind cleansing exercises are proven to be helpful when keeping negative energy at bay. For more info about relieving yourself from negativity, stress and fear, head over to my friend Joia’s blog about emotional healing and coaching. She has some fantastic content and I highly recommend you give her blog a follow! You can check out her blog here: http://www.joiagibble.com/blog/ 

If you need any further information on mental health or just want to talk to someone about your emotions, check out BetterHelp.com

I hope this has encouraged you, and that you feel better about the single mom life. It’s a hard job, but…somebody’s gotta do it! Why not us right? We totally got this! Ok wonder woman, don’t forget to leave me a comment, subscribe to my lovely little blog if you haven’t already and share this with your other single mom friends!

Catch you, beautiful ladies, later!
-Jess XO

Finding time for quality time with your kids.

Life is crazy. Most of the day is a blur.

How do we find time for quality time with our kids? The hustle, bustle, dizziness and chaos of life as a single mom can be nauseating. How do you slow everything down and find time for a moment of quality time with your kids? It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure. But even though we are home with them all day every day it still feels like we never actually spend time with them. It only always just constantly feels like screaming “Get that out of your nose!” “Stop jumping on the couch!” “If I have to tell you to pick up your socks on more time…!”  “Eat your dinner or starve!” & “Be quiet!!!!” but no actual time spent with your children. Well, at least that’s how it is at my house. We rarely get a moment to giggle, play, cuddle or do an activity….I’m so busy, stressed and tired all the time and being the only parent it’s tough to even find time for a shower or a real meal. The importance of spending quality time with your kids is off the charts, it’s crucial and a must. But how? And when? UGG. So I’ve sat myself down and come up with this list of ideas to squeeze in a little mommy & me time for us single moms who are this close (imagine my thumb and index finger held almost touching) to losing our shiz.

Finding time for quality time with your kids: 

The Years Are Short | neveralonemom.com

#1: Bathtime

Bathtime is a great time for getting in a little quality time. While they sit and soak in the tub we can take the opportunity to talk to them, ask them questions or even play a game or sing a song together. Blow some soap bubbles, smile and enjoy a few solid minutes of time together before you have to wash them up and put them into bed. 

#2: Bedtime

Then next comes bedtime. When we get them all tucked in, read a story and say our goodnights it’s a perfect time to squeeze in an extra moment of quality time. Telling them things you forgot to tell them during the day or tell them something to look forward to doing the next day, tell them a story about something they did as a baby, or even just read another story and ask them questions about it to get a conversation going and maybe teach them something new. It’s the time to unwind, settle down and just relax with your kids, and have a little bit of calm one on one time. 

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

#3: Sundays

I don’t know about you, but in our house Sunday’s are the days that we do absolutely nothing. We just sit on the couch and watch movies and chill at home and relax from a week of insanity and prepare for another. Sunday’s are perfect for just relaxing together, cuddling on the couch, coloring together, or maybe baking some cookies. Just take the day off from anything else you have going on and make it a family day. 

#4: First thing in the morning

For you moms who are conscious in the morning (I’m not one of them, I work night’s), mornings are a great time to talk about the plans for the day, any chores that need doing and ask them what they want to do before the day is done. Have a little time to talk together during breakfast and before the day starts really going. I’m so jealous (I think) of you mom’s who see the morning sunlight and start your days in the daytime…it must be magical….right? 

#5: Mid-afternoon 15-minute breaks

If we can take a few moments each afternoon to just pause, and take a breather I think it would keep both kids and parents sane. So if we can stop ourselves to step away from work and chores to go do a quick 15-minuete activity with our kids it would really refresh our minds and spirits. So if we’re not out on a  grocery run or on the soccer field, take a time-out from long days at home to just have a play time break. 



Do any of these ideas seem do-able for you? I hope you can try some of these to achieve some extra quality time with your kids every day and I promise everyone will benefit. When the days are long, hard and busy it’s so easy to loose track of time and allow all the stress to keep us from giving the time with us that our kids need. Battle on moms, fight the good fight and stay the course. Now go spend time with those snotty little buggers!


Love, your girl, -Jess XO

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